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Looking for the best shower organizers to keep your shower looking clean and organized? Here are the shower organizers people are obsessed with!

shower organizers

Does anyone else really feel like they have their life together after cleaning out your shower and getting your products all organized? Just me? I think showers have a tendency to get neglected in the cleaning/organization world.

Sometimes I look in my shower and realize I have like 4 empty bottles or products that have just been taking up unnecessary space. Another common issue with the shower is the lack of storage space for all of the products. I have regular shampoo and conditioner, purple shampoo and conditioner, shaving cream, body wash, a sugar scrub, face wash, a facial scrub, and more. That tiny little ledge that comes in the shower just isn't going to cut it. 

I have been obsessed with finding a good shower organizer, so I dove deep into Amazon to find the best organizers that people are literally obsessed with. Like, rave reviews. So if there are people this obsessed with a shower organizer, I know it's going to be good. If you're not a die-hard Amazon fan like most everyone else ?, I also included some non-Amazon options that are extremely popular!! 

Buckle up, and get ready to see some amazing shower organizers. Don't add too many to your Amazon cart, because you're going to want to try them all! 

This post is all about shower organizers.


"Very stable! Love the razor holders! They work great and having everything off my shower shelves keeps the whole shower so much cleaner."

1. Black Over-Head Shower Organizer with Hooks

This is such a nice shower caddy!! I love that it has four different compartments where you can store different things. If you are living with roommates this is especially nice because everyone can have their own section. 

There are also six hooks at the bottom which is super nice for hanging loofas, brushes, washcloths, and your razor.

"Love this item so much. It's something totally different and way more stylish than your usual shower caddy! Super easy to install and is sturdy enough to hold a ton of products."

2. Acrylic Shower Organizer with Suction Cups

I recently saw this shower organizer on TikTok and I think it is so cool and unique. The guy that had it on TikTok had really nice shower products and it made them look like they were on some kind of display! The design is super interesting, but it has amazing reviews and is supposed to be super sturdy.

"It's actually irrational how much I love this shower caddy. I LOVE that it doesn't tilt when I lift the heavy bottles out either, it's so sturdy!! The style is so modern and sleek, really classed up our bathroom vibe."

3. Sleek Black Over-Head Shower Organizer With Extra Wide Shelves

If I didn't already have a basic shower caddy in my shower, this is the one I would want!! The design is so sleek and simple. I have a modern(ish) look throughout my entire apartment and this shower organizer really matches that vibe (not that a shower organizer's looks really matter haha).

But, if you have guests using your bathroom and seeing your shower, it's nice to have one that is good-looking.

"It sounds silly, but this shower caddy met all of my expectations and is really wonderful. There are four sturdy shelves that are easily adjustable, and lots of ways to hang things"

4. Four-Tier Tension Pole Shower Organizer With Adjustable Shelves 

I know this may not be the prettiest thing in the world, but it really does hold your sh** together. You will not have anything falling off the wall or swinging from your shower head.

These tension pole shower organizers are super nice because they have so much storage space. An organizer like this would come in handy when living with roommates!  

over the door shower caddy

"The suction cups that came with it were no use but overall it hangs and it works! I slide my rags through the side of it."

5. Female Form Gold Shower Caddy

Okay, this may not hold a ton, but it is so freaking cute. If you only have a couple of shower products and want something that looks stylish, this is a great option for you. It comes in silver and gold and would add the perfect organizational touch to your bathroom.

"I ordered these via TikTok suggestion, and I LOVE THEM. The adhesion on these sticky pads is insane."

6. Adhesive Wall Mounted Shower Caddy With Hooks 

Maybe it's the good advertisement photo, maybe it's the fact that the review mentions TikTok, but something about these shelves is so good! I am seriously debating on ordering these because they are so simple and sleek and would hold everything I need.

You will love shower organizers with hooks because they can hold hair ties, loofahs, and razors!

"They were so easy to install. They are very, very sturdy. Strong enough to hold two very large bottles (shampoo and conditioner) plus other smaller items. The design is so smart."

7. Suction Cup Shower Shelf - One Second Installation 

I have never seen people in a comment section so passionate about shower organizers. People are obsessed with this suction cup shower shelf because of how easy it is to hang and how well the suction cups work. There are also comments about how durable the product is and how well it drains to prevent mildew.

"Love the matte black and extra hanging hooks. Plus the top hangs over so we use for 2 towel hooks on the opposite side."

8. Black Over The Door Shower Organizer 

If you don't have a normal shower head, or you do not want to hang something from your shower head, you should definitely check out over-the-door shower organizers. You can hang these on a shower door or even on the shower curtain bar. People are obsessed with this thing!

"I'm kind of an organizational freak and the shower has always driven me crazy. Not anymore, it's perfect."

9. Standing Three Shelf Shower Organizer 

If you don't want to or do not have the option to hang anything, a freestanding shelf may be a better option for you! This standing three-shelf organizer is one of the fan favorites on Amazon. It also comes in a four-shelf option if you are looking for more storage or sharing with multiple people.

shower caddy portable

"Made of premium PP material, eco-friendly and non-toxic, hollowed rack ensures great ventilation to reduce bacteria growth."

10. Corner Shower Caddy

I feel like shower caddies and shower organizers are never cute, but this is a rare exception!! You will be obsessed with the pastel colors that these Walmart shower organizers come in.

They are super simple and the perfect size for the corner of your shower. If I was still in my college apartment, I totally would have ordered these pastel pink shower shelves in a second!

"Super cute and now my shower is more organized. I bought two and stacked them. Five Stars."

11. Black Wall Mounted Shower Storage Shelves With Towel Bar

This masculine-looking shower storage shelf is actually quite stylish! I am really into this shelf and would honestly buy this for my shower. You could hang a makeup eraser towel or just a normal washcloth on the towel bar!

It also has hooks, which is amazing. If you just have a few products, this may be the best shower organizer for you!

"For those of you that need a smaller shower Caddy, well, this is the one. It's very sturdy and well made. Not too heavy and it stays in place."

12. Gorilla Grip Anti-Swing Hanging Shower Caddy

This is a tiny shower organizer, but some people really only use a couple of products and don't want a ton of extra space. I know guys would probably love this shower organizer because for some reason they all love bar soap. This is the perfect small shower organizer with a soap holder, hooks, and a decent-sized shelf.

"This surprised us - it is sturdy, and designed to hold just about any size bottle of shampoo/conditioner/soap, and looks quite nice."

13. Adjustable Height Over-Head or Over-The-Door Shower Organizer 

Talk about flexibility!! This shower organizer can be hung in so many different ways and that is so convenient, especially if you are moving into an unknown shower situation. It has a really sleek look and actually holds quite a bit!

"Perfect for my bathroom. I have a small bamboo bench in shower and this wood look can creates a nice match. Just what I needed."

14. Bamboo Hanging Shower Caddy

I thought this bamboo shower caddy was so cool!! I didn't realize you could have bamboo in the shower, but it has so many good reviews! If this is your vibe, you need to try this out.

shower caddy ikea

"Keep your bathroom essentials organized and within reach with this slim caddy, available in five finishes and made from durable steel to last years."

15. Antique Brass Over-Head Shower Organizer

This gold shower hanger is totally my style! I knew I could count on West Elm to have something super classy and simple. This would be one of my top choices if I was buying one of these shower organizers right now!

"Perfect for my tile shower that had no shelving. I am able to fit a lot on the shelves with no hassle or worry they might fall."

16. Two-Pack Corner Shower Caddy Deep Basket Design 

Out of all of the shower organizers, this one is super unique because of how deep the baskets are! I have a lot of taller bottles that would fit so nicely in these shelves. I also think having a deep shelf is nice so you can stack smaller products on top of one another without worrying about them falling.

"Loved so much we are getting another one for our tiny shower - it fits perfectly in the corner on the floor - worth the price."

17. Stainless Steel Free-Standing Corner Shower Caddy

If you want a free-standing shower organizer, this is Amazon's choice! The sleek metal design is super simple and has hooks to hang a loofah or razor.

It has two shelves, which are really nice and can hold a lot of stuff!

"The bag is perfect. The pockets are actually useful sizes. You can clearly see what is in each one, easily access each pocket, the top of the pockets do not hang forward resulting in items falling out."

18. Hanging Mesh Pocket Shower Organizer with Over the Door Hooks

This is a really different style of shower organizer, but it is one that is really popular. People like this hanging mesh shower organizer because it is really flexible.

You could fold this up and throw it in a bag to take to a hotel on a trip. People are obsessed with this shower caddy, just read the comments!

"I've had this for a month now, and I'm amazed at how much better my shower looks with it."

19. Two-Pack Shower Caddy Shelf, Black Wire Design 

The shelves look expensive and fancy! Isn't a good Amazon find the best?? The style is super unique, most shower organizers do not look so cute. The comments will tell you, these really stick well! 

This post was all about shower organizers.

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