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This post is all about graduation gifts for her.

graduation gifts for her

Finding that perfect graduation gift can be really hard. But do you know what's even harder? Finding graduation gifts for HER!

Let's be real, girls can be really hard to pick out gifts for. She is in such an exciting part in her life where everything is changing and you want to find her something that shows her just how much you care.

Whether you are a friend, parent, sister, or boyfriend, these gifts will be used over and over and will remind her of the amazing support group she has in this new phase of her life.

This post shows you the most popular graduation gifts for her. 


Best Overall:  iPad Air

"I bought my daughter an iPad Air for college and she uses it 24/7 for taking notes, studying, and editing pictures. Definitely recommend getting one for any girl going to college."

Best Under $25:  Anthropologie Photo Frames

"I found these adorable bronze pictures frames on Anthropologie and knew my best friend would love them. She told me this was one of her favorite graduation gifts and it cost me less than $25!"

Best Value:  Sephora Perfume Set

"This perfume set was perfect for someone indecisive like me. I got to try out so many nice perfumes before choosing one that I want to commit to."

Most Popular: Lululemon Leggings

"I mean how can you not love Lululemon leggings!? They last forever and are sooo comfy."

Best Custom Gift: Mark & Graham Personalized Jewelry Travel Case

"Every single time I travel I have to bring this jewelry case with me! It is so cute and stylish and even has my name on it. I 100% recommend this for yourself or as a gift."

Trendiest Gift: Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set

"This skincare set was one I found on Amazon after seeing it trending online for months. I gave this to my best friend as a gift and she uses it all the time now!"

Best for College: North Face Backpack

"I bought my sister a new North Face backpack before she went to college it it held up so well all four years. She has even used it after she graduated too."


1. Silk Pillowcase 

These are POPULAR right now and it's for good reason.

Not only is this a very budget friendly graduation gift for her, it really does make your hair smoother and helps prevent damage. Which with how bad the water is in college, you need this to help liven up your hair and skin.

This would be a great graduation gift idea for a daughter, or anyone in your life who cares about better sleep, skin, and hair.

2. Tile - Key Finder

If the graduate is known for losing things, a Tile will save their college life! 

A Tile can easily be put on a key chain and tracks where it is through an app. Surprisingly, it's actually very inexpensive!

3. Towel Wrap

high school graduation gifts for her

PSA: These are the BEST! Hands down the most used gift I got when I graduated high school. 

Whether you have to walk down a co-ed dorm hall or are sharing a bathroom with roommates, this helps the graduate from any towel disasters that could happen.

You can make it a little more special for the graduate by customizing one with their initials on Etsy.

4. HydroFlask Water Bottle

If you want a gift you know the graduate will like, get her a Hydro Flask.

I would recommend getting the Hydro Flask with a straw like the ones above. They are more popular than the ones that don't have the straw.

While choosing high school graduation gifts for her this is the current "IT" item that everyone is wanting and using especially college students.  

5. AirPods

AirPods are another item that is guaranteed to be seen a million times when walking around a college campus.

From everyone that has them, they swear they could not function without these (a little dramatic, but you know us college students ;))

6. Workout Clothes

Workout clothes are a college students uniform.

If you're going to buy the graduate workout clothes, we recommend getting them from Lululemon, Outdoor Voices. For a cheaper option, 90 Degree's is the most popular (on Amazon!). A great graduation gift idea for sure!

7. Apple Watch

This is a great graduation gift for those graduating high school and those graduating college.

From working out to staying organized with appointments and other reminders, an Apple Watch is a present that will be loved by many!

8. Amazon Echo

An Amazon Echo is such a fun addition to any dorm room and is perfect for playing music with friends, setting timers, or turning off the lights.

I use this almost everyday, as well as a ton of my college friends.

There is also a mini version called an Echo Dot that is less expensive.

9. Mug With Her Initial On It

Let's be real, one of the hardest parts of college is staying up late to finish paper or cram for that exam.

Sometimes you just NEED a coffee and the perfect way to stay motivated is with a stylish mug! You can seriously never go wrong with picking out a cute mug especially with her initial on it. I can guarantee she will love this one from William Sonoma and will use it every time she wants a cup of coffee in her dorm.

10. iPad Air With Pen

SO many students are converting from notebooks to iPads to take notes in class. Everywhere I look I am seeing more and more people with an iPad in their hands. I have to admit, this is such a great graduation gift idea for college (um, I want one!).

If you choose to get the graduate an iPad Air, don't forget to get the pen also!

11. Backpack 

If you want to get the graduate a gift that they will truly use, get them a backpack that will fit their laptop.

A North Face backpack is by far the most popular backpack for college students, but I have a whole post with other really cute (and practical) options here: 30+ Trendiest College Backpacks of 2021 (According To College Students).

12. Amazon Subscription

graduation gifts

Did you know that you can gift someone a year of Amazon Prime?!

College students survive off of Amazon, especially if they aren't bringing a car to campus. Having Amazon Prime allows them to get packages much sooner and saves them money.

13. Day Designer Planner

You no longer get your handheld by teachers when you head off to college and having a planner that keeps you organized is an essential for college students.

I swear by my Day Designer. It is the best planner I have ever used.

 (I'm seriously obsessed, this thing organizes my whole life...I also got the cheaper version and it has everything I need. I think the $69 dollar one is a little overkill and not worth it.)

14. Perfume Sampler

This is SO COOL.

Sephora is offering their most popular fragrances in a sample box. Once you decide which one is your favorite, you get a voucher that you can take into any Sephora store and get a full-size of your selected perfume. How awesome is that?!

Everyone girl likes to smell good but no one really want to spend money on perfume which makes this such a perfect gift.

dorm room essentials

15. College Apparel

How comfortable does this crewneck look?! This will be a sweatshirt that the graduate will have forever (and one day, her daughter will be stealing just like all of us college girls did with our moms old sweatshirts ;)).

This is a perfect way to get any graduate excited for school, and a perfect gift when it comes to college graduation gifts for her.

Also, don't can find crewnecks in ALL different schools logos on Etsy!

16. Fuzzy Throw Blanket

Majority of the time, it can almost be guaranteed that a college dorm is going to be cold during the winter months. This is the perfect cozy blanket to accessorize your dorm and keep you warm.

My dorm was super drafty and cold so one of these blankets saved my life.

17. Polaroid Camera

Using polaroid pictures in your dorm room decor is really popular right now, but to get those pictures you need a polaroid camera!

Any girl graduating high school will be so excited to open her gifts to a Polaroid. Don't forget extra film too!

If you read any of our dorm decor posts on By Sophia Lee, you can see just how popular using polaroid pictures really is! {read: 9 Genius Ways To Decorate Your Dorm Room Walls}

18. Suitcase

With trips home, vacations with friends, or study abroad trips, a suitcase that she can rely on is a must.

PS! I just recently invested in a similar suitcase and I felt so grown up purchasing it!

19. Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Walking on campus, it's clear to see just how many girls love this pair of sunglasses.

You can't go wrong with Ray Bans and this classic aviator style is one guaranteed to stay in style for years to come.

This is my go-to pair of sunglasses and I'm still obsessed with them (even though I purchased them three years ago!).

20. Casetify Phone Case

Can you really go wrong with an adorable phone case?

Casetify phone cases are extremely popular because they are cute but also do a great job at protecting your phone.

I have about 15 cases from them and get so many compliments. I know a lot of my friends in sororities love these!

21. Jade Roller And Gua Sha Set

It's never too early to start focusing on your skin, right?!

Jade rollers are all the rage right now and after using one personally for a few months, I've seen a big difference. It's majorly helped de-puff my face in the morning and is the perfect addition to my self-care routine.

Plus, have you seen all the amazing Tik Tok jawline transformations by just using a Gua Sha? Insane. This is one gift you can guarantee any graduating girl will put to use!

22. Personalized Ring

The graduate in your life will LOVE this. I am seriously about to go order one of these for myself because they are so cute and something that you can have forever.

Jewelry is one of the most classic graduation gifts for girls and it makes it even more special with the customization this ring offers.

23. Little Plants

Any graduate could use a little extra decor in their dorm room! Small plants are super popular to decorate with now-a-days, especially among teenage girls. They can make a room feel much more cozy and would make a super cute and unique graduation gift! 

24. Comfy Pajamas 

With the stress that college can bring, being able to wind down at night in matching pajamas really does make a difference in feeling more put together.

These are one of my favorite sets of pajamas because they fit so well and are so soft !

25. Personalized Travel Jewelry Case

With all the traveling your recent graduate will be doing from home, school, and to trips with friends she will definitely need a travel case to keep all her jewelry safe and organized.

This case from Mark and Graham is the cutest option that you can even have personalized with her name on it. You can never go wrong with a functional and personalized gift like this one.

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26. Small Vacuum

I know this is a silly graduation gift, but I'm telling you...this thing is the BEST! So far this little guy has gone through both my dorm and sister's dorm because we love it so much. 

AND, it's under $20! Such a great practical graduation gift idea that will allow her to spend her graduation money on more fun items!

27. Custom Journal

I have tons of friends that picked up journaling when they moved to college. It is such an exciting but overwhelming time so having a journal to write down all your thoughts really helps!

This customized journal is the perfect gift to give her to write down all the good and bad thoughts she has before moving in and during college!

28. Small Photo Frames

If you're looking for a trendy graduation gift under $20, this one is for you!

Moving away from family and friends is so hard but it helps to have photos of them around to make them feel a little closer. These small photo frames from Anthropologie are the perfect size for any dorm room for her to put her favorite pictures in. 

29. Dainty Wall Decor

Boho and dainty decor is all the craze right now when it comes to decorating college dorm rooms. West Elm, Urban Outfitters, and Target all have amazing wall decor pieces that your graduation will be so excited to put in her dorm room. 

I know a lot of my friends received decor as gifts for their graduation that they were thankful for but didn't really love. But, I can promise this dainty gold rainbow will be hung up right way in their dorm

30. Tool Kit