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Looking for the best graduation gifts for him? I've got you covered!

class of 2021 graduation gifts for him

Shopping for boys is SOO hard sometimes. I find myself thinking... what do they even like?!? Lucky for you, I have rounded up some of the best graduation gifts for him that he will 100% use. I have high end gifts like luggage and a TV, and I also have inexpensive gifts like a beanie and 10 ft. phone charger.

All of these ideas would make a great gift. I also gave you some ideas for items you could combine to make a bigger gift at both high and low price points. 

This post is all about graduation gifts for him.


1. Spikeball 

Guys LOVE Spikeball. It has a reputation for being popular among college boys, so it is perfect for boys graduating high school and going off to college. 

If you don't know what it is, it's a game where you spike the ball onto this little net to get it out of reach of the other team. Why are boys so obsessed with it? I don't know, but go to any college campus and you will see LOTS of Spikeball. 

2. Bluetooth Speaker

JBL bluetooth speakers are the perfect gift. This small, compact speaker is waterproof, has really good sound quality AND it's pretty inexpensive compared to other bluetooth speakers. 

3. Quality Luggage 

graduation gift ideas for son

When going off to college, you will be traveling back and forth for holidays and weekend trips. You're going to want some nice luggage that will last! 

While it is pricey, Away makes some of the best luggage currently on the market. It is known for its sleek look and thoughtful compartments for packing efficiently. A gift like this will last him forever. 

4. Yeti Water Bottle 

A nice water bottle is also a college staple, making it a perfect graduation gift. A water bottle like this is super easy to throw into a backpack when going from class to class, or to take with you on day trips and adventures. 

5. Phone Case

Graduation is all about moving on from high school and entering adulthood. A sophisticated, leather phone case will make him feel grown up and put together. 

I also really like this particular case because of the card holder in the back. In college you have to have your student ID on you 24/7, so having it in the back of your phone case is perfect!! 

6. Air Pods Pro

Air Pods are another college staple. If you're a good roommate, you need headphones for the videos and facetime calls you're on so you don't annoy your roommate. These Air Pods are also super good for working out! 

7. Air Pods Case

If he already has Air Pods, a really good gift is a quality Air Pods case that he can clip onto his keys or backpack. This leather case would go really well with the leather phone case too!

8. Herschel Backpack

A nice backpack is another really good graduation gift because you know he will actually use it. In college, when walking from class to class, he's going to want a good looking backpack to carry all of his stuff. 

I think the design of this backpack is very universal and would appeal to any boy. It is also really nice quality and will last a long time!! 

9. LED Lights

LED lights are every guy's favorite way to decorate. I promise if you don't buy these for him, he will buy them on his own. 

When you walk past a dorm building at night, every window is lit up a different color because college students can't get enough of these LED lights. 

10. Amazon Alexa 

Okay - you may be thinking "uhh, that's what I got my mom for Christmas...". I know, it doesn't seem like the typical gift for a teenage boy. But, in a dorm room it's so fun to have an Alexa. You can play music, check the weather, etc.. 

11. Lululemon Shorts

last minute graduation gifts for him

Looking to gift him something nice that he probably wouldn't splurge on himself? This is the perfect gift. Lululemon is SOO expensive, but the quality is amazing and I guarantee you he will wear these all the time. 

12. Gaming Headset

This was one of the highest rated graduation gifts for boys. If you're shopping for a gamer, this is a great gift!! 

13. Homesick Candle

You wouldn't think to get a guy a candle, but I actually think this is super sweet and the design is somewhat masculine. How sweet would this be to take to college, especially if you're traveling out of state?

They also make them with the names of major cities ?.

14. Keurig Coffee Maker

Another college staple. Everyone needs a Keurig and this single cup brewer was basically invented for a dorm room. 

If he's a coffee lover, 100% buy this. If you don't he will buy it himself! 

15. Cards Against Humanity 

Nothing like a naughty game to play at college. This would definitely be a fun gift to give, but if you don't know what it is, maybe look it up first ?. 

16. Apple Watch

An Apple Watch is a super nice gift. It's something a lot of people are on the fence about buying for themselves, so getting it as a gift is amazinggg. 

I absolutely love my Apple Watch, especially for working out!! 

17. A Nice Watch

A nice watch is also a super good gift. Like I said before, graduating high school is a transition into adulthood, there's nothing better to symbolize that than a quality, trendy watch. 

18. Dopp Kit Toiletry Bag 

This is another super nice gift for a boy going off to college. When traveling, having a nice dopp kit to keep all of your toiletry items together is essential.

It looks like something super expensive from some quality leather store, not Amazon!! 

19. Birchbox Subscription

personalized graduation gifts for him

Who knew they made a mens Birchbox subscription? This would be SOO nice for a guy in college. And every time they get it in the mail they will think of you ?. 

20. Tool Kit

You would be so surprised at how many times this will come in handy in college. He will probably hold onto this forever. I love how compact it is and how many tools come in it. 

21. Nintendo Switch

I can't tell you why, but literally every guy wants one of these. They are pretty fun for a dorm room because of how small and compact they are. 

You can even throw it in your backpack and play games with friends around campus. 

22. Roku TV

Most dorm rooms don't have TVs, let alone cable. If he's planning on bringing a TV to college, this is the one! It has all the apps you need to stream Netflix, Disney +, Hulu, etc.

23. Portable Hammock

This is such a good, unique gift! I think it's so cool because you can pack it up into a small bag and it could easily fit in a backpack. 

This is a really good gift for the adventurous guy. 

24. Multiplug Extender

I feel like guys always have 100 gadgets and chargers plugged in. This is literally the perfect option for a dorm room and it would pair really well with the charger I have below as a gift. 

25. 10 ft. Phone Charger

I can't express this enough, but you NEED a long charger in college dorm rooms. You have no idea where the outlets are and if they will reach your bed. 

This would be such a cute gift as a part of a big basket of "college essentials". 

26. Carhartt Beanie

Super trendy and a perfect basic. These beanies are super popular among young guys it would be such a nice gift to receive. 

27. Northface Hoodie

Another classic that you really can't go wrong with. A North Face hoodie is super simple and great quality. Whether he's a high school grad or a college grad, he will appreciate a nice sweatshirt like this.

28. Herschel Duffel Bag

Here is another really good travel gift. This would be awesome paired with the Herschel backpack that has the same black and leather look. 

A duffel bag is much cheaper than the Away Suitcase, so if you're looking to gift travel gear, this could be the gift for you!! 

29. Nice Sunglasses 

This is a super nice gift that he would really appreciate. Having a nice pair of sunglasses is another "adult" thing that will make him feel put together as he starts a new chapter. 

30. Blanket

I feel like you never think to give a guy a blanket as a gift (only girls right?), but I gave a blanket to one of my guy friends one time as a super last minute gift, and he LOVED it. 

He has literally brought up this blanket so many times, so it's definitely "guy approved". 

31. Custom License Plate Sign

Okay this is super cool. There's nothing like a personalized gift, and I feel like this is something a guy would think is AMAZING decor HA. He honestly would probably keep it forever, it is pretty cool. 

This post was all about graduation gifts for him. 

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