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This post is all about easy ways to make $100 dollars.

easy ways to make an extra $100 quick

Look, we all could use a little extra money.

Those shoes you saw that girl on Instagram wear? $65.00. You just realized your boyfriends birthday is only a month away? At least $100. Or maybe you have finally come to the realization that those loans you took out for college, are in fact, real money that you have to pay back.

Moral of all of this, knowing easy ways to make $100 dollars can help us all.

Last month I really focused on ways that I could bring in some extra money because my $200 a month from nannying was not cutting it. I ended up doing some "odd jobs" and was able to put an extra $600 towards my car payment in ONE month!! And honestly, the ways I made that extra money were SO easy. It barely took me any time and had a huge payoff.

This post shows you six easy ways to make $100 dollars.

Easy Ways To Make $100 Dollars: UserTesting
Usertesting dashbboard

(Not my pic, but thought it would be helpful to show that you CAN earn money!)

Usertesting is one of my favorite ways ever to make money because they pay you  $10 for reviewing a website or app and get you the money within two weeks (tried and tested by me, so it's accurate!). How it works is they give you a list of tasks and you have to record your voice going through the notions of whatever they are telling you to do and giving your opinion on it.

So, for example, let's say I put By Sophia Lee on UserTesting. It would tell you, "Find the section on By Sophia Lee where you can see easy ways to make money." If I was doing the test, I would then record myself (through headphones.. I just use my Apple headphones) talking out loud saying how I went to the upper right part of the website and clicked on "money". It's as easy as that!

After you are done they have you answer a few questions that take less than two minutes. It really does take you in total for everything less than 15 minutes which is SO good for paying $10 dollars in return. They send the money straight to your Paypal account (which is free if you don't have one) and from there you can either use it on Paypal or get it sent to your bank account.

I just found Usertesting last month, and I am obsessed. It is so easy and actually fun. You have to "apply" to the program and do a trial run so they can make sure your headphones work and that they can hear you but that takes only 10ish minutes. I heard back from them within a week that I was accepted and just a week and a half later got paid for the first time!!

If you're going to try anything on this list, try UserTesting. It is definitely worth the amount of time it takes for what you can make. I have read that some people did a test a day and ended up making over $300 in just one month.

BTW, this isn't an affiliate... I truly love Usertesting!

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Easy Ways To Make $100 Dollars: Babysitting

The BEST thing about babysitting is that you can make great money in a little time and people everywhere need babysitters. Depending on where you live, you can make $18 dollars or more an hour and in just one night bring in $100 easily. Plus, if you babysit at night, you really don't have to do a lot because they just go to sleep :).

I have found a TON of my babysitting jobs from People all the time are looking for date night sitters. I have the free membership with Care and have put a friendly looking pictures of me up and then written a paragraph or two about my experience with children. Most parents will want to call you to make sure you sound suitable to watch their kids, but it really is easy to get a quick babysitting in here and there for some extra cash.

ALSO, I see ads up all the time around my school that families put up looking for babysitters. Check those out at your campus, you might get lucky!

Secret Shopper

Being a secret shopper is so easy and you get paid really well. I tried this for the first time last month at Best Buy and had to act like I was buying a TV and a GPS. My acting was pretty good on the TV buying but the second I asked to buy a GPS I think they knew that something was up ;).

I was in and out of there in 15 minutes and got paid $14 dollars. They paid me through a check I received in the mail about two weeks after I did the secret shopping.

Around where I live, there are a ton of car dealerships looking for secret shoppers so if you want to spend a day with your boyfriend and pretend to buy some cars, it could be a fun date that pays for itself! (SIDE NOTE: They often have secret shopping trips that will have you go to the car dealership and get your oil done... they pay for your oil AND pay you to see how they!).

I find my secret shopping jobs from Bestmark and highly recommend you go with this company if you are going to try out secret shopping. If you do, put this code in for me as your referral:WI21500. It doesn't do anything to you, just gives me a dollar or two for recommending them to you. Help a sister out 😉

Easy Ways To Make $100 Dollars: Open A Second Bank Account

I LOVE to organize my money and my favorite way is through separate bank accounts. I have them all under the same bank but have different categories that I can organize different amounts of money in. This has led me to open a LOT of bank accounts :). {READ: The Life-Changing Method of Organizing Your Bank Accounts}.

BUT, something a lot of people don't think about, a TON of banks have incentives for you to open a bank account with them. I often see ones like, "Open a checking account and get $25 dollars FREE!". Not only are you getting your finances together and will help you save more money, but you are also getting some free money.

Go to your local bank and see if they are offering any special deals.

Easy Ways To Make $100 Dollars: Try Paribus.

This is something I just heard about that has me REALLY curious. Paribus is a free website that finds refunds customers are owed through your email account and online receipts. It is completely safe and has been saved over $6.5 million in refunds.

I buy stuff online all the time (guilty 😉 and things always go on sale right after I buy them. Paribus can see if something goes on sale and will get me that refund of the price difference.

I actually just signed up for this while I was researching it for this post and it took less than 2 minutes. I will update this in a month or so and see if I have made any money from it!

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Easy Ways To Make $100 Dollars: Sell your old stuff.

Every girl has clothes hanging in there closet that they haven't worn in years. Just going through some of the old stuff that you don't want anymore can bring you more money than you realize. There are so many companies these days that make it extremely easy to do this like Letgo, Poshmark, and even Facebook marketplace.

I am planning on going through all my clothes this month actually and listing whatever I don't want online. The nice things about all these websites are that they are free to join and make it super easy for you to sell things.

I am also going to list some other things I don't want like jewelry and decoration items which might be something you could do as well.

Easy Ways To Make $100 Dollars: Sell your old electronics on Gazelle.

This is another website I am trying this month that allows you to sell your old electronics. I have so many old iPhones, Ipads, and even iPods that are just taking up wasted space in my room. On Gazelle, you can get a quote in less than a minute on how much they will pay you for your electronics.

Anything that is worth more than a dollar (aka basically everything) ships for free. they pay you super fast through Paypal, Amazon, or check.

This is another one I will update in a month after seeing how much I get!

I know you don't have a lot of time, so these are some extra ways to make $100 dollars that are actually easy and can be done very fast.

AND, think about it, try all six of these and you could be bringing in an extra $600 a month!

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