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Looking for the best closet organizers? Here are a variety of organizers perfect for getting your life together. 


Best Overall:  Adjustable Metal Closet System

"I am not the best handy person, but this closet system doesn't need any tools to assemble. It took me less than 20 minutes to put together because the instructions are very clear. Very good quality and it looks great!"

Best Under $25:  Adjustable Closet Hanging Rod

"I've been seeing this necklace everywhere. Super trendy and a perfect gift for any girl that loves to accessorize!"

Best Value:  10 Tiers, 50 Pair Stackable Shoe Rack Storage Shelves

"This perfume set was perfect for someone indecisive like me. I got to try out so many nice perfumes before choosing one that I want to commit to."

Most Popular: Easy to Install Closet Dividers

"I mean how can you not love Lululemon leggings!? They last forever and are sooo comfy."

Best Shoe Organizer: Small Drop-Front Shoe Box Case

"These drop-front boxes are the perfect solution for my shoe collection. With over 100 pairs of shoes, order is critical for me!!"

Best Door Organizer: Honey-Can-Do Over-the-Door Hanging Organizer

"This was great for organizing my scarves, beanies & belts in the closet. Everything looks much neater and less clutter-y!"

The elite world of closet perfection has flooded across all the social media platforms. From Pinterest to Instagram, it seems everyone under the sun is getting their closets professionally organized by The Home Edit (whom I love) or somebody aspiring to be like The Home Edit. 

But the reality is most of us don’t have $5000+ to drop on getting professionals to come in and organize everything for us. Moreover, I don’t know about you, but I actually love organizing. Although the process is quite tedious, I can’t deny how satisfying the end result is.  

To make things clear, you do not have to get a professional to do it all for you. There are so many helpful videos, resources, and products out there that make the process completely manageable.  

Before you begin purchasing anything for your closet, I highly recommend you evaluate how much space you actually have. I would even go the extra mile and measure things out. The amount of time it will take you to measure out your space is worth the time you’ll have prevented from having to go back and forth ordering the closet organizers 

Now, to the exciting part of this post... the closet organizers! 

This post is all about closet organizers.

1. Honey-Can-Do Over-the-Door Hanging Organizer

If you have a small amount of closet space, I highly recommend utilizing over-the-door hanging organizers. Use the hanging organizer for items you reach for quite frequently, that way that they are easy to grab! 

2. Jones Clothing Rack

For the girls who need extra closet space or just want to display a few of their favorite pieces, a clothing rack is perfect for you. I love the look of this one from Urban Outfitters. I think it is as much a decorative piece as it is a storage rack. 

3. Adjustable Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers are true lifesavers, it can be so difficult to utilize all of your drawer space without them.  

4. Adjustable Metal Closet System

If your closet has just one long bar, then it can be really difficult to organize all of your things. I love that this rack offers separate hanging spaces as well has shelving. 

5. 6-Tier Shoe Rack

A shoe rack is almost a necessity if you have a lot of shoes (don’t worry I get it!). I love that this one isn’t ugly (haha, many are) and perfect for displaying in areas not completely behind closed doors. This shoe rack is a definite upgrade from the silver metal ones we all used to have! 

6. Steel Clothing Hanger

You came here for the best closet organizers finds and I am here to give you all the tips and tricks to really utilize your space. This clothing hanger allows for so much more vertical space to be taken advantage of.  

7. Garment Rack

Super simple, classic white garment rack for extra space. Love that is has hanging and shelf storage available! 

8. Sunglasses Wall Rack

Yes, the image shows nail polish, but this is one of the best hacks ever. These nail wall racks that you find in nail salons are perfect for sunglasses. I cannot tell you how amazing they look when they’re full! 

9. Stackable Connect Rectangle Shelf White

A simple and classic way to keep your space organized. You can really decorate these cubes up however much you please, which is perfect for the girl who likes to stay minimal and the one who likes to go all out!   

10. 10 Tiers, 50 Pair Stackable Shoe Rack Storage Shelves

A large shoe rack, just in case you really needed more shoe storage! 

11. Pants and Skirt Hangers

Many people do not know that pant hangers exist. Speaking from experience, I can tell you they’re amazing! If you like to hang your pants, draping them across the hanger can waste space, this option allows you to handle a much large amount of clothing! 

12. Garment Rack with Wood Shelves

There are so many different versions of garments racks, so I wanted to show all the various cute options. Love the simple look of this rack! 

13. Velvet, Non-Slip Clothes Hangers

Velvet hangers are a must in my closet. I personally could not use plastic hangers; they are one of my biggest pet peeves because the clothing always falls off and they take up so much space!  

These hangers are slim and actually keep your clothing in place. I love them and highly recommend! 

14. Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack

hanging closet organizer

Love the gold detail on this garment rack. Perfect for the girl who wants to display her favorite fashion finds! 

15. Adjustable Closet Hanging Rod

A simple to use adjustable closet hanging rod, perfect for extra closet space. 

16. Folding Clothes Hanger Rack

hanging closet organizer

Love this gold folding clothes hanger rack. Perfect for a bare wall if you have one. I think this would be great to hang your outfit ideas for the next day! 

17. Small Drop-Front Shoe Box Case

Love the look clear acrylic shoe box cases. Perfect for visibility and keeping a space looking organized! 

18. Stick-on Anywhere Portable Lights Wireless

closet organizer systems

Automatic lights make any space seem fancy, which I love. They’re also really useful! Closets can get dark, having automatic lights that go on when you’re in the space can be game changers. 

19. Standing Hanger Holder Chrome

storage closets

For your left-over hangers, a simple way to keep them organized! 

20. White Mesh Dresser

Super easy and simple way to add more storage to your space. 

21. Mirror with Shelves Gold

Another great idea for a bare wall in your closet. I like to keep a few perfumes in my closet for easy access and I think this would be a great way to display them. 

22. Rolling Triple Laundry Sorter White

I can’t forget about a laundry hamper when talking about closet organizers! The amount of time you’ll save from not having to sort out and separate the different colored clothing will amaze you.  

23. Clear Weathertight Totes

Perfect for the pieces that are currently out of season. Love that these storage containers have a nice sleek look to them! 

24. 8-Cube Organizer Shelf

diy closet design

Another cube organizer that I think would be a fantastic way to decorate and organize your closet! You can hide shoes, shirts, pants, whatever floats your boat! 

25. Folding Seagrass Basket with Handles

closet organizer with drawers

Here’s a great basket that would be perfect for the cube organizer I showed right before this! 

26. Easy to Install Closet Dividers

Another amazing way to fully utilize your space! Love how simple these closet dividers are to set up and use. 

27. Over-The-Door Multi-Hook Shelf

As I’ve said before, over-the-door storage options are amazing. Love how Urban Outfitters styled this photo, they really showed that over-the-door storage does not have to be unattractive. 

28. Adjustable Storage Rack

closet organizer

 Do you have a spare area of space? These adjustable storage racks would be a perfect way to add more storage to your closet. 

29. 3-Compartment Natural Canvas Hanging Organizer

Hanging organizers have been around for years, and although they have not necessarily become any cuter, I can’t deny that can be great to use. This hanging organizer is the cutest one I’ve found! Love the color. 

30. Drawer Divider Organizer

dresser drawer organizer

Another amazing type of drawer organizer! 

31. Gray Zig Zag Basket

If you want to use baskets, I think these ones are so cute. 

This post is all about the best closet organizers.

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