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Looking for a twin XL mattress topper that makes it feel like you’re sleeping on an expensive mattress? This is the mattress topper college students swear by.

mattress topper twin xl

We can all agree that comfort is the last thing you think of when thinking of a dorm room mattress. So, wouldn’t you be surprised when I tell you that my bed at college was comfier than my bed at home?!

Not only was I obsessed with this twin XL mattress topper in college, but so was my sister, my friends, and thousands of other college students who have purchased it after I have raved about it. It’s actually the most purchased product from the BSL website.

Not that I need to convince you anymore, but it was so comfy that I ended up taking it home the summer after my freshman year and putting it on top of my queen size mattress at home. My parents ended up buying my a queen size version of it after getting sick of seeing my bed look lopsided for a year!

This post shows you the best twin XL mattress topper all college students should buy and the different bed layers I had on my dorm room bed.

Twin XL Mattress Topper:

Best Dorm Mattress Topper: 4″ Memory Foam Topper with Cover

twin xl mattress topper

There were a few things I considered when buying this topper (and to be honest with you, I didn’t realize I would like it so much when I was buying it). Let me take you through my thought process.

1) The Price

This was an obvious. My parents were already spending a lot of money on my dorm room and they really didn’t want to spend a lot more.

I didn’t realize how much mattress toppers were until I started looking and was shocked to see at how expensive they can get.

This mattress topper was extremely reasonably priced compared to other ones while still being the thickness I wanted.

2) The Thickness

I remember reading that the thicker the better for mattress toppers and I kept that in mind the entire time I was scrolling through websites.

I figured that I would want something 3-4 inches thick. This mattress topper was 4″ thick which was another box checked off.

3) The Reviews

Reviews are the first thing I look at when I buy anything on Amazon. The reviews for this were insanely good. People who had it for a few years were even leaving reviews saying that it is still good and that they still recommend.

I figured I would be passing this down to my sister to use in her dorm room since she is just a year younger than me and I needed this to last. 

You can click here to read the reviews for yourself.

It checked off all the things I was looking for so we got it ordered and took it the dorm room.

TIP: I didn’t realize this but this needs time to expand so plan for that. I ended up just putting it on my bed while I set up for the rest of the room and that gave it time to expand/get the weird smell out.

Best Budget Mattress Topper: KARRISM Extra Thick Mattress Topper

dorm mattress topper

I don’t want to confuse you…the mattress topper above that I just went on and on about is the dorm room mattress topper I used. THIS mattress topper is what I bought for my apartment and holy crap, I think I have really good luck with mattress toppers because this one is just as comfy.

I wanted to include it for two reasons:

1) It is a cotton pillow top versus the one I used in my dorm room which was foam.

I think this is all based on personal preference and, in my opinion, are both comfy but if you don’t want a foam topper than this is a great option for you.

If you end up buying this, put it in the dryer with a tennis ball before you go to college because it will get it all fluffy. It’s a little squished when you first get but the tennis ball fluffs it up into a cloud of heaven.

2) It’s cheaper.

This one is almost $50 cheaper give or take so if you want to save some money this could be a great route. 

This is important if you decide to get this mattress topper, as I can see right now it does not come in twin XL. The sides on my queen are super deep so I don’t think it would be a problem fitting it around the twin XL mattress but it’s definitely something for you to know. 

**also, I get more DM’s of people who have bought this mattress topper telling me how it has changed their life than anything I have shared. Definitely one of my best purchases of last year.


dorm room wall decor

There’s always a few questions about what bed layers you need for your dorm bed. This is the dorm bed layers I had and good news, they are SUPER budget friendly.

I’m going in order on how I layered them too.

1. Mattress

Pretty sure the mattresses come with every dorm room!

2. Mattress Topper

This is an obvious ;).

3. Mattress Protector

I purchased this mattress protector and went back and forth on whether I put it right on top of the mattress or on top of the mattress protector.

I ended up deciding to put it on after the mattress topper because if I am drinking in bed and it spills, I don’t want the mattress topper getting ruined.

4. Sheet Set

This sheet set has a cult following on Amazon and I have ordered it for all my beds. I used it on my bed at home, my dorm bed, my college apartment, and now my first apartment.

It is so good and so cheap.

5. Comforter

This is important!! Do NOT get a duvet cover. I don’t really know how to describe this so hopefully you follow but get a comforter that has the duvet in it. Like one where it is one piece versus two. 

I got mine from Target and they don’t have the exact style anymore but this is what I mean (it also is only $20 and comes in all different colors!!).

This post was all about the best twin XL mattress topper.

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