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This shows you the best gifts under $25 that are really GOOD but don't break the bank.

best gift ideas under $25

Whether you are buying for guys or girls it is always hard to pick something out because you want them to love it! What's even harder is finding good gifts under $25.

As a college girl who has had to buy many affordable gifts I can tell you first hand what gifts both guys and girls will love! If you buy one of these, it is almost guaranteed that they will love it!

This post shows you 32 most popular Amazon gifts under $25.

Our Top Amazon Gifts Under $25:

Best Overall: Fuzzy White Throw Blanket

"Absolutely no one can turn down a great throw blanket. This one is huge and so comfortable!"

Best Under $10: Scrunchies With Hidden Zipper

"I got this for my daughter who is in college and she loves this to hold her keys.  Plus, you are definitely getting a steal with this one. Scrunchies can actually be kind of expensive and this set comes with 4 AND have hidden zippers."

Best Value: Yeti Rambler 10oz 

"Every person should have a Yeti. This size is perfect for wine and cocktails."

Gift For Homeowners: Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Set

"This cleaning set is the best one out there. I bought this set for my mom as a gift and she uses it every day."

Best Personalized Gift: Body Wrap Towel and Hair Towel

"Towel wraps are so much better than regular towels. Doing your makeup in them is much easier and I love how this comes with a hair towel as well."

Best For Guys: Adidas Slides

"These are so popular right now and the perfect slip-on shoe that is also extremely comfortable."


1. Phone Wallet/Card Holder

Keeping track of your money and cards can be hard. However, one thing that no one loses is their phone. This wallet sticks to the back of your phone to holds all the important things so you will always have them on you!

2. Scrunchie Set

Pretty much every girl owns scrunchies because they are super in right now. I love this set because it has all the neutral colors any girl would need but adds something cool with the velvet!

3. Mario Badescu Facial Spray Set

Girls always rave about Mario Badescu and it is one of the most popular facial sprays. AND it smells super amazing. This set is under $25 which is a great deal for a high end skincare brand.

4. Makeup Brush Set

Even if the girl you are buying for already has some makeup brushes, it's always so nice to get a fresh, clean set. This makeup brush set comes with so many brushes plus 4 beauty blenders (which usually run $20 a piece) so this gift would be a steal that she would definitely use.

5. '47 Baseball Cap

Bad hair days are very much a thing so you can never go wrong giving a hat as a gift. '47 is a well known brand everyone loves so any girl would love to get this hat as a gift.

6. Morphe Setting Spray

Morphe setting spray is the best setting spray out there and it smells unreal. This setting spray is a collaboration which is selling for a little lower than the original setting spray. If you want to buy the original one though, it is only a few dollars more!

7. Wireless Bluetooth Car Adapter

I have actually never used this but now I totally want it. This wireless bluetooth car adapter seems so perfect for playing your own music in the car! I hate listening to the radio so if you do too, this is definitely something you'll want to try out.

8. Toiletry Bag

It's easy to get in the habit of throwing your toiletries in a luggage bag but then you end up making a huge mess when something spills. This toiletry bag will help keep everything organized on trips or sleepovers. It is cute and under $25 so it's a win-win!


9. Journal

A great way to focus on your mental health and take care of yourself (especially during the crazy, busy years of being in college) is to journal! This one is so cute and simple, and comes in many different colors for a great price.

10. Tile Key Finder

These things can save your butt. Attach it to something like your keys and connect it to your phone through bluetooth. Then, if you lose your keys you can easily track it from your phone! Who knew something so helpful could be under $25?!

11. Oversized Sweatshirt

College girls pretty much live in sweatshirts so really any sweatshirt is a great gift for girls. Oversized sweatshirts are super in right now and they are super comfortable, too!

12. Silk Pajama Set

I have gotten in the habit of throwing on a big t-shirt for bed and calling it a night. But, if I had a cute and comfortable silk pajama set like this one I would sleep in it every night. This set has great reviews AND it's super affordable!

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13. Body Wrap Towel and Hair Towel

Towel wraps are so much better than trying to tie a normal towel around your body just to have it fall off a few minutes later. These are especially helpful in college when you are walking back and forth from your dorm bathroom.

This specific towel wrap is under $25 plus it can be personalized with a name on it which would make it a super thoughtful and personalized gift.

14. Photo Wall Decor

This wall decor would be a perfect gift for a college girl living in a dorm or apartment.

If you want to make it extra personal you could add photos of you and her on it before you give it to her!

15. Overnight Duffel Bag

College girls tend to travel a lot so a duffel bag would definitely be put to good use. This is the best one under $25 on Amazon and it comes in super cute patterns. The cactus pattern would be a great one to go with for girls no matter what their age.


16. Essential Oils Set

Essential oils are huge among women and make a great gift. If they don't already have one, it would be great to buy them a diffuser in addition to the oils! Even on its own, this essential oils set is the perfect gift for any woman.

17. Drink Coasters with Holder

Home decor is a great option for any woman with a place of her own. This white coaster set is stunning and will go with whatever decor she already has!

18. Bathroom Set

If the woman you are buying for loves the rustic style, this bathroom set would be the perfect gift for her! These could be used in any bathroom and she will love it.

19. Throw Blanket

Throw blankets are the perfect go-to gift for anyone but this one is so big and comfortable so the fact it is under $25 is amazing. Neutral throw blankets could be used anywhere so you really can't go wrong with this gift.

20. Anti-Aging Jade Roller

If you're a guy buying this for a woman, she will honestly be so amazed you even know what it is... total bonus point for you. But no matter who you are, this jade roller would be a great gift for any girl. They feel so great on your face and are anti-aging!

21. Wine Tumbler with Lid

Simple Modern is such a great brand and these wine coolers are SO nice! They are so cheap, you could even get two!! Any mom or woman would love this.

22. Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Set

I give this cleaning set to my mother as a gift every year and she always uses it up before the next time I give it to her. Mrs. Meyers cleaning set smells amazing so it will for sure be put to good use. Plus, it all matches and what woman doesn't love matching cleaning items??

23. Fuzzy Slippers

If you have noticed the girl you are buying for is in need of a new pair of slippers, this pair would be the perfect gift to replace them with. For under $25 you can get a super fuzzy set that she will wear all the time.

24. Gold Jewelry

You can't go wrong with gifting jewelry. Jewelry can be expensive but fortunately, Amazon has a ton of great affordable options. This particular brand on Amazon has super affordable gold jewelry that lasts. I have the smaller hoops and love them so I'm sure the woman in your life will too!


25. Yeti Beer Can Tumbler

What do college guys like more than beer? A Yeti beer tumbler would be the perfect gift for a guy looking to drink a cold one by the pool. 

26. Colorful Toilet Light

Talk about great gifts for guys under $25. This one is more funny than anything but take it from a college student, a college guy will actually use this and love it no matter how stupid it sounds. 

27. Fraternity Flag

Fraternities are a huge part of guys lives in college and flags are pretty much their go-to room decoration. If they are in a fraternity they will most definitely love a flag to hang up with their letters on it.

28. Charging Station

This charging station is great for the guy that has a ton of Apple products. This keeps cords organized and all his devices in one spot. 

29. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Guys love their food... especially breakfast. Get this breakfast sandwich maker to make mornings easier and breakfasts better. 

30. Toiletry Bag

A toiletry bag is something a guy usually never thinks of buying for himself which is why it would make such a great gift. This toiletry bag is under $25 but looks really nice!

31. Adidas Slides

Guys always need a pair of shoes to quickly slip on so a pair of Adidas slides would be the perfect gift for that. You can never go wrong buying anything Adidas for guys!

32. Leather Wallet

A wallet is a super thoughtful gift for any guy that they will use every day. No matter what age the guy you are buying for is he will appreciate this as a gift! 

This post was all about the best gifts under $25.

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