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This post is all about high school graduation.

High school graduation is a BIG deal. There are so many different things to think about and plan, and you never want that to take away from the excitement and fun of finally graduating high school. I remember my mind was always like "what am I going to wear at graduation?" "ugh can't wait for school to be over," "I hope my grad party isn't on the same date as her's"... It can be exhausting

Luckily for you, I have the best graduation gifts, graduation party ideas, and graduation cap ideas all right here in one place. 

This post is all about high school graduation gifts, parties, and caps.


1. Functional, Cute Backpack

high school graduation party ideas

I love Herschel backpacks. They are not only super cute, but they are also very durable and have pockets for everything you need. This style is super popular right now (I mean, gold zipper, I can see why) and I would definitely have carried this backpack around campus. 

2. College Planner

high school graduation party ideas

The best way to stay organized and on top of your sh*t in college is with a thought out and pretty planner!

These are the planners that we made and I con guarantee that you will absolutely love it and how it affects your life. We are currently not selling physical copies, but iPad versions are always available, and physical copies will be sold again in May!

3. Disposable Camera

Remember when polaroid cameras were all the hype? Now it's all about the disposable camera aesthetic. 

Every 2022 graduate will love this gift idea, whether it is the traditional option from Amazon or the trendy, pastel option from Urban Outfitters. 

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4. Nice Leggings 

graduation party ideas

Gifting a colored pair of leggings is so fun because it's something people don't think to buy for themselves. Every girl already has her go to pair (or 5) of black leggings. Also I am obsessed with this new navy color. 

Lululemon leggings are definitely pricey, but SO worth it. I was skeptical too, but trust me, once you go lulu, you don't go back. 

5. Yeti Rambler

I LOVE my Yeti. I got it before I left for college and I still use it almost daily!!

I find that I drink more water in this cup than any other Hydro Flask or water bottle that I have. It's all thanks to the straw lid. If you get the rambler, get ?? the ?? straw ?? lid ??, trust me it's life changing. 

6. Crystal Monogram Earrings


These monogram earrings are such a sweet, staple piece that any girl would love. The crystals definitely add a beautiful touch to the gift, making it more special. 

These earrings are on my wishlist, and I would be so excited to receive these as a graduation gift. 

7. FabFitFun Subscription

high school graduation announcements

A subscription box is such a fun gift to receive because it's a gift that keeps on giving! FabFitFun is one of my favorites because the boxes have SUCH good stuff for beauty, fitness, and general lifestyle products. 

When gifting a subscription, you can choose a dollar amount for the gift card. I would recommend gifting a $200 gift card that way they can sign up for the annual subscription plan. Each box is valued at over $200, so it's totally worth it!  

8. Wrist Lanyard Keychain Holder

In college nobody carries their purse around campus, instead most people have wrist lanyards or a normal lanyard to hold onto their dorm key and ID card. I love this trendy snow leopard pattern, but there are so many other pattern options that are sure to please every grad!

9. Satin Sleep Set

2021 graduation ideas

My mom got me this satin sleep set before I went away to college and it was the best gift ever! Satin pillowcases are so good for your skin and your hair, and also a lot more affordable than the silk ones made by slip (but those are also a great option too!)

10. Fluffy Robe

high school graduation party ideas

One of my roommates had a personalized robe and I was always so jealous. Snagging one of these for a high school grad headed to college would be such a smart gift idea. The fabric of this Pottery Barn robe is insanely soft too.

11. Gift Cards 

The BEST gift I received for high school graduation was a $200 gift card to Trader Joe's. That was the only grocery store on my school campus, and I never had to pay for my own groceries! 

My best advice is to find out what grocery stores are on or nearby the grad's college campus and give them gift cards to those stores.


12. Get a Food Truck

how much money to give for high school graduation

If you're having a lot of guests, a food truck is the way to go. We all know the taco trucks, but an ice cream truck? Um, YES. 

If you can find a super pretty food truck like this one, spend the extra money and forget about the stresses of trying to figure out food for everyone.

13. Put Banners Everywhere! 

Recreate this banner display:

I had these gold banners all over my graduation party. They are super cute, and very inexpensive when you compare them to banners from places like Etsy. 

Also, there are a million of these on Amazon. I found some for specific party themes and even customizable ones.

14. Have a Balloon Garland on a Photo Backdrop

high school graduation gifts for friends

Recreate this banner display:

This photo backdrop is SO pretty. It looks professionally put together, but you could 100% make this on your own! The balloon garlands are super easy to make, anyone can do it!

15. Get Custom Cookies Made

high school graduation party ideas

These custom cookies are so pretty and would really impress your guests. There are so many options out there on Etsy and at local bakeries, but these ones really stood out!! 

16. Set Up a Place for Cards

high school graduation gifts for daughter

Recreate this card table display:

Give your guests a spot to drop off the good stuff 😉 When guests are getting to the party it can be so hectic trying to greet everyone and tell them where to put cards and gifts. This little station is the perfect, cute solution. 

17. Create a Photo Backdrop with Memorabilia 

2021 high school graduation gifts

Recreate this photo backdrop display:

This is by far one of my favorite photo backdrops. Everything coordinates and I LOVE it. It looks like they used the high school's colors that are on the cap and gown. 

Sticking with a color scheme can make your whole party seem way more put together.

18. Have a Dessert Bar

Recreate this dessert bar:

Dessert bars are the perfect addition to every party. There are tons of dessert bar signs online that would make it even more fun. This would be the perfect place to put the customized cookies or a cake!

19. Get Water Bottle Labels

graduation patry food 2021

Water bottle labels are the perfect way to incorporate decorations into every last detail. A lot of the water bottle labels I have seen are super tacky, but these ones are really pretty and would go with many of the graduation party themes. 

20. Have Floral Arrangements as Centerpieces 

best high school graduation gifts

How beautiful are these centerpieces? You could recreate this look at your party by gathering books that match your color scheme and finding a local florist who could create floral arrangements that match your colors. 

21. Show off You School Pictures From Every Year

graduation party ideas 2021

Recreate this graduation party idea:

This is such a sentimental party decoration that family and friends will love to see! Sorry grad, the awkward stage is on full display! 

Seriously though, this is such an easy decoration that is really special. 


22. "Thank You Mom and Dad" Cap Decal

graduation cap decoration ideas 2021

Omg, this is so sweet. I would totally have ordered this decal from Etsy to put on my graduation cap. I think these vinyl decals are so cool because it seriously looks like you had someone professionally write on your cap. This font is so pretty too!! 

23. "She Believed She Could So She Did" Cap Topper

graduation cap decoration flowers

Okay - this is SO cool. A cap topper? Seriously it requires no work on your end and you have the prettiest cap design. 

You can customize the writing to say anything you want and also have custom colors. She ships the paper topper to your house, and you stick it on to your cap! It's that easy.

24. DIY Bling Letters Cap

high school graduation

Source: @saaraatonin

Recreate this DIY Ariana Grande inspired cap:

Where are my Ariana Grande fans? This one's for you. You worked so hard for that diploma you wanted, and you ?? got ?? it ??

This cap is such a statement, and it wouldn't be too hard to make yourself!

25. "Thank You, Next" Cap Decal

graduation cap decoration michael's

If you want Ariana Grande song lyrics, this is an easier option than the DIY one above. All you have to do is order this vinyl sticker from Etsy and slap it on your cap! The writing is so trendy and cute, but what I love most is how simple it is. 

26. "A Sweet Ending to a New Beginning" Cap Topper

graduation cap decoration supplies

How pretty is this? White calligraphy and colored flowers is a no-fail design for graduation caps. It always looks so classy and pretty. 

This quote is so sweet and really resonated with me. You have to be excited for your new beginning!!

27. DIY Rose Gold Cap


Recreate this DIY Rose Gold Glitter cap:

This is so extra and I love it. You could get any glitter cardstock and hot glue it right to the top of your cap!! You could even order one of the cap decals I linked above and put it on the glitter cardstock!! 

28. "Bye" Cap Decal

graduation cap decoration ideas

Peace out high school. I love this cap. It is super simple, has pretty writing, and would probably make everyone laugh. 

Also, it's a decal that requires SUCH minimal effort on your end!

29. "All Thanks to Jesus, Coffee, and Mom and Dad" Cap Decal

graduation cap ideas 2021

Another cap decal!! This is an adorable quote, but I LOVE the way the girl in the picture added the flowers to her cap as well. With a hot glue gun and some small, faux flowers, you can really transform a graduation cap. 

30. DIY Rhinestone Cap

Recreate this easy DIY Rhinestone cap:

This is the easiest DIY graduation cap I have ever seen. If you're not looking for anything too complicated and want a little bling, you could bust this out in 20 minutes! 

31. Completely Customizable Graduation Cap Design 

high school graduation cap decoration

This graduation cap caught my eye because of how gorgeous the lettering was, then I realized, you can have ANY quote you want custom written on one of the cap toppers. 

I think cap toppers are the way to go - they're easy for you, so beautiful, and customizable!

This post was all about high school graduation.

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