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Looking for the best graduation gifts for her? Here are my absolute favorite graduation gifts for her Amazon sells.

graduation gifts for her amazon

We all know Amazon sells everything under the sun so of course you can buy some amazing, trendy graduation gifts for her from Amazon as well!

Picking out a graduation gift for a girl is never an easy task. We know... we are picky... But, there are some super cute things on Amazon that we love, you just have to know what to buy! 

Luckily, I am a college student so I can tell you first hand what is trendy right now and exactly what gifts to get any high school or college graduation for her big day.

This post is all about graduation gifts for her Amazon sells.


1. Lululemon Duffel Bag

Lululemon is a girl’s best friend so anything you buy as a graduation gift from there is guaranteed to be a hit. This Lululemon duffle bag is the perfect weekend bag for when she travels home, when she is packing for college, or even to use as a gym bag. This gift is one that she will 100% be excited to open.

2. Champion Cropped Hoodie

You can seriously never go wrong with buying hoodies as gifts for girls. We can never get enough! This Champion cropped hoodie is really popular right now and a ton of girls wear them around campus. Buy this cute cropped sweatshirt for her off Amazon this year as a gift she will wear all the time.

3. Candle Sets

Candles are a girl’s best friend because lets' be honest... who doesn't love a good smelling room? Cute candles like these are a perfect gift for a girl living in an apartment after high school. If she is planning on living in a dorm, you can always buy a wax warmer or other dorm-safe good smelling products.

4. Disposable Cameras

Disposable cameras have come back in trend the past couple of years and for good reason! My friends and I loved bringing a disposable camera with us during our nights out and printing the photos the next morning. Definitely consider buying this trendy graduation gift for her this year!

5. Initial Necklace

Both of these personalized jewelry pieces are insanely popular right now so I can promise any high school graduating girl will be so excited to open her gift to one of these. They are both so cute but super reasonably priced!

6. Polaroid Pocket Printer

How cool is this polaroid pocket printer?! This allows you to print photos from anywhere just with your phone. Girls love taking photos but going to a store to print them out is a hassle. This will cut that task out completely so she can print her photos out minutes after taking them.

7. Gold Jewelry Organizer

Whether the girl you are buying a graduation present for is staying home, moving into a dorm, or moving into an apartment, a gold jewelry organizer is a fool proof gift she will love. I had one of these in my freshman dorm and absolutely loved how easy it was to organize my jewelry with. Plus, it just looked super cute in my dorm room!

8. Travel Jewelry Box

We all know the frustration of traveling with jewelry and finding it all tangled up when we reach our destination. This super cute portable jewelry box from Amazon fixes this problem!

Since she will most likely be traveling back and forth from home and school, she will need a jewelry box to keep all her belongings organized and safe. This is the perfect one for her that you can easily buy off Amazon.

9. Slip Sleep Mask

Sleeping in a dorm can be really hard especially if she is living with a roommate. Sleep masks are a great gift all around for recent high school graduates but this silk sleep mask is the best one out there. Any girl will recognize this brand and instanly be so excited!

10. Smart Reusable Notebook

This is hands down one of the coolest graduation gifts for her Amazon sells that I totally wish I had in college. It is basically a reusable notebook that you can scan your notes right onto your phone or computer. After you have your notes scanned, wipe the pages off with the cloth that comes with the notebook and use it again!

This is a super cool high school graduation gift for her that she will use again and again in college. 


11. Gold Cooking Set

Now that your graduate has moved out of her college apartment and into her new place, she will need all the new cooking utensils she can get! If you do plan on getting her new cooking supplies, these gold and white pieces are a stunning option. 

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my gold items so you bet I fell in love with these especially when I saw the price! Who knew you could buy such a great graduation gift for her on Amazon?

12. Card Games

Girls’ nights are instantly made more fun with party games! Now that she is graduated, she will have her own apartment or house to host all her girlfriends at. These are both party games that are super popular among college-aged girls. She will be so excited to pull these out and play with her friends during a night in.

13. Wine Tumblers

Since you are buying for a college graduate, it is a great idea to buy them alcohol-related gifts! These wine tumblers are mine and my mom’s absolute favorite. We take them to the pool all the time and they keep our wine cool for hours on end.

This set from Amazon comes in a pack of 6 so she and her friends can all use them on pool days or nights on the deck. You can’t go wrong with this graduation gift for her!

14. Work Bag

There are obviously a ton of bags you can buy on Amazon and other stores but if you are buying for a graduating girl in 2021 you want to keep it simple. This plain black bag is a super classy work bag option for her but is also fairly inexpensive (which is a bonus for you!). You can’t go wrong buying a nice and simple work bag for college graduates.

15. Marble Jewelry Tray

How stunning is this jewelry tray from Amazon? I recently found this and totally wanted to buy it just for myself. So that being said, I can guarantee any girl graduating this year will fall in love with it too! These trays are great to keep in bathrooms as a “catch-all” tray or even just part of the decor. I know she will absolutely fall in love with this graduation gift!

16. Cheese Board

If the girl you are buying a graduation gift for loves to host events with her friends at her place, a cheese board is a great gift she will love. You can either have it personalized or simply buy a cute one like this. There are hundreds of cheese boards and serving trays on Amazon but this one is one of the best for trendy girls.

17. Luggage

Now that she is graduated from college, she will probably be doing a lot more traveling whether it is for a leisurely vacation or for work. Buying her cute, new luggage is a great graduation gift idea that she will actually use.

18. Amazon Echo Dot

Echo devices are everyone’s new best friend when it comes to shopping, listening to music, and reminders. They are super helpful to have around to easily look up recipes, play music, text family, and so much more with just a “Hey Alexa…” This is 100% a top-rated gift for all recent graduating girls.

19. iPad Air

Did you know you can buy Apple products off of Amazon?! Instead of waiting in the long lines at Best Buy or the Apple store, buy an iPad as a graduation gift for her right on Amazon. This is the newest iPad Air and it is perfect for shopping, note-taking, and so much more.


20. Personalized Ring Dish

Ring dishes are an all around perfect graduation gift for her. There are tons of cute options you can buy on Amazon but if you want a personalized ring dish this is the best one out there! 

21. Coordinate Bracelets

Personalized coordinate jewelry is a super popular jewelry option to give graduates as a sentimental gift. Add the coordinates of her home town, college, or high school. This classy jewelry piece will mean so much to her that she will want to wear it at all times.

22. Personalized Insulated Water Bottle

Insulated water bottles are pretty much the only thing girls use now to keep their drinks cold. You can find a ton of cute customizable water bottles on Amazon and add her name to it. These are a great graduation gift for her that she will guaranteed to use all the time.

23. Homesick Candle

I love these Homesick candles. Their aesthetic is so cute but you can also pick what the candle says - they have a ton of options ranging from specific cities to states. This is a super simple graduation gift idea but something that will your remind your grad of you every time they light it. 

24. Personalized Stationary Set

Most graduates will be receiving a ton of gradation gifts for their achievement so they will most likely be sending out thank you notes! Customized stationary is a cute and personalized graduation gift that you can find in a ton of cute patterns and designs. She will most definitely love sending her thank you notes out on her new customized stationary.

25. Dainty Heart Necklace

For the most part, bulky jewelry is out and dainty pieces are super in. If you want to buy a piece of jewelry for a recent graduate, dainty jewelry like this initial heart necklace is perfect. Plus, it is less than $15 dollars on Amazon which is a great price for a super cute necklace like this one.

26. Personalized Throw Blanket

Girls can never have too many throw blankets so of course a personalized throw blanket is perfect for any graduation gift! This blanket from Amazon has great reviews and is a super cute neutral color that will go with any room. I can guarantee you won't go wrong buying a personalized blanket as a graduation gift for her special day!

27. Skylight Digital  Picture Frame

You can always give graduate a picture frame with their favorite photos of family and friends and that is totally a great sentimental gift! But you know what is better? Digital picture frames... This picture frame is about as personalized as it gets! Once you have the frame, friends and family can all download an app to send photos too. Those photos will ten come right to the frame! 

This is such a fun and cool way to display pictures that all your friends and family can add to!

This post was all about graduation gifts for her.

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