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Looking for the best dorm room decor of this year? Here are all of the decor pieces that were spotted in all of the hottest dorm rooms this year!

Best Dorm Room Decor Of This Year

All of the new freshmen just moved into their dorm rooms, and the sophomores moved out of their dorm rooms and into their college apartments.

This year has been quite the year for dorm room decor! We have seen the viral TikTok decor trends come and go, the trending style switch from minimalistic boho to super colorful and bold, and we have continued to find the trendiest decor pieces on (aka my best friend). 

All of this to say, the dorm rooms we saw this year were seriously next level. To see all of these insanely trendy dorm rooms, click here, if you want to see all of the decor pieces you need to create your own trendy dorm room, this is the post for you! 

This post is all about the best dorm room decor of this year.




Wall prints are crucial in dorm rooms because there is so much empty wall space that it looks so blank and sad. The best part about getting prints is that they are inexpensive, and you can customize them to match whatever style you are going for!

1. Smiling Faces Pattern Art Print

I am literally obsessed with this smiley face print. You could make this look SO cute in a dorm room. The colors are fun, warm, and bright, which are perfect to warm up your dorm room that can be somewhat bleak when you get there!

dorm room essentials

"My print arrived in excellent conditions. The paper is really nice and the color quality is very pretty!!"

2. Working On My Aura, SZA Love Galore Poster

These aura prints have been everywhere lately and they are SO cute! Bright colors are always the best for dorm rooms because they make the space more welcoming! Love the SZA quote on this poster, so cute.

single dorm room ideas

"First time ordering, and Omg it’s so perfect"

3. Large Baby Pink Retro Flowers

This print has been absolutely everywhere this year. If you want the trendiest wall print, this is the one! I love wall prints because you can get ones that are super trendy and you don't have to worry about replacing them when they're no longer in style and you have a new trend to keep up with!

cool dorm room ideas

"Amazing and pretty! LOVE IT! ~Lisa"



Let me be honest, I have a little bit of a throw pillow problem. When I moved into my dorm room, I bought way too many. The key is, just have a couple of really bold, fun pillows, that make a statement. Here are some of the trendiest throw pillows that we have seen in all of the cutest dorm rooms this year! 

4. Tufted Mini Throw Pillows

These mini-throw pillows from Urban Outfitters are SO dang cute. They have all of these cute designs that will match perfectly with another colorful pillow. They're also mini, so they are perfect for a dorm room (because let's be honest, everything is mini in dorm rooms).

beautiful dorm rooms

"I LOVE IT!!! it’s actually so soft too i wasn’t expecting it to be so soft and i love the size of it. it looks so good in my room."

5. Swirls 70s Aesthetic Throw Pillow

Literally obsessed with this look. Hannah, one of our BSL content creators, has one of these swirly pillows in her college apartment and it is too good. Such a score from Amazon! 

"Just like the picture! Comes stuffed! Love it!"

6. Pink and Orange Checkered Swirl Pattern Throw Pillow

Now, this is the epitome of trendy for this year. Checkerboard made a surprising comeback this year, and it's taken a unique twist by often being distorted and swirled. The colors of this pillow are perfect for a dorm room!



Dorm rooms simply need a rug! Let me just tell you, the carpeting or hard flooring in a dorm room is just not it. If you really want to make your room homey and comfortable, you need a rug! 

7. Zebra Print Shag Area Rug

If we have seen one surprising trend this year, it's zebra print coming back! Once again, this is another thing that Hannah has in her college apartment and it is so trendy and fun!

"This is a beautiful runner. It is made well, it lays flat very soon after laying the rug down, and it is thick. The color is very vibrant and is definitely eye-catching. I love it.."

8. El Paso Collection Rug

This type of bright, bold colorful rug can be seen in a ton of the trendiest dorm rooms of this year. I love when girls style this type of rug with white bedding and pops of gold accents throughout the room! 

"contemporary, casual look that is as low-key and exciting as the west coast cities that inspired them"

9. Neva Plush Shag Ivory Area Rug

Are you more of a neutral girl? Something that I have found looking through the trendiest dorm room decor of this year is that white rugs make a room look bright and fresh. If you are going for that clean, calm look, you definitely should get a white rug!!

"This is such a lovely rug it fits perfect I love the color and I love the detail on the side it is absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t be happier especially for the price"



If you really want your room to look finished, it's important to have little accent pieces to fill empty space. All of the best dorm rooms I have seen this year have cute little accent pieces on nightstands and desk shelving. You definitely need to gather up a couple of cute accent pieces to fill your room!

10. Bubble Candle - Cube Soy Wax Candle

These bubble candles just about define trendy this year. I know you are not allowed to burn candles in dorm rooms, but these aren't really meant to be burnt. These bubble candles are so cute and they would look perfect on your dorm nightstand or desk!

"I use these candles for decor, and it fits perfect on my coffee table/credenza. Definitely recommend if you are trying to add texture to your decor!"

11. Gold Peace Hand 9" Tall Home Décor

One of the trendiest dorm rooms (maybe ever) that I have seen this year has this adorable peace sign figurine on a stack of coffee table books on the dresser and it is too cute! This is the perfect gold accent for any dorm room!

"This hand sculpture is perfect for displaying your favorite jewelry and other hand accessories."

12. Polymer Clay Squiggle Photo Frame

Tell me I'm not the only one who has seen these picture frames all over TikTok this year? They are so fun and quirky, and really a statement piece in themselves. How cute would this look on your desk?

dorm room ideas 2021

"love the way this frame looks, it adds the perfect vibe to my shelf!! definitely gonna order more"



Everyone needs a lamp (or two in their dorm room). Your desk needs special lighting besides the horrible artificial white lighting in the dorm rooms. You may also need a lamp on your side table, or on your windowsill (if it's deep enough). My advice: get as much warm lighting as possible because the dorm lighting is never good! 

13. Ansel Glass Table Lamp

This lamp has to be one of the trendiest lamps of this year by far. The all-glass look is so cool and unique, and the warm light would look so good in your dorm room! It comes in other colors too!

the best dorm room decorations

"It’s soooo pretty and slightly bigger than I expected. It’s super cute and definitely worth it!"

14. White and Gold Fabric Shade Table Lamp

This is a great option from Amazon for the simple dorm room! If you want something super basic with a subtle touch of gold, this is the lamp for you!

"I like to offset the fluorescent lighting with what feels like natural light. Fits in the corner of my desk perfectly. Looks cute with the rest of my minimal decor."

15. Dome Collection Accent Lamp Gold  

Obsessed with this lamp!! If you want a gold accent that is a little bolder, this is the perfect lamp for you! It's bold, it's simple, and it's the perfect decor piece.

dorm room ideas

"Cutest. I love the size of this lamp - smaller but still substantial. I am extremely happy with my purchase."



Something that you're going to need in a dorm room is a storage ottoman/stool to get up on your lifted bed. It's both functional and cute! You need it to get up on your bed, you can store stuff inside of it, anddd they look pretty! Here are a couple of options that are super trendy and have been spotted in all of the hottest dorm rooms this year! 

16. Pleated Velvet Ottoman with Brass Base Blush Pink

This is one of my favorite storage ottomans on this list! The pleated details and gold band look so expensive! Those details are what take this storage ottoman from being a basic, plain ottoman, to being a full decor piece!

beautiful dorm room ideas

"Amazing, beautiful, great with any decor! Nice soft velvet material, great easy to open and put away anything. Recommend for anyone, college students!"

17. Velvet Storage Ottoman Foot Rest with Metal Legs

Okay, I see you Amazon! This storage ottoman looks so expensive and luxurious. There is less storage space in this one, but if you're using it more for the step-stool functionality, that doesn't really matter!

"Easy to assemble, great value for the money. Extremely sturdy. Looks GREAT with another item I purchased on Amazon!"

18. Square Storage Ottoman

This is about as basic as it gets for storage ottomans, but it's definitely a good one! This is the perfect option for pretty much every dorm room. It's simple and it works!

dorm room ideas girl

"I love it. Very simple, has a built-in storage, and goes well with my lounge chair. I would definitely recommend it!"

This post was all about the best dorm room decor of this year.

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