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This post shows you how to get good grades in college.

study tips for getting a 4.0 in college

I have always been a student that tries really hard, but doesn’t always get the best grades. I ended high school with a 3.4 and was really content with that.

Everyone makes college out to be the hardest thing in the world and I was expecting my grades to completely plummet, but luckily, I have been getting so many better grades.

I honestly think the main reason I am doing better is because I actually like what I am learning but I have come up with quite the study method that has made my life so much easier!

I used to have the worst test anxiety and now I am much more comfortable going and taking exams thanks to CBD vapes. I use CBD for health purposes and always look for quality product without THC, if you are wondering where to buy CBD vapes, just click here. I still get anxiety sometimes, but it’s a lot less than before.

Figuring out the best method of studying can be hard, so this post shows you how to get good grades in college with five tips that have transformed the way I study and the reason I received a 3.7 last semester. (EDIT: I finished up spring semester with a 4.0 using these tips!)

(oh and btw, I know that a lot of people have a better GPA than me but I still think a 3.7 is pretty dang good)

Reason #1: Write everything down in a planner!

I am an avid planner and need everything written down! At the end of every class I write down everything I need to do for the next class.

When I say everything, I mean everything. Along with all the page numbers I have to read, people I have to email, and websites I have to check.

My favorite types of planners are the ones that have the full month calendar and than also have a page with a bigger space for Monday-Friday. For the 2018 year, I got this planner and have really liked it (it’s less than $10)!


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Reason #2: Set a schedule of when you do homework and stick with it.

My classes were set up so that everyday I ended class at 2:25. I would go straight from class, grab a sub, and bring that sub to the library.

Right when I got to the library, I would look at my planner and then review what I need to get done. I get everything done for that class that day so that I wouldn’t have to stress about whats due the next day or weekend since its done.

I would not leave the library until everything was done. Sometimes I would be in the library until eight at night but I would feel so relieved because it is DONE!

I kept this schedule up and after awhile it began seeming normal and what I need to do.

Reason #3: Get homework done long before its due.

I kind of go over this in the last tip where I get all assignments due the day I get them.

For longer-term projects, I do not procrastinate them at all!! I would so much rather get them done two weeks before it is due and not have to worry about it at all whereas many people have it in the back of their mind for two weeks.

So, if a teacher gave us a project on Thursday I would try to get it done that weekend. This also helps if I don’t understand something so I can make sure that I am able to ask other people for help.

Reason #4: Find the times you are most motivated and work around that.

I get up at 6 am on most days (sometimes even 5am). This sounds insane BUT I have found this is the time I am most productive!

I completely shut down around 7 at night and if something is suppose to be done after that, I can almost guarantee that it will not get done.

I know a lot of other people that can work late into the night and are more productive then. Everyone’s different so finding and working around what works best for you can really help you.

Reason #5: Come up with a strategy that works.

I used to detest Quizlet and could never study anything off of it. I was convinced I needed the pen to paper method and now I am a complete converter!

I still like to write things out but having Quizlet accessible with me wherever I go makes it really nice so I can study wherever.

I also have figured out how to write study guides that helps me study the information better. For study guides, I like writing it out on paper and then typing it out. The typing out is the final sheet I use to study but doing it twice and reviewing the information helps me retain all the information.


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how you can get a high GPA 5 study tips that earned me a 3.7 GPA last semester

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