6 Extremely Easy Ways to Make $100 Dollars

This post is all about easy ways to make $100 dollars.

easy ways to make an extra $100 quick

Look, we all could use a little extra money.

Those shoes you saw that girl on Instagram wear? $65.00. You just realized your boyfriends birthday is only a month away? At least $100. Or maybe you have finally come to the realization that those loans you took out for college, are in fact, real money that you have to pay back.

Moral of all of this, knowing easy ways to make $100 dollars can help us all.

Last month I really focused on ways that I could bring in some extra money because my $200 a month from nannying was not cutting it. I ended up doing some "odd jobs" and was able to put an extra $600 towards my car payment in ONE month!! And honestly, the ways I made that extra money were SO easy. It barely took me any time and had a huge payoff.

This post shows you six easy ways to make $100 dollars.

Easy Ways To Make $100 Dollars: UserTesting

Usertesting dashbboard

(Not my pic, but thought it would be helpful to show that you CAN earn money!)

Usertesting is one of my favorite ways ever to make money because they pay you  $10 for reviewing a website or app and get you the money within two weeks (tried and tested by me, so it's accurate!). How it works is they give you a list of tasks and you have to record your voice going through the notions of whatever they are telling you to do and giving your opinion on it.

So, for example, let's say I put By Sophia Lee on UserTesting. It would tell you, "Find the section on By Sophia Lee where you can see easy ways to make money." If I was doing the test, I would then record myself (through headphones.. I just use my Apple headphones) talking out loud saying how I went to the upper right part of the website and clicked on "money". It's as easy as that!

After you are done they have you answer a few questions that take less than two minutes. It really does take you in total for everything less than 15 minutes which is SO good for paying $10 dollars in return. They send the money straight to your Paypal account (which is free if you don't have one) and from there you can either use it on Paypal or get it sent to your bank account.

I just found Usertesting last month, and I am obsessed. It is so easy and actually fun. You have to "apply" to the program and do a trial run so they can make sure your headphones work and that they can hear you but that takes only 10ish minutes. I heard back from them within a week that I was accepted and just a week and a half later got paid for the first time!!

If you're going to try anything on this list, try UserTesting. It is definitely worth the amount of time it takes for what you can make. I have read that some people did a test a day and ended up making over $300 in just one month.

BTW, this isn't an affiliate... I truly love Usertesting!

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Easy Ways To Make $100 Dollars: Babysitting

The BEST thing about babysitting is that you can make great money in a little time and people everywhere need babysitters. Depending on where you live, you can make $18 dollars or more an hour and in just one night bring in $100 easily. Plus, if you babysit at night, you really don't have to do a lot because they just go to sleep :).

I have found a TON of my babysitting jobs from Care.com. People all the time are looking for date night sitters. I have the free membership with Care and have put a friendly looking pictures of me up and then written a paragraph or two about my experience with children. Most parents will want to call you to make sure you sound suitable to watch their kids, but it really is easy to get a quick babysitting in here and there for some extra cash.

ALSO, I see ads up all the time around my school that families put up looking for babysitters. Check those out at your campus, you might get lucky!

Secret Shopper

Being a secret shopper is so easy and you get paid really well. I tried this for the first time last month at Best Buy and had to act like I was buying a TV and a GPS. My acting was pretty good on the TV buying but the second I asked to buy a GPS I think they knew that something was up ;).

I was in and out of there in 15 minutes and got paid $14 dollars. They paid me through a check I received in the mail about two weeks after I did the secret shopping.

Around where I live, there are a ton of car dealerships looking for secret shoppers so if you want to spend a day with your boyfriend and pretend to buy some cars, it could be a fun date that pays for itself! (SIDE NOTE: They often have secret shopping trips that will have you go to the car dealership and get your oil done... they pay for your oil AND pay you to see how they did...win-win!).

I find my secret shopping jobs from Bestmark and highly recommend you go with this company if you are going to try out secret shopping. If you do, put this code in for me as your referral:WI21500. It doesn't do anything to you, just gives me a dollar or two for recommending them to you. Help a sister out 😉

Easy Ways To Make $100 Dollars: Open A Second Bank Account

I LOVE to organize my money and my favorite way is through separate bank accounts. I have them all under the same bank but have different categories that I can organize different amounts of money in. This has led me to open a LOT of bank accounts :). {READ: The Life-Changing Method of Organizing Your Bank Accounts}.

BUT, something a lot of people don't think about, a TON of banks have incentives for you to open a bank account with them. I often see ones like, "Open a checking account and get $25 dollars FREE!". Not only are you getting your finances together and will help you save more money, but you are also getting some free money.

Go to your local bank and see if they are offering any special deals.

Easy Ways To Make $100 Dollars: Try Paribus.

This is something I just heard about that has me REALLY curious. Paribus is a free website that finds refunds customers are owed through your email account and online receipts. It is completely safe and has been saved over $6.5 million in refunds.

I buy stuff online all the time (guilty 😉 and things always go on sale right after I buy them. Paribus can see if something goes on sale and will get me that refund of the price difference.

I actually just signed up for this while I was researching it for this post and it took less than 2 minutes. I will update this in a month or so and see if I have made any money from it!

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Easy Ways To Make $100 Dollars: Sell your old stuff.

Every girl has clothes hanging in there closet that they haven't worn in years. Just going through some of the old stuff that you don't want anymore can bring you more money than you realize. There are so many companies these days that make it extremely easy to do this like Letgo, Poshmark, and even Facebook marketplace.

I am planning on going through all my clothes this month actually and listing whatever I don't want online. The nice things about all these websites are that they are free to join and make it super easy for you to sell things.

I am also going to list some other things I don't want like jewelry and decoration items which might be something you could do as well.

Easy Ways To Make $100 Dollars: Sell your old electronics on Gazelle.

This is another website I am trying this month that allows you to sell your old electronics. I have so many old iPhones, Ipads, and even iPods that are just taking up wasted space in my room. On Gazelle, you can get a quote in less than a minute on how much they will pay you for your electronics.

Anything that is worth more than a dollar (aka basically everything) ships for free. they pay you super fast through Paypal, Amazon, or check.

This is another one I will update in a month after seeing how much I get!

I know you don't have a lot of time, so these are some extra ways to make $100 dollars that are actually easy and can be done very fast.

AND, think about it, try all six of these and you could be bringing in an extra $600 a month!

This Is How Michelle Paid Off $38,000 Of Student Loans In 7 Months

Sophia's Note: Today we have an interview from Michelle of Making Sense With Cents. She paid off $38,000 of student loans in 7 months (insane!!).

I am a huge fan of Michelle's and really listen to her advice. I also have purchased her course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing which she teaches you exactly how she uses affiliate marketing to make over $100,000 a month. I highly recommend it!

BTW, she started making that amount after she paid off her debt, so her debt payoff story is very relatable! 

What did you major in and where? Do you believe your investment in your education has paid off?

I have three college degrees. Two undergraduate degrees from Webster University (a small private university in St. Louis) - one in Business and one in Management. I also have my Finance MBA from University of Missouri St. Louis.

One of the most common questions I'm asked about is if I regret going to school for so many college degrees, especially now that I'm a full-time blogger. I do think it was worthwhile for a few different reasons. One being that I probably never would have started my blog if it weren't for my student loans. Haha! I started Making Sense of Cents so that I could openly talk about my student loans and find ways to pay it off.

I do think that having a Finance MBA has helped me with my own business too, though. Through my MBA and the career I had as an analyst, I learned about business accounting, business law, managing a business, economics, business finances, marketing, advertising, and more. These are all things you should know about when running your own business. Sure, you can outsource a lot of these tasks, but for most start-ups, you may personally have to take on many of these tasks, especially in the beginning.

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When did you first start your journey of paying off your student loans and what was the first step in this process?

I started my journey of paying off my student loans right around the time that I was graduating with my Finance MBA. The first step in the process was adding up my student loans. So many people do not realize how much student loan debt they actually have, and this can be a great first step and reality check so that you know how much you are dealing with. 

What type of loan did you take out? Variable or fixed? Did you consolidate your loans at the end? Would you choose a different type of loan if you did it today?

All of my student loans were fixed-rate loans. I did not consolidate my student loans. I do not think I'd choose a different type of student loan, instead, I would choose to not take out so much student loan debt!

It appears that side income was a huge way you got rid of your student loan debt so quickly.  Did you have a favorite form of side income you would recommend to college students?

Yes, learning about the many different ways to make extra money was the most important thing that I did to pay off my student loans. It was tough working 100+ hour work weeks, but it was well worth it to pay off my student loans in just 7 months. Some of the things I did to make extra money include selling items on eBay, mystery shopping, taking surveys, staff writing, and more. The best thing I did was start my own business, though - Making Sense of Cents. That's where the majority of my debt payoff income came from.

Working full-time and graduating college (with two degrees) in 2.5 years seems nearly impossible! How did you manage your time to be able to do this?

Ha, it was definitely tough! Staying motivated was definitely key. Whereas others around me were taking 4, 5 or 6+ years to graduate from college, I just kept thinking about how I would be done really soon. I'm not going to lie, though, I'm very good at acing exams without studying, so that saved me a lot of time. It was a lot about actually paying attention during class, and making sure that all of my classes and work schedule flowed together perfectly. Whereas some people may take an hour or more break between class or to go to work, I made sure there was absolutely no time wasted at all. This meant a lot of long days, such as from 7 am to 10 pm, Monday through Friday, but it all paid off in the end. I was just 20 when I graduated from college, bought my first house right beforehand too!

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Did you have a certain method to paying off your debt? (Example: Pay off debt with highest interest first).

I paid off my debt from highest interest rate to smallest. This way I wasn't paying any more in interest than I had to.

If you had to give advice to someone that is in college today, what would it be?

My top piece of advice would be to not take out so much in student loans. It seems like the average college student takes out extra student loans, more than they actually need. Student loans are NOT free money, and shouldn't be treated as such. While buying that shirt or going out to the bar may seem appealing now, you'll probably regret it if you're still paying your student loans back a decade or two later.

I am so inspired by Michelle and LOVE her drive. I feed off of other peoples hard work and the amount Michelle has been able to accomplish in so many areas, is crazy.

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The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist For Your Dorm That Every College Girl Should Know

'Tis the season for spring cleaning.

Maybe it was just me growing up, but I would dread the moment my mom would start talking about how this is the month all the spring cleaning is getting done.

Side note: Why does this all happen in spring... Why isn't it winter or summer cleaning?

I do have to say, that this is the time of year that my room starts to get cluttered with unnecessary objects and my annoyance is slowly rising.

My desk drawers are starting to overall with random papers (same with my backpack) and my fridge has stuff in it from before Christmas 🙂 Yikes.

With all that said, my roommate and I are actually very clean people. Our room almost always appears clean but it is now the time to really clean--deep clean.

This post shows you exactly how I deep clean my dorm room in an efficient and fast way.

Supplies I use:


college packing list

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Part 1: Organize Everything

  1. Get all laundry together and put in washing machine.
    • Bedding: Sheets, pillows, comforter, blankets.
    • Clothes: Wash everything in your laundry basket so that your laundry basket is empty when you are done cleaning your room!
    • Towels: Body towels, face towels, and coverups.
  2. Put all clutter away (even if it's your roommates).
    • I live in a suite. It is two bedrooms and one "living room" area. What I usually do is go three both of these rooms and pick up anything that's on the ground, coffee table, or couch and put it away or put on person bed. I will also throw any trash out on these.
    • This has worked really for my roommates and I and gets the job done pretty quickly.
  3. Go through clothes and reorganize.
    • There are two different ways that this could be done whether you're close to home or far away.
      1. I'm close to home, so I will go through and take all my winter clothes home and replace them with spring/summer clothes.
      2. If you are far from home, you can reorganize your closet so that your spring clothes are easier to get too than your winter clothes. If you have room under your bed or futon, you could also put all your clothes into under the bed storage.
  4. Organize fridge and get rid of bad food.
    • Make sure nothing has hit the expiration date and clean it up so it looks good,
    • You could even take everything out and wipe it down. The good thing is that college dorm fridges are usually super small so it shouldn't take too long.
  5. Go through the desk and get rid of anything that shouldn't be in there.
    • This year I have taken "miscellaneous" desk drawer to a whole new level. I am constantly shoving papers I don't want to be thrown away but don't have anywhere else to go in there and it has become a really bad habit :/
    • I also keep all my makeup in my desk, so I would wash my makeup brushes at this step.

Part 2: Clean

  1. Dust
    •  I always start with dusting because I feel like the dust ends up on the floor and would require me to vacuum (if I vacuumed first... does that make sense?)
    • I use my all-purpose cleaner for this and just a paper towel. I like the paper towel instead of a cloth because then I can just throw it away and it doesn't have to mix with my other clothes.
    • I dust basically every surface with this and move objects that are on my desk, coffee table, etc.
  2. Clean Bathroom/Sink
    • I know not all dorms have sinks or bathrooms in them so if yours doesn't, just ignore this then. (Mine only has a sink so I will just say what I do with that)
    • I HATE cleaning sinks... it is probably my least favorite thing ever to do. I basically cry the whole time doing it 🙂
    • I use my all-purpose cleaner and spray that bad boy up so much and then take A TON of paper towels to make sure my hand doesn't accidentally touch the sink and clean the whole thing.
    • I also clean the mirror above with a separate paper towel while I'm at.
    • Once that's done, I take my disinfecting wipes and spray and spray it all over the sink (especially the handles). The disinfecting spray I use just dries on its own so I don't need to wipe it up or anything when I am done).
  3. Take Out Trash
    1. I empty all trash cans and bring the bags to the dumpster.
    2. I will then put clean bags into all the trashcans.
    3. The reason I do this before vacuuming is just in case crumbs come out while taking it out.
  4. Vacuum 
    1. I got this vacuum for literally $20 dollars and it has been one of the best dorm purchases I have made. It works better than the dorm vacuums.
    2. I vacuum all floors and go over my futon to get any crumbs.
  5. Make bed.
    1. I take my clean sheets and re-make my bed.
  6. Disinfect all handles.
    1. I finish up by spraying down all handles, remotes, light switches, etc with the disinfectant spray. (I LOVE this spray.)
  7. Light a candle.
    1. Haha, JK. I know those aren't allowed in dorm rooms 🙂 I have this wall-flower that is way cheaper than Bath and Body Works and works just as well. Everyone always compliments us on how good our room smells!

I promise you that if you follow these steps, your room will feel SO good!

I'm one of those people that needs their space clean to be productive so having all my cleaning not only helps my mood but also helps me get more stuff done.

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This Is How Ashley Paid Off $45,000 Worth of Student Loans 17 Months

Sophia’s Quick Note: Today is the second student debt payoff interview!! I am loving this series and we are getting SO many good interviews!

Ashley is here from The Budget Girl answering my questions about how she paid off $45,000 of student loans in 17 months. 

She has so many great posts on her blog that cover all aspects of money. I would highly recommend you check out her website, it taught me so many things I didn’t know before!

What did you major in and where? Do you believe your investment in your education has paid off?

I majored in psychology and minored in criminal justice. I feel my investment has paid off for the most part. I never used my degree, but I did get a pay incentive at my primary job. I do not feel it was necessary though. I did not need a degree to do the job that I did for 10 years. I am now working for myself and still don’t use my degree. I think there were concepts that I learned in college that helped me in my career and still today. I am torn about whether or not it was “worth it”. I did earn my money back because of the pay incentive but I have never used my degree.

When did you first start your journey of paying off your student loans and what was the first step in this process?

I started paying off my student loans January 1st 2016. The first step is doing a zero-based budget and working the debt snowball. My student loan was my last debt so I had a lot to throw at it.

What type of loan did you take out? Variable or fixed? Did you consolidate your loans at the end? Would you choose a different type of loan if you did it today?

I had federal subsidized and unsubsidized. I also had a perkin loan through my school that was forgiven because of my career. I consolidated right after graduating and had a fixed interest rate. Honestly I still don’t know all about the different types of loans. I took what they gave me so I could go to school. I didn’t know there were options. I also didn’t understand consolidating. I just thought that’s what you were supposed to do so I did it. If I could do it again, I would refinance my loan (before I found Dave Ramsey). My interest rate was crazy. I was paying almost $5 a day in interest.

I love how you sold some of your belongings to bring in extra income to pay off your debts. I’m curious on how you sold your items and which form gave you the biggest return? (Garage sales, Facebook marketplace, craigslist, Ebay, etc.)

We sold some big items to family and friends, Facebook, and Craigslist. I personally won’t use Ebay because of so many scammers. The biggest return was from the large items we sold, a trailer and 4 wheeler. The other items were smaller, like kid toys and home décor items.

Did you have a job in college? If so, what was it? Were you contributing to your student loans before you graduated?

I did work through college and did a work study at the college. I worked in customer service and tutored at the school. I did not make enough to even cover expenses. So, I graduated with $10,000 in credit card debt from gas and food to get to school. I commuted a long distance so spent a lot on gas and eating out.  I did not contribute to my student loans while in school.

Fellow Dave Ramsey fan here!! What is some of your favorite things you have learned from Dave Ramsey?

Hmmm, it’s hard to pick just one! I loved having a plan, like a zero-based budget and debt snowball. I’m glad he gave me the confidence to handle my money properly and to invest. I never would have known about life insurance and investments if I hadn’t found him. I also love that he brought me closer to God. I found Dave Ramsey at a time that I was struggling spiritually and he helped me with that.

If you had to give advice to someone that is in college today, what would it be?

Have a plan to pay back your loans and start paying them back ASAP. Do not take out more than you need. If you get money back from the loans then put it toward the loan.

A huge thank you to Ashley for answering my debt payoff questions! I am loving this series and am learning SO much! It is one thing to be taught certain things in school, but to see them being done by real people is the best type of learning!

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Best Paying Jobs For College Students | 7 Best Paying Jobs For Busy College Students That You Need To Know About

This post is all about best paying jobs for college students.

best paying jobs all college students should know about

Can we just take a moment and applaud the students that work nine to five jobs and then go to school after that?! I just don't know how they do it.

I've been working all throughout college but if I didn't have these two things I don't think I would be able to manage it/make it worth it: flexibility and good pay.

With our schedules changing every semester it makes it almost impossible to find a job that will be able to work around that.

Whether you're looking to pay off some school loans or just have bar money, these are the best paying jobs for college students.

Job #1: Babysitter

This is one of my favorite best paying jobs for college students. There are a few key reasons why I love it.

  • It pays really well AND usually, you don't have to deal with taxes.
  • When picking a job, you tell them your schedule. A TON of families needs babysitters so there will almost always be a family willing to work with you.
  • You can pick your family. If you want babies, try to find a family with babies! If you want older kids than you can look for a family with older kids.
  • You get to eat their food which is usually way better than caf food.
  • Parents are GREAT connections to getting "real" jobs once you graduate. Get on their good side and it could pay off way more than you think!

I have gone through Care.Com for almost all of my babysitting jobs and have had great luck. I have always used the free version and it has worked great for me.

TIP: If you have experience than I would highball your hourly rate unless they give you a set rate. If anything, they will just tell you that's too high and make you another offer. Just a little food for thought 🙂


college packing list

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Job #2: Bartender

I've never been a bartender, but I know a lot of people who have and have loved it. Heres the reasons they said they liked it so much:

  • It's at night so doesn't interfere with classes.
  • The tips can be HUGE and sometimes they can walk out making over $200 a night in just tips.
  • There is a lot of bar options in college towns (usually).
  • You get to learn all the different types of drinks.
  • Work at an upscale bar and it's suddenly a good place to find a sugar daddy (kidding 🙂

Honestly, one of the biggest pros for me would be learning all the different drinks. I would love to be able to whip out any drink at events I through later in my life 😉

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Job #3: Driver

One thing I want to say about this is to make sure you feel safe doing this. Being an Uber or Lyft driver is a great option for college students because you can completely make your own schedule. Here are some other positives:

  • There are a lot of services out there that are not too difficult to join. I don't exactly know the process but I believe its pretty easy (referring to Uber and Lyft)
  • It averages $15.07 per hour PLUS tips.
  • You can work during busy times and get paid even more.
  • Repeated: You literally can work whenever you want.
  • Uber and Lyft are used ALL the time in college, so there will definitely be people to take places.

There is a major negative to do this one and its the fact that you need to have a car to do this. If you have a car it's a great option.

Job #4: Fitness Trainer

I have a lot of friends who are obsessed with working out and would be the best fitness instructors. Not only would you be working out yourself, but you could get paid to do it AND get your membership paid for.

  • Repeated: Workout and earn money.
  • A lot of people work out early in the morning or later at night which works out really well for a lot of college students schedules.
  • If you don't want to teach a class, you could work at a front desk at a gym.
  • NEGATIVE: You would need to get certified. I don't know this process at all.

I love this idea mostly for the fact that usually, they will pay for your membership on top of paying you so it's a win-win.

Job #5: Library Monitor

This job won't pay as much as the other jobs BUT the fact that you can be there and just do homework makes it pretty appealing.

  • You can look at jobs at your college or local city library.
  • You are basically getting paid to do your homework. Of course, you occasionally need to answer questions but from what I hear, you get a lot of free time.
  • Forced study time which is good if you tend to work better on a set schedule like me.

I know a lot of schools offer this as a work-study program but I didn't even think about the possibility of doing this job at a public library. Could be something to think about!

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Job #6: Blogging

Of course, I was going to add this in here! This is by far my favorite job.

Here are the top reasons why I love it:

  • It takes awhile to build up, but once you do you can make A LOT of money on it. {READ: How I Made $617.78 in Two Weeks From ONE Post}
  • I get to write about things I love and interact with girls from all around the world.
  • It looks really good for jobs OR you can end up making this your full-time job since you can make so much from it.
  • If you don't want to start your own blog, look at writing for companies around you. A lot of places are looking for website writers.

Now let me make this clear, this isn't something that will bring you money quick. But if you are dedicated and take great courses that teach you all the important things to know, you can get more money coming in than all these other jobs and work around your own schedule {READ: 13 Bloggers Making $2,356 to $55,000 Every Month}

I recommend EVERY person starting/has a blog take this course. It increased my earnings by 600% the first month after I took it. The course is Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

The blogger that wrote it made over $1.5 MILLION in 2017.

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Job #7: Petcare

If you're an animal lover I can't think of a better job for you 🙂

  • There has been a rise in pet-related apps that make it super easy for you to get jobs.
  • It's on-and-off which means it's not money constantly coming in but you can pick the times you can do it and cant does it.
  • Pays really well for the amount of work you have to do

You could also go old school with this one and post flyers at Coffee shops-- I have heard this actually works.

Being a college student is hard enough. There are millions of projects and socializing to do.

These are the best paying jobs for college students that will allow you to make money without sacrificing all your time.

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This Is How Kevin Payed Off $87,000 Of Student Debt In 2.5 Years

Sophia’s Quick Note: Today is the first of many student debt payoff interviews! I thought starting this series would be helpful for all my readers to show how it is possible to pay off your college debt quickly and learn how real people have completed it.

Kevin from Financial Panther is answering my questions about how he paid of $87,000 of student debt in 2.5 years. He has a great article on his website that goes into extreme detail of the numbers and method he paid off the debt with. You can check out his article HERE

What did you major in and where? Do you believe your investment in your education has paid off?

I went to college at a large state school in the midwest, where I majored in history, economics, and legal studies. After graduating college, I took a year off, then went to law school where I accumulated $87,000 worth of student loans. I do think my investment paid off – I was able to get a good job out of law school and ended up paying off my student loans in 2.5 years. At a minimum, at least I earned enough to pay back what I borrowed.

When did you first start your journey of paying off your student loans and what was the first step in this process?

 About 4 months into my working career, I made the decision that I needed to get rid of my student loans ASAP. I pretty much knew right away that the life of a big law firm attorney wasn’t for me, but I needed to stick it out so that I could afford to pay off my student loans. I figured that once I paid off my student loans, I could then go and do anything I wanted.

 The first step in the process was to organize my student loans. It’s surprising, but when you’re taking out student loans during school, you never really look to see what loans you took out – money sort of just appears in your bank account. Once I had all of my student loans organized, I looked at my student loan interest rates, then went and tackled my highest interest student loans first. In other words, I went with the avalanche method of paying off my student loans since that made the most mathematical sense to me.

 What type of loan did you take out? Variable or fixed? Did you consolidate your loans at the end? Would you choose a different type of loan if you did it today?

My student loans initially started out as fixed rate student loans with 6.8% and 7.9% interest rates. In my first year of debt repayment, I didn’t know that student loan refinancing was a thing, so I just paid off my student loans normally. A year into my debt payoff, I realized that I could refinance my student loans, so I refinanced them to a fixed rate loan of about 4.3%.

A few months later, I realized that, given how aggressive I was being towards my debt, I could actually go with a variable loan, since I figured that I could pay off my debt long before interest rates rose. I ended up refinancing them down to a 1.93% variable rate, which, by the time I paid off my debt, went up to around 2%. If you think you have a pretty secure job and are aiming to pay off your debt fast, then I think a variable rate loan makes sense, since you’ll pay less interest overall.


You paid off an incredible amount of loans in record time for your law degree. Did you have the same success paying off your undergraduate degree?

I was actually fortunate enough to pretty much have no undergrad loans. I only had to take about $5,000 worth of student loans for undergrad. However, I never did anything to pay them back quickly, so I actually ended up carrying that debt for 6 years before I finally paid it off. In retrospect, I probably should have just gathered some money together and paid off that debt right away.

You refinanced three times during this process. How did you know it was a good time to refinance and is there negatives associated with refinancing your student loans?

For me, refinancing made a lot of sense because I wasn’t going for any sort of loan forgiveness program and I had made the decision to aggressively pay off my debt as fast as I could. If you’re aiming to pay off your debt fast, then refinancing makes a lot of sense since you’ll lower your interest rate and be able to get much more of your money reducing your principle.

 The only real negative to refinancing your student loans is that you lose access to a lot of loan forgiveness programs if you refinance them. So, if you’re thinking of refinancing, make sure you do the math to see whether paying it off quickly or going for some sort of loan forgiveness program makes sense. Personally, I prefer to just pay off debt quickly., but that’s not necessarily the optimal solution always.

 You’ve mentioned on your blog that you wanted to keep a certain amount of money in savings while paying off your debt. How did you come up with that number?  

For me, it was just about comfort. I’m a guy that likes to have backup options, so knowing that I had some cash to cover at least a month of bills made sense for me.

 If you had to give advice to someone that is in college today, what would it be?

When it comes to college, I’m of the opinion that the school you go to matters much less than what you do there. The fact is, most people just don’t care that much about the college that you go to, especially since graduate degrees are such a big deal now. If you’ve got the drive and skills to make it, you’ll probably succeed no matter where you go to school.

I personally think the biggest mistake someone can make is coming out of college with a huge amount of student loans. Grad school is becoming more and more common, and if you have a huge student loan debt in college, you’ll make it so much harder for yourself. Grad school, you can make the argument that it makes sense to take out the student loans if it leads to a good career. But college, I think the goal should be to come out of there with as little debt as possible.

I can’t believe how much Kevin was able to pay off in such a short time! These debt payoff stories are so motivating for me and I love seeing that it is possible. 

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