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Celebrating a recent graduate? These graduation gifts are the perfect way to celebrate any high school or college graduate.

graduation gifts

Graduation season is right around the corner and you know what that means: graduation parties and graduation gifts! 

Around this time, both high school and college graduates are sure to be feeling a range of emotions. From nervousness to excitement, graduating is such a bittersweet moment that marks a huge milestone for every student. So, it’s only right to mark their huge accomplishment with amazing graduation gifts!

I remember picking out graduation gifts for friends and wanting to get them all the cutest and most personalized things to make them feel special. I also remember getting some super unique, useful, and sentimental gifts and it made me feel super special to know they picked it out with me in mind! Money and gift cards are always a go-to option to give graduates (literally no one can complain about these). But, sometimes you as the gift giver want to do something a little more personalized!

Whether you're looking to buy a gift while sticking to a budget, looking for personalized gifts, or just looking for the most popular gifts to give this year, these graduation gifts are sure to make any high school or college graduate feel special.

This post is all about best graduation gifts to give in 2024.


Athletic wear is always a go-to when picking out graduation gifts because you can guarantee that they will get worn!

Both high school seniors going to college and recent college graduates will basically be living in leggings whether it’s on-campus or in the gym. This is a gift you can give to literally any girl and guarantee it'll be a hit.

As a recent college graduate, I can promise you that this is a graduation gift they will absolutely fall in love with.

I used my BÉIS bag in college to pack for weekend trips and still use it every single day as my work bag. I’m telling you- this is one they’ll love.

I made these personalized wine bottles to give to all my friends graduating college and every single one of them was obsessed. All it takes is a bottle of wine and labels and you have a thoughtful, personalized graduation gift to make them feel special! Just maybe don’t give this one to the high school graduates (unless mom approves). 😉

Find the DIY tutorial here: Graduation Gift Ideas | How To Make a Personalized Wine Bottle Label

These UGG slippers are THE slippers to give to any trendy graduate. Every single girl I know either has these or is dying to get them.

If you're looking to stick to a budget you can always go with a less expensive pair from Amazon which seriously has so many super cute options too!

While it’s a little pricier than other graduation gifts, an iPad really is such a good gift to give high school and college graduates.

So if you are willing to spend a little more on graduation gifts this is one that is guaranteed to get a ton of use.

There isn’t a single graduate out there who won't be excited about a brand new pair of shoes. Whether it’s walking to class, running errands, or hitting the gym, tennis shoes are a staple that every single graduate could use!

OnCloud is a super popular brand this year but you can never go wrong with a pair of white Converse, Adidas, or Nike as well!

A clear bag was something I didn’t even think about needing before college until football season.

This game-day bag is perfect for tailgates, football games, or even just casual use that can be completely personalized! I promise they will fall in love with this gift.

Almost everyone has a pair of AirPods these days and we all know the struggle when it comes to keeping track of them.

With this super cute case from Anthropologie, they can easily clip it on a backpack, keys, or purse so they will always know just where they are! 

A Hydroflask water bottle is always a classic that you can guarantee absolutely anyone will use.

You could even throw in a pack of custom stickers that have the college they are going to or graduated from (because who doesn’t love customizing their water bottles?).

If there’s one thing we can all relate to it’s the frustration of losing your keys or wallet.

 My boyfriend is constantly losing things so I got the AirTag and this keychain as part of my graduations gifts for him! Safe to say it has come in handy many many times.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this mug will keep your coffee hot all day long.

If the graduate’s a big coffee drinker then this graduation gift idea is going to be the one to buy in 2022.

I mean let’s be honest… no girl is going to turn down a cozy sweat set. Sometimes we want to be comfy but still feel put together and these matching sets are the perfect combination!

If you struggling to find good graduation gifts for her then go ahead and go with this! Trust me, she won’t be disappointed.

I know what you're probably thinking. Stickers? Yes. I’m so serious when I tell you that even us 20+ guys and girls get excited over stickers.

If you're looking for graduate gifts on a budget or just want to throw a little something extra in with your gift, custom college stickers are just the thing to buy.

While jewelry is normally people's first thought when thinking about what high school and college graduation gifts to buy, sometimes it can be hard to pick something that you know they will actually like. Well here is an option you can never go wrong with. Dainty jewelry like this is a timeless staple piece you can guarantee they will love.

Plus, it’s super inexpensive on Amazon, and can tell you myself it's held up great ever since I got it!

The sad truth is that students have to be extremely careful while walking alone especially on a college campus. While everyone hopes to stay out of a dangerous situation in college you just never know when something could happen. Pepper spray is a go-to defense product but this item will make them feel even safer.

Safety is a priority in college and this product will make anyone feel much safer at school! 

Whether you’re looking for high school graduation gifts or college graduation gifts, a laptop case is something anyone can use!

Casetify and Amazon have the trendiest options to choose from that are also really inexpensive!

I know when I was picking out gifts for friends I really wanted to get them something personalized so that it felt super special to them. If I had found this at the time I 100% would have gotten it.

Both high school and college graduates are sure to be traveling in the near future whether it's to visit friends at school or move to a new city so this personalized graduation gift is sure to be well-loved!

The Lululemon Align jacket has been a staple for years now and it’s definitely not going anywhere. In college, this is the jacket every girl wear or wants when going to class. Even after graduation, this is every girl's go-to athletic jacket to wear when running errands, hitting the gym, or even lounging around the house.

If you're looking for the most popular graduation gifts to give to trendy girls, this is it. 

Anyone looking to find unique, personalized graduation gifts is sure to find something on Etsy. Basically, every shop offers customized pieces like this one!

This custom print is perfect for the high school senior headed to college or the college graduate wanting to keep a little piece of their school with them as they start on their new journey.

Custom stationery is another great gift to give graduates, especially after graduation season! They're most definitely going to need cards to write thank-you notes so this gift is one that keeps on giving!  

There’s nothing our generation loves more than taking pictures. Yeah, we have backup photo storage but sometimes we just want a good old-fashioned printed photo. This portable photo printer allows you to print photos from anywhere in just seconds!

You could even throw in a pack of disposable cameras  for a sentimental graduation gift that will make memories for years to come.

Can’t go wrong with some new college apparel!

Whether the graduate you're buying for is headed into their first year or celebrating their last, trendy college sweatshirts, t-shirts, sweatpants, and hats are always going to make great graduation gifts.

Most of us have some way to play music but it's usually straight off our phone or in the car.

A high-quality Bluetooth speaker is a great graduation gift for guys and girls that they might not have wanted to spend money on for themselves but will 100% be so grateful for.

There’s just something about putting on a pair of satin pajamas that makes you feel so fancy. With this graduation gift, they can sit back, relax, and pamper themselves to celebrate all their hard work.

Amazon has a ton of super cute sets that look super nice but are actually pretty inexpensive! 

If you want to buy someone a little something to make them feel celebrated but can’t afford a huge gift then this keyring bracelet is perfect! I use mine 24/7 and it really is the only way I can keep track of my stuff.

Definitely considering these as graduation gifts if you can’t afford a super expensive one or are having to buy multiple for friends!

Looking for personalized graduation gifts for her? A custom, trendy makeup bag like this one is perfect!

As someone who is constantly buying new travel bags (and who probably has too many already), I can definitely promise you that any girl will absolutely love this graduation gift.

I think I could have 50 fuzzy blankets and I will still buy more. A cozy throw is always a safe bet when it comes to giving graduation gifts.

This UGG sherpa blanket is the most comfortable one to ever exist (seriously). 

When I say I live by my BSL planner I’m not just saying that. This thing was my lifeline in college and even after I graduated.

Whether it's heading off to college or starting a new job, anyone graduating this year is sure to feel stressed and maybe a little even lost but this planner will make their life feel just a little more organized! 

In college dorms, you aren't allowed to light candles but we all wanted our rooms to feel cozy and smell good! I received an essential oils diffuser as a graduation gift and I seriously used it all year while living in the dorms.

When it comes to giving sentimental graduation gifts, it’s always a great idea to have something customized! This shop on Etsy will customize a poster for the graduate based on whatever school they're going to or graduated from! You could even have a full collage set customized for them to decorate their dorm or future apartment. 



  • Target
  • Ulta
  • Amazon
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Lululemon
  • H&M
  • Starbucks
  • Zara
  • Etsy


  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Amazon
  • Uber
  • Lululemon
  • Door Dash
  • Fast Food Restaurants


What is a good gift for someone graduating?

There are literally hundreds of things you could buy that would make great graduation gifts for both guys and girls! You can never go wrong with gift cards and money and I promise absolutely no one will think you were just being lazy. Clothes, shoes, dorm room decor, travel bags, and personalized gifts are always go-to graduation gifts that never fail as well.

What do you buy for a 2022 graduate?

High school graduates and college graduates are all about the trends in 2022. Some super trendy items graduates are loving this year are disposable cameras, Lululemon athletic wear, and really anything bright and colorful! You can also go for a timeless gift and give 2022 graduates a customized college campus print or a nice jewelry piece. When it comes to buying graduation gifts for guys, you could give them clothing, a nice watch, or any sort of food gift card and they'll love it every time.

What is a traditional graduation gift?

There really isn't a specific gift everyone gives to graduates. Money and gift cards are usually what the majority of people give as graduation gifts unless the graduate is a close friend or family member. In this case, they might give them more sentimental gifts like jewelry, picture frames, or customized gifts. You can honestly go so many different routes when buying graduation gifts whether you're shopping on a budget or last minute. 

What do parents give as graduation gifts?

What you give your child as a graduation gift is totally up to you! My mom took me on a dorm shopping spree and threw me an amazing graduation party so it was just agreed that was my gift! But, if you want to give a graduation gift for them to open, you can never go wrong with sentimental gifts like a scrapbook or personalized jewelry. 

What do you get when you graduate high school/college?

Many people will have graduation parties to celebrate their accomplishments with friends and family. These can be dinners with family, backyard graduation parties, or decked-out events with all their friends. This is when guests usually bring their gifts to the graduate and depending on the size of the party, may even have a decorated table for gifts or card boxes. Extended family and friends mostly bring $10-$50 gift cards or money but this isn't required so don't feel bad if you can't afford to bring a gift!

While there is no specific gift to give graduates, it is common for high school graduates to receive something for their dorm (decor, picture frames, etc.) or money and gift cards to spend at college. College graduates may receive apartment essentials, scrapbooks, jewelry, and other memorabilia. Overall, there is no right or wrong gift to give so just go with something you think they would enjoy!

What is a good graduation gift for a high school girl?

High school girls can be some of the hardest to shop for if you're not in high school yourself or as a guy graduation shopping for his girlfriend or sister. Luckily, I'm here to keep you updated with what's "in" right now.😜

Pretty much every girl is obsessing over all things Lululemon, colorful sweat sets, UGG slippers, and of course, trendy sweatshirts. You can actually buy all of these right on Amazon as well as a ton of other super cute graduation gifts for her! See, shopping for a graduation gift for high school girls actually can be easy! 😉

If you're still stuck on what to buy, you can never go wrong with Amazon and Target gift cards for them to go dorm shopping with!

This post was all about best graduation gifts to give in 2024.

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