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This post is all about cute dorm rooms.

cute dorm room ideas

We ALL want to have the best dorm room when we go off to college. Good thing there are so many cute dorm rooms to take inspiration from! 

There are so many different themes and vibes you can go with when planning out your dorm room. Here are a ton of super cute dorm room ideas that we are loving right now. 

This post is all about cute dorm rooms.

Insanely Cute Dorm Rooms:

1. Dorms with Wall Tapestries 

Copy This Dorm Room:

Wall tapestries are such a trend in cute dorm rooms.

There are so many options, and especially affordable options on Amazon, that there is a wall tapestry for any theme! And they're so great as a giant decoration piece that's easy and fun.

We love dorms with wall tapestries so much that we created a whole post dedicated to them: 50+ Most Popular Cheap Tapestries To Buy This Year.

2. Dorms with Wooden Headboards

Copy This Dorm Room:

Headboards are just an essential to a dorm room, and the right one can make your dorm look 10x better. 

That's why we're obsessing over dorms with wooden headboards. They can go with any kind of dorm room theme: rustic, chic, sophisticated, etc. And they really add something unique to the room! 

3. Dorms with Matching Bedding

Copy This Dorm Room:

The tip to being aesthetically pleasing is to combine similar things in a very strategic layout. That's why all the dorm rooms we love right now have matching bedding, or at least bedding that is super similar. 

Matching bedding makes your dorm room look very organized and put together. And if you're worried that it won't let your individual personality show, add some other fun pieces or blankets throughout the room to do that! 

4. Ones with Monograms Over the Bed

Copy This Dorm Room:

A lot of people just have their headboard and then no other decorations on the walls. And honestly, sometimes that can make the dorm room a little bare. That's why we love this idea of monograms over the bed! 

5. Dorms With A Lap Desk

Copy This Dorm Room:

Ok honestly, the vibes in this dorm room are incredible! 

If you're one of the lucky ones that can manage to do homework in bed and NOT fall asleep... what's your secret? Lol jk. but if you like doing work in bed, a SUPER cozy lap desk is definitely something to grab for your dorm. 

And be sure to leave it on your bed when you make it up because it's such a cute decor piece! 

6. Dorms with Blankets at the End of the Bed

One unfortunate thing about dorm rooms is that you can't control the temperature in most of them. That means that sometimes it can get pretty cold. 

We love dorm rooms that have blankets at the end of the beds because it adds such a fun look and we know it also comes in handy when you're cold at night or when you want to be covered but don't want to get fully under the covers.

7. Dorms with Lots of Pillows!

Copy This Dorm Room:

If I had to recommend one decoration in a dorm room, you have to have pillows! 

Honestly, I probably went way overboard with pillows my freshman year, but I have no regrets because I have reused them in my apartments since. 

They make your room look and feel cozy and very homey, which is a great vibe to come home to after a long day of class. 

8. Ones with Lofted Beds and Cozy Underneaths

Copy This Dorm Room:

Lofted beds are such a lifesaver in dorms.

But a lot of times people struggle with decorating that underneath space. That's why I'm obsessing over this dorm room: it decorates that space in such a unique and pretty way! 

By putting your futon under the bed and stringing lights, you create a little nook that's perfect for reading and studying or just chilling and watching Netflix.

9. Dorms with A Coffee Bar

Copy This Dorm Room:

Coffee is a must in an functioning college students dorm. I'm not kidding! That's why we're obsessing over the dorm rooms that make a coffee bar. 

It's genius, and another perfect example of making what's essential into a decoration as well. 

10. Dorms with Multi Functioning Desks

Copy This Dorm Room:

I love the look of a vanity mirror in general, but in dorm room? There's just something about it that sends such a glam yet efficient vibe that I just had to share! 

11. Dorms with Desk Hutches

Copy This Dorm Room:

Desk hutches are such a smart idea in general because they create extra storage that is SO needed in the dorms. 

But that space can also be decorated in very aesthetically pleasing ways. I'm in love with this desk hutch arrangement because there's a mirror, cork board and necklaces hanging and really took their hutch to the next level.

12. Ones with Futons and Coffee Tables

Copy This Dorm Room:

Not only am I obsessed with all the neutral tones in this dorm room, but I'm also obsessed with how there is a coffee table/ottoman in front of the futon. Like how GENIUS is that? 

This combo looks very modern, homey, and put together. Plus, gives a nice space to rest your feet while your study or watch TV and store things inside. 

13. Ones with String Lights

Copy This Dorm Room:

There is just something about the feeling that string lights give off. 

They provide a soft light option in the dorm room as well as make the entire area a lot cuter. Hang them all around your room or just in one area for a super cute dorm decoration! 

14. Dorms with One Bed Lofted, and One Not

Copy This Dorm Room:

I just love everything about this dorm room to be entirely honest with you. But I think what makes the dorm room is that there is one lofted bed and one not lofted bed! 

I just think that this idea is very unique because I honestly have only ever seen like 3 other dorm rooms like this. It gives you a lot of room but also keeps everything within a cozy feel. Definitely a dorm layout option worth considering! 

15. Dorms with Bold Tapestries

Copy This Dorm Room:

I am HERE for the bold tapestries in the dorm room.

Bye bye prison walls, hello palm trees! I highly suggest looking into bold tapestries because it's a trend everyone is obsessing over right now. 

16. Dorms That Look Clean and Crisp

Copy This Dorm Room:

The organization of the entire room really contribute to the clean and chic look. And while it does look super clean and crisp, it also looks homey and I am jealous of the balance. 

But pro tip: if you want a clean looking dorm, go with whites and neutrals, that color scheme is the easiest to pull off a clean vibe with! 

17. Ones with Boho Vibes

The boho vibes just scream happy and chill in this dorm, and I am so here for it. 

I often hear that people don't know how to achieve a boho style in their dorms. I suggest getting a neutral comforter and decorate around it with fun, patterned pillows. Adding fake greenery is always a great way to achieve this cute boho dorm room look as well! 

18. Ones with Lots of Yellow 

Copy This Dorm Room:

Maybe I was wrong in the last one, THIS dorm room just screams happy too!

Honestly a lot of yellow can usually be very overpowering, but I think the fact that there are different shades of it and that none of it is super close together really makes this dorm room worth obsessing over. 

dorm room essentials
19. Dorms with Gallery Walls 

Copy This Dorm Room:

Gallery walls are a great way to show your personality through your dorm room. Photos, paintings, quotes, neon signs just get anything hangable you like and have fun arranging them in a way that makes you happy! 

That's what's worth obsessing over: the dorms where you can just tell that those living in them are having so much fun and really enjoying their tiny space. 

20. Dorms with Lots of Photos!

Copy This Dorm Room:

Photos are a cheap and easy way to add a personalized touch to your shoe box of a dorm room. 

Often the cutest dorm rooms are the ones that are the most personalized, hence the ones with the most photos. And with so many ways to incorporate them into your dorm room, you really cant go wrong with lots and lots of photos.

21. Dorms with Ottomans by Your Bed

Copy This Dorm Room:

Ottomans are SO cute! So why not add them to your dorm room? 

They add a special flare that not a lot of dorm rooms have. And they help you get into bed or give you an extra place to sit! 

22. Dorms with Lots of Neutrals

Neutral colors are often thought of as a base, but who says they can't be the entire color scheme of a room. 

No one should be saying that, and this cute dorm room proves why. It keeps everything looking very organized yet cute. And that's a balance we are all trying to achieve! 

23. Ones with Ocean Vibes

Copy This Dorm Room:

This cute dorm room feels like spring break all year long with its blue tones and sea themed accents. I mean, how CUTE is that sea horse hanging on the wall. 

Your dorm room should be your escape from the craziness of college, and this dorm room definitely achieves that. 

24. Ones with Pink and Grey Color Schemes

(source @Instagram)

cute dorm rooms

If someone were to ask me what the greatest color scheme trend is right now, I would immediately answer with grey and pink! 

It's feminine, but not too girly. Its the perfect pair and this cute dorm room totally proves it! 

25. Dorms That are Primarily Black and White 

I love how the majority of everything is black and white, and then there are little hints of pink and gold sprinkled in throughout. It creates contrast and cleanliness in the room, and who doesn't want that?!

26. Ones with Desk Chair Covers

Copy This Dorm Room:

Desk chairs are necessary, but also extremely uncomfortable. But these girls had the right idea when it came to them. They covered them! 

In covering your desk chairs, you're not only adding to the design of the room, but you're making your desk a lot more comfortable to sit at, which means that you'll be more likely to sit there and be productive. Win-win!

27. Dorms that Look Sophisticated and Chic 

Ok I am obsessed with EVERYTHING in this dorm room! Like seriously, can I move in?

It's got a great and unique color scheme of grey and yellow, and is laid out in such a modern way. I can see so many girls copying this dorm room for sure! 

28. Dorms that Optimize Space 

Copy This Dorm Room:

It's no secret that dorm rooms are insanely tiny, but I've found that the best ones are the ones that use their space in a very functional, yet creative way. 

29. Ones with Color AND Design 

I feel like a lot of people feel as though they can have either design or color, but not both. 

This cute dorm room is a great example of how to have both. Stick with designs that have your desired colors in them, and strategically place your more decorative items throughout your space so that no one area is too overpowering! 

30. Ones with Lots of Soft Pink 

Copy This Dorm Room:

This insanely cute dorm is giving us all kinds of good and girly feels! 

The soft pink is such a great trend to incorporate into dorms right now, and this dorm room really accents its color with great lighting to give off a very calm and aesthetically pleasing feel! 

31. Ones with a Minimalistic Feel

Over the top dorm rooms are very much on trend at the moment, but if you're more of a simple gal, dorm rooms with a minimalistic kind of theme can be JUST as cute! 

Get a few decorations and organize them in strategic ways to create a very put together, cute dorm room that doesn't have half the stuff. Plus, you save a ton of space which is a great bonus in a tiny dorm room! 

32. Ones with Window Pane Headboards 

Copy This Dorm Room:

These unique, window pane headboards make this dorm room! 

This cute dorm room has a unique and rustic feel to it because of the headboards and the way that they're almost acid washed and still tie in with the colors of the room has us dying! 

33. Ones that are Coordinated, but Different

We love this dorm room because it's coordinated, but different. There are things that go together well but each person's interests and style shows through and gives their dorm a one-of-a-kind vibe! 

34. Ones with a Grey and White Color Scheme

Copy This Dorm Room:

The grey and white color scheme makes any dorm room super cute because it creates contrast! 

Contrast keeps people's attention, but not because it's overpowering or looks funky. We love it because it is simple, yet effective. 

35. Easy Dorm Wall Decor

Copy This Dorm Room:

I did something super similar in my dorm room freshman year and it was so cheap but made a huge impact!

36. Add a Bed Skirt

Copy This Dorm Room:

37. Dresser Between Beds

Copy This Dorm:

38. Hang Photos with Lights
dorm room diy

(source @ariel.alena)

Copy This Dorm:

39. Large Mirror
dorm room decorations

(source @turnergracee)

Copy This Dorm Room:

This post was all about the cute dorm rooms we're obsessing over.

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