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This post is all about cheap friendsgiving party ideas.

cheap friendsgiving party ideas

Let's talk all things Friendsgiving. I love coming together with my friends and celebrating each other and all the memories we've created in the past year.

There's truly nothing better than having a great time with your friends, and Friendsgiving is the perfect time to do that in a cute, formal way.

I love planning and decorating for a Friendsgiving party, but everything adds up! From the invitations to the food to the decor, a lot goes into the celebration.

If you are on a budget but still want to be able to celebrate with your friends, this post should be a helpful guide for how to achieve a great party on a budget. From free to DIY, there's something for everyone!

This post shows you cheap Friendsgiving party ideas.

Friendsgiving Free Printables: 

I love the extra touch a nice invitation or menu gives when added to the celebration!

From an amazing invitation to banners, there's something for everyone here and get this... every printable I've included is free!

1. Online Invitation

Invitations! They are so much fun to send out and honestly just get everyone hyped for the celebration.

Many people don't know that there are soo many free invitations available online. For real, so many.
Choosing to do an online invitation is perfect if you are in a rush or don't want to spend the money on tangible invites.

Either way, you'll still get the point across to your friends (that they're invited lol), and they will love the extra effort you put into making the celebration special!

2. DIY Invitation

If you want a real invitation to give to your friends but don't want to spend the money on a custom order of cards, you should definitely consider making them yourself!

DIY's do not have to be hard. Grab a few of your friends and make this a fun activity!

The cards will look amazing, and the final product will show how much love and care you put into making them!

Recreate this DIY friendsgiving invitations idea:

3. Friendsgiving Banner DIY

Do you have a printer?? Perfect, you should definitely use this free printable for your Friendsgiving banner!

I feel like a Friendsgiving isn't complete without some form of a banner, and this one is perfect.
All you have to do is print the banner out, cut around the letters, and hang it up with string!

Super easy and will save you money!

Recreate this friendsgiving decor:

4. Free Menu Printable

friendsgiving ideas

If you are on a strict budget for your party, then you can skip this because although everything I'm including in this post is fairly inexpensive, at the end of the day, a menu is extra lol. 

I love adding a menu because I feel like it adds to the aesthetic of the celebration and makes the party seem more legit. 

You can do so many things with menus, and there are so many ways to customize your own. I would recommend checking out Canva as well - they have so many templates, you're bound to find one that's perfect for you!

Recreate this cheap friendsgiving party ideas menu:

Friendsgiving Food Ideas: 

Food makes people happy, and happy people are always having a great time.

If you are having a Friendsgiving dinner, the food menu is extremely important. I recommend asking your guests to each bring a dish, that way the costs are not all on you (and making everything yourself would be a challenge in itself).

I've included all the main dishes you should include at your friendsgiving, and they are all extremely easy to make!

5. Bean Dip

A great appetizer is a bean dip. First of all, who doesn't love bean dip? And second of all, it's one of the most inexpensive dips you can make.

The bean dip recipe is extremely easy to make and you for real can't mess up... you just mix everything together and throw it into the oven - it's just that easy!

6. Biscuits

You and I both know Pillsbury biscuits are amazing. They'll make your place smell amazing and will complete any party.

I would say that if you do end up going with Pillsbury biscuits, or biscuits in general, you should make sure there's some kind of butter for people to spread on the biscuits!

7. Mashed Potatoes

I love these mashed potatoes more than homemade mashed potatoes... I cannot rave enough how amazing Bob Evans' mashed potatoes are. 

Here's exactly what I do: heat the mashed potatoes in the microwave, put them in a nice dish, serve them, and when people tell me how amazing my homemade mashed potatoes are, I say, "thank you!". 

Okay, if I'm being honest, I usually confess they are store-bought mashed potatoes, but for real, I get soo many compliments on how amazing they are.

8. Green Bean Casserole

I am a sucker for a good green bean casserole. I honestly wish the dish was prettier because I love to make this during the holiday season, but it doesn't look that appealing lol.

For real, it's the best, and I love this dish so much... oh did I mean it's super inexpensive to recreate?!

9. Stuffing

Everyone loves stuffing and it's a classic dish to have at any Friendsgiving!

Stuffing has always been one of my favorite dishes of a Thanksgiving-style meal. I mean, let's not ignore the fact that it's mainly made from bread; who doesn't love bread? 

Anyways, stuffing is amazing, and you should definitely have this at your Friendsgiving dinner!

** I'm not adding a turkey in this post since there's really no way around it. If you want a turkey, you'll get a turkey, and I don't want to recommend buying a $4 turkey... I don't know how trustworthy that is lol!!**

10. Pie

Last but not least, dessert! I don't know anyone who can resist a pie at Friendsgiving.

Serving a pie is a great way to end the night and a super simple thing to make!

I love a great pecan pie, but you can also do a sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie... the pies are endless!

Regardless of the dessert pie you are serving, you should always make sure there's ice cream to go along with it (or at least that's the way I've always done it)!

Friendsgiving Decor:

The friendsgiving decor is soo important, might be the most important part (or the food... personally, I would still say the decor is the most important lol)!

Without the decor, you aren't getting the entire festive feel that we all want. Your decorations do not have to cost you $500 either... there are so many great ways to decorate your space for the celebration without breaking the bank.

11. Friendsgiving Banner

As I said before, a Friendsgiving isn't fully decorated without some form of a banner. I love how a balloon banner looks, and they are super easy to put together (and cheap)!

If you want, you can make it a funny quote or stick to the classic "Friendsgiving" either way it will look great.

Recreate this cheap friendsgiving party ideas decoration:

12. Cake as a Centerpiece

Why not make your centerpiece edible?!

More often than not, a lot of the decor used for a party is thrown away after. I love the idea of using a cake as a centerpiece that way nothing goes to waste!

Have someone bring a cake or get together with a few of your friends and make one together!

Recreate this cheap friendsgiving party ideas centerpiece:

13. Gold Leaf Place Cards

I loooveee these!! They are gorgeous and will look amazing at any dinner party. Honestly, I'm thinking about using these this year.

Adding place cards adds so much to dinner decor, and you cannot go wrong with these place cards - they're chic, yet earthy and natural. Basically, these place cards are perfect for Friendsgiving!

Recreate this cheap friendsgiving party ideas decoration:

14. Paper Table Runner

Using brown paper as a table cloth is the best idea ever if you ask me. 

The paper allows you to customize your table as much as you would like. You can write, draw, design anything you want! 

The options are truly endless when it comes to brown paper table coverings:

  • You can draw circles where each person's plates will go and write their names in the middle.
  • At each place setting, you can write in calligraphy "I am grateful for..." layout markers and allow each of your friends to write down on the paper what they are grateful for.
  • Draw the lines to play tic tac toe and allow your guests to play against the people seated next to them.

Recreate this friendsgiving party ideas table decor:

This post showed you cheap Friendsgiving party ideas.

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