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Searching for the best Christmas gifts for college girl 2022? These super popular gift ideas are being asked for by every college girl this year.

christmas gifts for college girl 2021

Looking for the perfect gift to buy your college-aged girl this year? Whether it’s your daughter, sister, girlfriend, granddaughter, or niece, shopping for a college-aged girl can be difficult especially if you don’t “keep up with the trends”. Trust me, I know we’re picky.

But, as a junior in college, I am here to tell you firsthand what college girls actually want for Christmas this year. These gift ideas are either on my Christmas list this year or were recommended by multiple of my college girl friends so you can guarantee they are on-trend! 

From the most asked for clothing items to popular gifts to buy in 2022 that you may not have even thought of, these 31 Christmas gifts are undoubtedly the best gifts to buy for any college-aged girl this year.

This post is all about the most popular Christmas gifts for college girl 2022

christmas gifts for college girl 2021 collage


Best Overall:  Lululemon Align Tank

"I finally got my hands on this tank top and I haven’t stopped wearing it since. SO comfortable and really flattering."

Best Under $25:  Gold Hoops

"These earrings have turned into my everyday jewelry and they haven't tarnished even with all the wear!"

Best Value:  Grande Lash Gift Set

"After a month of using this eyelash serum, I can see a noticeable difference in my eyelashes. I get compliments ALL the time now!"

Most Popular: Ugg Slippers

"I mean how can you not love these slippers!? I wear these 24/7."

Best Custom Gift: Personalized Makeup Bag

"Found this bag on TikTok when I was looking for popular Christmas gifts for college girl 2022 and knew my daughter would love it. Looks just as cute in person!"

Best For School: iPad Air

"I seriously couldn't imagine doing school without my iPad. This allows me to keep everything in one place and take cute and organized notes!"

Most Unique: Customized College Clear Bag

"I was looking for a bag to take to football games and found this stylish custom bag. Functions perfectly as needed but still looks super cute!"


1. AirPods Case

Pretty much every college girl has a pair of AirPods to listen to music to while walking to class, working out, or studying (if they don’t this is a full-proof gift as well).

So to go along with her Airpods, an amazing gift idea is a case for them! Anthropologie has some of the cutest AirPods cases that all my friends and I are obsessed with right now but a ton of other stores such as Amazon, Casetify, and Target sell cases in trendy patterns as well. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with neutral, pastel, or girly patterned prints when picking out a case to give her as a gift!

2. Lululemon Define Jacket

christmas gift for college girls

Buying a college-aged girl anything from Lululemon is a safe bet. We seriously can’t get enough. Lululemon clothing is perfect for working out in, lounging around, or walking to class. Lululemon leggings are an amazing gift idea but if she already has a good amount of those, this jacket is another super popular clothing item. Seriously, college girls wear these religiously. Not only is Lululemon known for their super comfy and durable clothing, but the brand in itself is enough to make this gift one she will be insanely excited to receive.

3. Trendy Sports Apparel

Buying a Christmas gift for college girls? What is more fitting than new college apparel?

You can always guarantee she can use more clothing to support her college team. Etsy and ‘47 Brand are two places you can find a ton of new and trendy college apparel that would make the perfect gift for her this Christmas.

4. Gold Hoops

Jewelry trends are always changing so it can be hard to pick out something you know she will love and actually wear. I have to admit, I have been given jewelry as a gift from distant family members before that in all reality I just wouldn’t wear. While the thought is much appreciated, I always feel bad when they spend money on a gift for me just for me to store it in the back of my jewelry box.

 With these earrings from Amazon, you can guarantee that she won’t secretly be stashing them away to collect dust. I have these hoops myself and I wear them all the time. Plus, they are inexpensive but don’t tarnish!

5. She's Birdie Personal Safety Alarm

The sad truth is that girls have to be extremely careful while walking alone especially on a college campus. While everyone hopes to stay out of a dangerous situation in college you just never know when something could happen. Pepper spray is a girl’s go-to defense product but this item will make her feel even safer. If threatened, this alarm will activate a flashing strobe-light to distract and a piercing alarm to alert others. Safety is a priority in college and this product will make both you and her feel much safer at school.

6. Hydrojug

gifts for college students girl

You really can’t go wrong with giving a new water bottle as a gift. These durable Hydrojug water bottles will provide her with plenty of cold water that will last her all day on campus.

Hydroflasks and Yeti are a couple of other water bottle brands that make great gifts for college girls as well.

7. Haute Shore Neoprene Bag

Neoprene bags have been all the rave in 2022 and Haute Shore is one of the most popular brands in this category. These bags are super lightweight, easy to clean, and super cute, which checks all the boxes when it comes to buying a good bag as a gift for college girls. 

We are always in need of a bag for school, weekend trips, and shopping runs so a new bag is guaranteed to be a well-used gift.

8. Brümate

At most colleges you aren’t allowed to carry an open can even at off-campus housing. The Brümate not only covers your alcoholic beverages with a super cute pattern but more importantly keeps your drinks cold down to the very last drop which is perfect for days at the pool.

After many long and hot game days, I can tell you first hand a warm Truly Seltzer is anything but enjoyable. This gift will make sure she never has to drink a warm beverage again!

9. Dual Travel Organizer

The best part about college is that you have the time and freedom to travel! Whether it’s going home for the weekend or visiting friends at other colleges a travel bag to organize jewelry with will make your life a lot easier. I mean you can’t travel anywhere without all your cutest accessories, right?!

Mark & Graham sells all kinds of cute, functional, and durable travel bags that will make packing and traveling much easier. This dual travel organizer has two separate compartments including one large pocket for general toiletries and another for organizing necklaces, rings, and earrings and prevent them from getting lost or tangled.

10. USB Tassel Keychain

useful gifts for college girl

With how attached us girls are to our phones (yep, I admit it) the worst thing ever is having your phone die during a night out. While portable chargers have been available for a while, the usual ones are kind of a pain to try and fit in your purse. This USB tassel keychain is a cute and discrete alternative to a bulky portable charger that fits right on your keychain!

11. Custom Clear Bag

A clear bag was one thing I had no clue I needed until I got to college. If the girl you are buying for is headed off to college this year she will be super grateful to have received this as a gift! Clear bags are trendy right now but they are necessary for college game days. Most stadiums won’t allow bags larger than a small clutch if it isn’t see-through and we all know girls need to carry around more than that on game days. There are a ton of different Etsy sellers that make cute and customized clear bags that she will love using on game days.

If you live in the south check your local boutiques for clear bags as well! College town boutiques usually have a ton of super cute options as well!

12. Cozy Sweatshirts

clothing gifts for college girl

Practically every girl lives in sweatshirts so you can’t go wrong with giving them as Christmas gifts for college girls in 2022. But, just because sweatshirts are cozy doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish as well! Athleta, Lululemon, Adidas, and Champion all sell cute but cozy sweatshirts perfect for those days she wants to be comfortable while still feeling put together.

13. Lash Serum & Mascara Gift Set

makeup gifts for girls

I have been using Grande Lash for years now and I constantly have people asking me if my eyelashes are real. This eyelash serum seriously does wonders.

Most lash serums are upwards of $80 so this one is a steal. The lash serum in itself would make an amazing gift for any girl who loves beauty products but Ulta also sells Grande Lash in this set that comes with a mini mascara as well! The best part? Only $29. Run don’t walk to pick this up for her this Christmas.

14. Mad Happy Clothing

College girls are obsessing over Mad Happy clothing so if you’re looking for on-trend clothing to buy her as a gift this is a guaranteed hit. While this specific brand is extremely popular, any cute, comfortable, and trendy sweats are a full-proof gift for any college student this Christmas.

15. Miss Dior Perfume

stocking stuffer for college girl

Picking out a perfume for someone can be a little difficult but every single girl I know loves the smell of this Miss Dior Perfume. If you want to be sure she likes it before you buy the full thing, you can always ask for a sample at the store with a gift card attached for the full price of a perfume!

16. Sunglasses

Every girl needs that one pair of nice sunglasses to wear all the time. As a college girl myself, I love accessorizing with sunglasses but don’t prioritize spending money on sunglasses so I opt for the cheaper ones. While they still look cute, cheap sunglasses break and scratch easier which is always a bummer. If you really want to excite her this Christmas, buy her a nice pair of sunglasses that she otherwise might not spend money on. Quay, Rayban, and Diff are all super popular sunglasses brands among college girls this year!

17. Smiley Face Embroidered Foam Mesh Back Cap

Hats are always popular gifts among college girls especially since sometimes we just don’t feel like washing or styling our hair for class. And by sometimes, I mean usually. ?

Any brand or style baseball cap will make a great Christmas gift for her but this specific smiley face hat is one she will be impressed you even knew about. While it may come as a surprise, colorful trucker hats are actually super popular this year so if the girl you are buying for keeps up with the trends she will be sure to be absolutely obsessed with this gift.

18. Skims Pajamas

If you haven’t heard of Skims, it is a Kardashian brand that creates the most flattering and comfortable clothing and undergarments. As if a new comfy lounge set isn’t enough, the brand is one that any college girl will be super excited about receiving as a gift. If money is tighter this season no worries. You can still give a gift she will love with a comfy satin set like this one from Amazon!

19. Trendy Colorful Jewelry

I’m usually one to stick with simple gold jewelry but with how cute these colorful rings are I may just be jumping on this trend. Both of these jewelry pieces are super popular right now so you can guarantee this is a gift any fashionista will love.

20. Hand Bags

The Snapshot bag by Marc Jacobs is a top choice when it comes to bags college-aged girls are loving. Like seriously, when I asked my friends what bag they would want most this bag was the answer. This is definitely the best choice if you are willing to spend the money on a bag for her this Christmas! 

If not, totally understandable. I wouldn’t spend this much on myself either. ? Amazon, Target, and Zara all sell less expensive bag alternatives that she will love just as much!

21. Olaplex 4-Step Hair Care Set

Here is a gift every single college girl has on their Christmas list this year. Whether you are trying to rebuild your hair strength after bleaching or even just wanting longer, thicker, and healthier hair, Olaplex is the number 1 hair product. It is recommended by almost every professional hairstylist and loads of girls are loving this product. It seriously does wonders for your hair! Buy this 4-step hair care gift set for any girl this Christmas to give her the hair she’s always dreamed of.

22. Running Shoes

There isn’t a girl out there who can have too many shoes. I mean, we're obsessed. In general, a new pair of shoes will make any girl happy, but tennis shoes are the perfect gift for a college girl to do all her walking to class in! On Running and Adidas are the top two sneaker brands for girls this year.

23. iPad Mini & Apple Pencil

Want to buy her a gift she will be 100% guaranteed to use all the time? Buy her an iPad and Apple Pen. Not only are these great for scrolling through social media or watching a movie, but they are basically the modern way to take notes in class now.

This is the newest iPad and it allows you to take organized, cute, and paperless notes which is perfect for any girl in college. Plus, it is compatible with the Apple Pen which makes taking notes that much easier. My friends all have an iPad and they have talked about how much they love it so much that I have been dying to get one as well. Any college student will get a ton of use out of this gift.

24. Apple AirTag & Key Ring

Apple came out with the AirTag this year and people are obsessed with it! With this, she will be able to attach the AirTag to her keys so that she can easily track them from her phone if they get lost! Not only is this a super useful gift, but it is also an amazing price for an Apple product.

25. Béis Travel Bag

christmas gift ideas for college girls

If you have been following BSL for a while you have undoubtedly heard about this bag. We. Are. Obsessed. Béis is Shay Mitchell’s brand and girls all over (including me obviously) are loving it. This is by far the best travel bag I could recommend to college girls for both work and school. It is made of water-resistant canvas and has a laptop sleeve which makes it the perfect school bag to keep your things safe and dry on rainy walks to class.

26. Puffer Jacket

college girl gifts

Unless you live in an area that is hot year-round you are bound to need a warm puffer jacket. If the girl you are buying for goes to school somewhere that frequently rains or snows a water-resistant jacket is a must-have gift she will appreciate immensely.

27. Personalized Cosmetic Bag

How cute are these personalized cosmetic bags?! I was seeing these all over TikTok for weeks so I was insanely excited to receive one as a gift recently. Stoney Clover is the original company to make these bags but I’ve got to admit, they’re pricey. If you don’t mind paying extra for the name-brand bag then go for it! If it’s a little more expensive than you would like to pay, Etsy has a ton of similar options as well! Either way, this style bag is one of the most popular gifts to buy a college girl in 2022.

28. The Best Gift Cards For College Girls:

A lot of times you may want to buy someone a gift but don’t want to buy the wrong thing or just run out of time to get one. Totally fine. Gift cards are a gift I can promise you no girl is going to complain about. In our heads, it’s basically free money we don’t have to feel bad about spending! Even if you’ve decided you want to buy a gift card for her this year you still may be wondering which store college girls love shopping at. Don’t worry, here are the best places to buy a gift card from when shopping for a college-aged girl:

  • Ulta
  • Sephora
  • Amazon
  • Zara
  • Etsy
  • Shein
  • Lululemon
  • Starbucks
  • Athleta
  • Massage Gift Card
  • Door Dash or Uber Eats
  • H&M
  • Target

29. Ugg Slippers

Ugg slippers are the most popular slippers among college-aged girls right now. A new pair of slippers are always amazing to slip on when walking around the house or fresh out of the shower. But I’ll admit my friends and I totally wear these in public too. These Ugg slippers are cute and super reasonably priced for the brand. 

30. Lululemon Align Tank

clothing gifts for college girl

If you’re looking for the clothing item all girls want this year it’s this one. Girls have even made TikTok videos dedicated to how much they love this specific Lulu top. The Lululemon Align Tank (specifically in this hot pink color) is selling out everywhere with how popular it has become. Definitely try and snag this gift for her and it will make her Christmas!

31. Dainty Earrings

You really can’t go wrong with giving gold jewelry as a gift. These are some of my everyday jewelry favorites that I know any college girl will love just as much as I do.

32. Laptop Case

Being in college means basically living off of your laptop. A college student’s laptop contains basically their entire life so it’s important to keep it safe. A cute new computer case is an amazing Christmas gift idea and Amazon and Casetify have the cutest ones to give this year. I’m currently obsessing over this black faux crocodile skin laptop cover!! 

33. Electronics Charging Hub

christmas gifts for teenage girl 2021

Who else gets super annoyed with all the cords required to keep your technology charged? This gift will solve this issue by combining all those cords into one charging hub. No more tangled cords and dead phones! A charging port is one gift literally any girl with Apple products will actually use and enjoy that makes organizing and charging all of her Apple products super easy.

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