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Whether you're looking for sentimental gifts for dads or unique gifts for boyfriends, you are sure to find the perfect birthday gifts for him with these ideas.

birthday gifts for him

I think we can all agree that shopping for gifts for guys is one of the hardest things EVER. Of course, you can always count on guys to tell you they love the gift you gave him but everyone wants to give a gift they actually love and use! Well, worry no more because these gifts are guaranteed to be loved by absolutely any guy in your life that you may be birthday shopping for.

These birthday gifts for him are some of my personal absolute favorites! A ton of them I have actually gifted to my boyfriend, brother-in-law, and dad and they have been a hit every. single. time. 

Whether you’re shopping for a unique birthday gift for the dad who has everything, or a sentimental gift for your boyfriend, you are absolutely guaranteed to love all of these ideas!

This post is all about the best birthday gifts for him.


Best Overall:  Catch 3: Wireless Charging Tray

"I bought it for my husband as a father’s day gift. He loved it! It's an elegant design and a very easy tool to use. Highly recommend the monogram option. Overall, its worth it!"

Best Under $25:  Personalized Dopp Kit

"Got this as a gift for my boyfriend and he loves it! It's such nice leather and it's the perfect size. Will likely buy another one for my dad for Christmas!"

Best Value: Bulleit Bourbon X Yeti Outdoor Pack

"The perfect gift for any whiskey drinker in your life!"

Most Popular: Ember Mug

"Best. Mug. Ever. Seriously, it's worth the money. If you have been on the fence about trying this, then jump off and just get one!"

Best Custom Gift: Airpods Case

"This was one of my boyfriend's favorite gifts so far! Super sleek and stylish and love how it can be personalized!"

Most Unique: NFL Game Used Uniform Wallet

"Great gift for my big football fan fiancé. He was even more excited to be able to look up who wore the jersey and in what game. Very authentic gift."

Best Cooking Gift: Barbecue Tool Set

"Got it as a gift for my husband who absolutely loved it"


Record players were a thing of the past but in recent years they have been super popular!

This sleek revamped record player is a great gift for any music-loving guy with a vintage vibe or to give as a nostalgic birthday gift for your dad!

technology birthday gifts for him

"I have an expensive record player that was gifted to me but I actually like this one better! It’s cuter and I can play Bluetooth through it!"

Women have plenty of personal care items but the guys need some too! Let’s be honest, every guy needs a little maintenance “down there”. One of my close friends gave this to her boyfriend last year somewhat as a joke but he actually ended up loving it and using it all the time.

The Manscaping set comes with high-quality razors perfect for sensitive skin as well as lotions and even deodorant! This is the perfect gift for guys who like taking care of themselves that I’m sure every girlfriend can get behind as well.

"I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas, he found out somehow. Now I can’t get him to stop asking to use it before Christmas time!"

There isn’t a single person out there without a little back or neck pain no matter what their age. A massage gun is a gift you can guarantee absolutely any guy will love.

People seriously rave about how much this relieves their pain and if nothing else, just feels SO dang good!

"Bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband, and I've been sneaking in sessions with it when he's out of the house. It's freaking awesome."

Know an avid golfer? Definitely add this to your list of birthday gifts for him!

This is a super unique gift you can almost guarantee even the biggest golf lovers don’t have already. Plus, it’s personalized with their initials which always adds a special touch to birthday gifts for him.

personalized birthday gifts for him

"Such a sleek and unique gift! Perfect for my husband who's an avid golfer. He loves it!"

Here is another cool and unique golf-related gift! This flask holds all of the golfing essentials- and yes liquor is included as an essential. 😉

Every guy enjoys having a drink or two while they're on the course so this is guaranteed to be a hit! 

"Great flask! Carries enough 'adult beverage' for me to play 9 holes. I refill it at the turn and play another 9."

Candles and scents aren’t a gift you would generally think of getting a guy for his birthday but I can tell you first hand that they love it! My boyfriend is adamant about his room smelling good so he constantly keeps candles lit. 

Candles and other scents make for a great gift that guys will genuinely use and enjoy but may not go out and purchase for themselves!

unique birthday gifts for him

"My husband loved the smell of this candle every time I lit it so I got him a set of his own! He absolutely loved this set."

This magnetic leather wallet is nothing short of genius and is the perfect gift for the guy that's constantly misplacing things.

The Apple Wallet magnetically attaches to the back of your phone and alerts you with its location if it falls off! With this gift, you can guarantee he’ll never be losing his wallet again!

birthday gift ideas for guys

"When is the last time your phone alerted you to your wallet being separated from you? This was such an awesome gift!"

You can seriously never go wrong with a good water bottle when buying birthday gifts for him.

Brümate makes some of the best and most durable water bottles out there that will keep his drinks cold all day long.

cooking birthday gifts for him

"This bottle is amazing for keeping your drink cold for DAYS! The shot glass lid is an added bonus!"

The “Smash and Grab” gift card from Man Crates makes giving a gift card 10x more fun!

There are tons of stores to choose from with this smashable gift card option including Buffalo Wild Wings, REI, Nike, and more! 

birthday gifts for him 18th

"This makes giving gift cards feel so much more thoughtful! Such a fun alternative to regular gift cards."

North Face has been one of the most popular jacket brands for guys for years so you can bet this idea made the list of most popular birthday gifts for him.

This is a classic gift that any guy of any age will wear constantly.

"Was looking for a lightweight but warm coat for my husband. This was the perfect in between with light weight but still warm!"

This beard growth gift set is perfect for any guy that enjoys a little self-care.

It’s a great value and has amazing reviews on Amazon!

"I don’t have a lot of experience with beard products but since deciding to grow out my facial hair I decided on the beard club and I’m SO happy with my purchase."

You can never go wrong with a practical birthday gift for him.

This multitool pen is a unique gift idea that won't break the bank and that he will absolutely use and love.

"One of the coolest pens I’ve ever ordered. Works great and makes for the perfect gift for someone!"

If the guy you are looking to buy a gift for wears hats frequently, then new baseball caps for his collection would be great birthday gifts for him!

‘47 Brand is a super popular hat brand that guys are wearing all the time right now. Trust me, he will love any hat from this brand!

"This brand is one of my boyfriend's absolute favorites! This hat fit him perfectly. He wears it all the time!"

If there’s one thing guys are constantly using it’s a speaker. I mean seriously, my boyfriend carries his around everywhere- the pool, parties, picnics, etc.

A Bluetooth speaker is a must-have for guys and this one has some of the highest quality out there for its size!

"The sound quality speaks for its self. Trust me you will not be disappointed..."

This has been one of my go-to birthday gifts for him for years. Dads, uncles, brothers, you name it and they are guaranteed to obsess over this gift.

This beer caddy is a convenient, durable, and stylish way to carry all the “essentials” whether he’s hosting a cookout or packing for the beach.

mens birthday gifts

"I gifted this beer caddy to my Dad and it was a HIT! His friends are constantly asking where he got it."

Looking for small but thoughtful birthday gifts for him? A bottle opener keychain is always a great gift to buy when shopping for guys.

With this bottle opener from Zazzle, you can make a small gift feel special by customizing it with his name!

cool gifts for guys

"Got this for my Dad and it came out perfectly. He carries it everywhere."

I asked a few of my guy friends what they were personally asking for on their birthday and this was a crowd favorite.

You really can’t go wrong with a big comfy sweatshirt from Nike when shopping for birthday gifts for him.

clothing gifts for him

"Super soft and stylish! Anytime I ask my boyfriend what he wants as a gift this is his answer. He can't get enough!"

Can we all agree a guy wearing a watch is so attractive? I think yes. But, aside from your own personal gain, buying a watch for your boyfriend for his birthday is a gift he will definitely appreciate!

Help him elevate his style and look “business professional” with any kind of watch. Fossil has my favorite watches for men but you honestly can’t go wrong with any type of fancy watch!

birthday gifts for boyfriend

"This is my boyfriend's dream watch. When it arrived, I opened the box and realized why he liked it so much. I can't wait to give it to him!"

Ember mugs seriously changed the game for regular coffee drinkers. This high-tech mug keeps your coffee or tea hot for hours on end.

After being gifted this, he’s never going to use a regular coffee mug ever again! 

luxury gifts for men

"Best. Mug. Ever. Seriously, it's worth the money. If you have been on the fence about trying this, then jump and get one!"

While a bottle opener isn’t a new concept, this sleek and modern device makes getting the tops off bottles that much easier.

With this, all you have to do is place it over the bottle, press down, and there you have it- a cap-free bottle in seconds!

gifts for the impossible man

"Love how sleek this is and it works perfectly! Best opener EVER."

Leatherology is a brand you definitely want to consider when shopping for premium leather birthday gifts for him.

This stationery set is a thoughtful, high-quality gift any guy is sure to love.

romantic birthday gifts for him

"My husband loved this stationary set! The color was perfect and the quality was beyond expectations!"

A leather catchall tray is a small but memorable gift that any guy is guaranteed to use! This thoughtful gift is the perfect solution for guys who are constantly throwing loose change and other small items from their pockets onto their dresser.

birthday gifts for him amazon

"A simple but thoughtful and high quality gift! Will continue gifting these as long as they sell them! A hit every time."

If there's one thing every man hates it's an overcooked steak.

If he’s the chef of the family you can guarantee a high-tech cooking device is going to be a well-loved gift. Better yet, even the guy who can’t cook can use this gift (and probably should) 😜. Either way, this meat thermometer will ensure his food is the perfect temperature every time

"Used the Yummly thermometer for the first time. It worked perfectly. The meat was cooked exactly as my wife likes it."

I recently bought one of these for myself and am absolutely obsessed! This lighter is rechargeable so it can be used for years! Plus, it's a whole lot easier and safer to use than matches or traditional lighters.

This is a small but life-changing gift that will ensure he never burns himself while lighting something ever again!

"It’s super easy and works great. Never have to replace another lighter again!"

If your husband, dad, or boyfriend packs a daily lunch for work or school he’s undoubtedly going to love a new lunchbox.

This one from Carhartt is a crowd favorite! Its simple but mature design makes it the perfect lunch bag for the workplace while keeping food cold for hours on end.

"Bought this for my boyfriend so he would stop using plastic grocery bags. Direct quote from him, 'It keeps my food really cold!'"

How cool is this?! Whether the guy you’re buying for is in high school, college, or working full time, he always needs a good notepad.

This smart notebook will allow him to take notes on paper and easier turn them into sharable, digital documents! He is sure to be impressed with this gift.

"My boss first got one of these and it was fantastic. We had a meeting, he took notes, and uploaded them. Fast and perfect!"

Every guy needs a wallet, right? While he probably already has one, it definitely isn’t a bad idea to get him a new one. Usually, guys use the same wallet until it’s falling to pieces so a new one is probably much needed.

If your man is in need of a new wallet this is the gift to buy. This set comes with a larger and smaller wallet as well as a leather keychain!

birthday gifts for him delivery

"This wallet is just as nice as the one purchased from the regular Coach store. Husband loved this gift!"

Is he constantly misplacing things on his side table? Phone always dying? Here is a birthday gift that will solve allll his problems.

The Catch 3 wireless charging tray will make organizing his things super easy while charging his phone at the same time. There aren’t many side table organizers that look this good so it is definitely one of the best birthday gifts for him this year!

20th birthday gifts for him

"I bought it for my husband as a father’s day gift. He loved it! Highly recommend the monogram option. Overall, worth it!"

This seasonings set is a great gift for the men in your life that love cooking or grilling! These 8 delicious spices are sure to be used in so many of his recipes to come!

personalized birthday gifts for him

"Perfect gift for the foodie in your life! Great price and the flavor in the seasonings are fantastic!

What guy doesn’t like grilling? I can’t think of any… You can’t go wrong with a new barbecue toolset for him!

This set comes with all the essentials he needs for cooking up a great meal and comes with a convenient case for him to store and pack it all up when he’s done!

unique birthday gifts for him

"I bought this tool set for my husband who loves to bbq. He loves the zippered carrying case to keep everything in!"

Belts are a staple for every guy out there but gifting just a plain belt can seem boring. Instead, buy him this reversible belt made cut-to-size! Not only is this Coach belt made perfectly to fit him, but it also comes in this stunning Coach packaging that will be sure to WOW him when he opens it.

Need a little more convincing? This set is originally $198 but is on sale right now for only $79! Such an amazing price for a high-quality designer brand

birthday gift for male friend

"I got 5 of these at Christmas for all my boys and husband. They absolutely loved them."

This whiskey wedge glass from Corkcicle is a sleek, stylish gift for the whiskey-loving men in your life that you seriously can’t go wrong with! Gift this glass on its own or as a set and either way is sure to impress!

birthday gifts for him ideas

"My husband loves the way the glass the glass looks and the price was great. The glass wedge looks so cool!"

Slippers are always a go-to birthday gift idea for men but buying him a pair of UGG slippers will feel even more luxurious!

The UGG Ascot Slipper is a well-loved choice by guys of all ages and is a practical idea for those looking to buy a high-quality gift on a budget!

"My husband’s slippers were in desperate need of replacement and I could tell he was jealous of my Uggs so these were a no brainer. He never wants to take them off!"

You can find a ton of insanely cool and unique gifts from Uncommon Goods and this custom wallet is the perfect example! The inside of this wallet is made from an NFL jersey that was actually worn in a game! Washed of course. 😉

When shopping for a guy that’s super passionate about sports it can be hard to find something he doesn’t have already but this is one you can guarantee he doesn’t have!

birthday gifts for him 30th

"Great gift for my big football fan fiancé. He was even more excited to be able to look up who wore the jersey!"

This gift is for all the avid coffee drinkers and coffee connoisseurs. With this coffee sampler gift set, he can taste all the coffee flavors from around the world right from the comfort of his home!

30th birthday gifts for him

"I got this as a gift for my husband and he’s already opened 3 of the packages. While I may not share his love for coffee, I love seeing his excitement as he tries each one!

If your dad, brother, boyfriend, or friend is an avid golfer, then this is a gift you should definitely consider buying. This set comes in a customized box that includes personalized golf balls, tees, and pencils.

He might even love this gift so much he won’t even want to use it. But, you can guarantee he will be showing it off to all his friends or displaying them in his room.

birthday gifts for him 40th

I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend for Christmas, and I couldn't even wait until then to give it to him. Such a cool, unique, quality item!

Cologne is something that almost every guy wants but won’t usually splurge on for themselves so it makes for the perfect birthday gift for him!

If he has a favorite scent stick with that. If not, this one is a super popular choice among guys!

60th birthday gifts for him

"I bought this for my husband and it smells amazing on him! He constantly gets complimented on the scent when he wears it."

If he has an Apple Watch, a new band is a great birthday gift idea for him!

My boyfriend is constantly switching out his bands between work and the gym so I can personally say I see this gift being used constantly.

unique 21st birthday gifts for him

"This made the perfect gift for my brother! He loves his Apple Watch and this allows him to dress it up for work."

There’s nothing guys like more than an ice-cold beer!

These sleek and stylish freezable glasses come in a set of 2, perfect for him and a friend to enjoy a cold drink while watching the game.

40th birthday gifts for him

"I bought these for my husband as a gift and he loves them. They are perfect for hot summers outside by the pool!"

Ask the guy you're buying for if he's been using the same travel bag for years and I can almost guarantee the answer will be yes. If so, consider buying him a new duffel bag for his birthday! 

This stylish, high-quality bag is the perfect size for him to store all his things for the weekend. If you like the idea but are looking for something cheaper, this bag from Target is another great option!

18th birthday gifts for him

"The perfect travel bag for guys. My husband has used this bag for every trip ever since I bought it for him!"

You probably couldn't name a single guy that will say no a good pizza! This pizza tools crate is a cool and unique gift that no man is going to turn down.

cooking gifts for him

"This whole 'Man Crate' idea is revolutionary - a male version of the gift basket. I gave the pizza grilling crate to my son for his birthday. He absolutely loved it."

Whether you live far away from your dad or are in a long-distance relationship with your boyfriend, this long-distance touch bracelet is a super sweet and sentimental gift for him. With just a tap you can let him know you're thinking about him.

best 30th birthday gifts for him

"Such a unique and sentimental gift! Perfect to keep my husband and I in touch throughout the day"

This custom gift can be used by any guy to protect his glasses or sunglasses. There really isn’t a guy out there who won’t love this personalized and functional gift.

50th birthday gifts for him

"My hubby has been wanting one for a while so I got it for his birthday. The quality is great! I just know he’s going to love it."

I’ll admit, my boyfriend and I had been calling this a “doc” kit instead of a “Dopp” kit for years. While I might not have known its real name, one thing I was sure of was that my boyfriend used it on every trip we went on.

Not only is this a practical birthday gift for him, but it can be customized with his initials to add a personal touch!

birthday gifts for him 50th

"Got this as a gift for my boyfriend and he loves it! Will likely buy another one for my dad for Christmas!"

Give your dad, boyfriend, brother, or any guy you're looking to buy for the ultimate gift of comfort for their birthday. You seriously can’t go wrong with a pair of comfy joggers!

H&M and Nike sweatpants have been my go-to gift for guys when I’m out of ideas and they love getting them every time. 

birthday gifts for men

"Great quality sweatpants and super reasonably priced! My boyfriend wears these 24/7."

Pretty much every guy is into some kind of sports so you can’t go wrong with buying him new sports apparel from his favorite team!

The company ‘47 Brand has a TON of trendy sports apparel from every team you could think of. This is a great gift alternative to normal jerseys if he has a ton of those already.

birthday gift ideas for men

"This was the perfect gift for my football loving Dad! He wears it constantly and always talks about how comfy it is."

This glass from Corkcicle is the perfect gift for any guy that enjoys a cigar with his whiskey every once in a while (or all the time… we don’t judge). 😜

luxury 21st birthday gifts for him

"QUALITY! in a word! Such nice glass, and a very nice gift!"

Most guys have likely been using the same beat-up phone case for years so it’s time for an upgrade. 

This leather phone case gives protection as well as an easy way to carry around his most used cards. He will never have to search for his lost cards again with this birthday gift!

mens birthday gift ideas

"Got this as a gift for my husband! He usually likes to change his case every few months but won't take this one off."

The “Men’s Tech Folio” from Mark & Graham is such a great gift for men traveling to and from work every day or even a college student walking around campus! It’s big enough to neatly organize all his things but small enough to grab on the go.

unique birthday gift ideas for guys

"This made such a great gift for my brother. Super high quality and the perfect size for all his work essentials!"

If he doesn’t have Airpods already then that's a great birthday gift for him on its own! But if he does, gifting him an AirPods case is the perfect addition! Mark & Graham sells a variety of high-quality, customizable leather cases for him to keep his AirPods in!

birthday gifts for guys

"This was one of my boyfriend's favorite gifts so far! Super sleek and stylish and love how it can be personalized!"

A flask is a go-to birthday gift idea but this personalized leather-wrapped flask will really step up your gift-giving game.

He is absolutely guaranteed to love this custom gift!

birthday gift ideas for boy

"This is a great, easy gift idea for men that you have a hard time shopping for!"

Sentimental gifts are sometimes the best way to go when buying gifts for guys. But when you look up “sentimental gifts for men” some of them are SO cheesy especially when searching for gifts for boyfriends. Here is a customized sentimental gift to give him that he won’t secretly be embarrassed to use. 

This leather keychain comes personalized with his initials as well as a photo of your choice inside so he has a sweet reminder of the two of you without having to flash “I have a girlfriend” around at all times. 

guys birthday gifts

"I ordered 3 of these keychains for my husband, dad, and father in law. They came out beautifully and were some of the best gifts I think I’ve ever given."

Here’s a gift for all the adventure-seeking guys in your life!

While he hopefully never has to actually use it, this kit contains all the essentials needed to survive when camping, hiking, or traveling. 

birthday gifts guys

"A great way to include so many of the safety essentials without bulk. Great birthday gift for my husband!"

You can’t go wrong by gifting him with a comfy robe for his birthday. This velour-lined robe from Banana Republic is so comfy he’ll feel like he's at a spa even while just at home.

clothing birthday gifts for him

"My husband loved this robe as a gift! Super soft, comfortable, and fits him perfectly!"

This set is perfect for any whiskey-loving guy and even comes with a small Yeti! It’s pretty much the perfect combination and is definitely worth considering when shopping for birthday gifts for him!

birthday gifts for boy

"The perfect gift for any whiskey drinker in your life!"

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