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by sophia lee christmas gifts

I am so freakin' excited about this post!! This is a twist on one of my favorite blog posts we do all year. Usually, I ask on Insta "What are you asking for this year for the holidays?". We are still 100% doing that blog post but I thought it would be so helpful as gift-givers to ask...

"What is the best product you received this year as a gift OR that you bought for yourself?"

Essentially, I wanted to know what the thing you would tell your best friend she had to get was because you loved it so dang much. I ended up getting hundreds (like over 700 responses) on what you considered your best gift/buy of the year was.

I couldn't link them all BUT a lot of them were overlaps so I am taking the most popular products that was sent in. Every year we do a Christmas giveaway on Instagram during December and usually it's my favorite products. I thought it would be fun to switch it up this year and do giveaways with the most popular products you all said (I'll be testing them out before to make sure they are BSL approved?).


by sophia lee gift guides
by sophia lee gift guides

BSL Readers Best Products of 2021:

1. Lululemon Fanny Pack

This was by far the most popular item said. I was kind of surprised by this!! I love it too but I didn't know you all loved it that much. I've had one for a few years and need to bring it out.

2. Sephora Perfume Gift Set

I've wanted this for years so it makes sense why so many of you love it!! I think this is such a great gift to ask for OR give. You can't go wrong!

3. Espresso Machine

This makes total sense for all you coffee lovers. As a tea lover, I couldn't believe how much some of these espresso machines cost!! Great gift to ask for haha.

4. Beis Work Bag

Can't talk enough about how much I love this thing! I got this at the beginning of this year and I throw this thing around like no ones business. It has held up SO well! Like impressively well. Highly recommend!

5. SKIMS Robe

I think this is going to be one of the items on my Christmas list this year! So many of you said it was the best and really comfy.

6. Standing Desk

You can tell that 2021 was the year of officially working from home with this product. A lot of you specifically said that you got yours from Costco and love it. My brother-in-law has the one from Costco as well and does love it!

7. Revlon Hair Dryer Brush

The holy grail of every girl for the last few years. If you haven't tried this yet, you need too. #gamechanger

8. Dyson Air Wrap

I used the Revlon brush (above) for years and loved it. For my birthday, I upgraded to the Dyson Air Wrap. She is ~expensive~ but holy crap, my hair has never looked better. It's sold out everywhere. I would order it someplace (Ulta, Sephora, etc) and would get an email two days later that they can't fulfill it. I ended up buying it on the actual website! 

9. Ring Sets

I finally feel like I've figured out my go-to rings. I never take these off. Like, literally only took them off once to get an X-ray since I got them in March! They're a very good price which makes it even more amazing.

I basically feel put-together all the time from the jewelry I never take off.

by sophia lee gift guides

10. iPad

So many of you said iPads!! Shelby has an iPad and religiously uses it. It is really nice but I just wonder what the difference is between your phone/computer?! Totally get it for students though.

11. NailBoo Dip Kit

I am very intrigued by this because I had never heard of it but at least 5 of you said this was the best thing you've bought this year. I'm all for an at-home mani! I'll report back what I think but I am pretty positive this will be INSTA GIVEAWAY gift!

12. Yeti Handle Mug

A very practical gift that I am here for??.

13. Dyson V8

100% agree on this one!! I got this as a gift two years ago and still can say that it is one of my most-used and favorite things in my apartment.

14. The Best Smelling Perfume Ever

This one is bias and no one besides me said this (haha) but I swear by this perfume. If you get over the ugly white puff (I take it off), the bottle isn't actually that bad.

And it doesn't even matter how the bottle looks because the smell is so dang good. It's my go-to perfume that I wear daily.

15. Comfy Lounge Wear

You just can't go wrong with some comfy clothing. As for the BSL team, the fan favorite place to go for comfy clothing is Aritzia. 

16. Experiences: Golf Lessons, Parts of Vacation, Massage Gift Card

Didn't know what pic to use for this so here is ben and I on vacation ahaha. But, I really do think this is such a fun gift idea! The gift that keeps on giving.

by sophia lee gift guides

17. Caraway Pan Set

Shelby was just showing me yesterday that she wanted these and then I go to the question box and these were everywhere!! They really are cute and are the perfect amount of having the pans you need without having extra.

18. Malin + Goetz Clarifying Clay Mask

I've heard great things about this!

19. Wood Alarm Clock

This is another one that I am personally adding in. For the last couple of months, I've been using this as my alarm clock and leaving my phone in the kitchen. I used to sit on my phone for hours before going to bed and it was a total waste of valuable sleeping (or reading time). Life-changing!

20. Meat Defroster Tray

I'm intrigued by this one too! I've never even heard of a meat defroster tray!

Someone did say they got this and a giftcard to a butcher for the in-laws and it was a huge hit. Good gift idea!

21. Hoka Tennis Shoes

I'm going to be honest...I don't understand this one. These are so ugly to me! But SO many of you said that this was your best purchase of the year!! 

Am I missing something?! Are they the most comfortable tennis shoe you've ever worn?!

22. AirPods

Holy grail for me too. The old airpods wouldn't fit into my ears and now that I have these, I am hooked on them. 

You'll use them daily.

23. Ninja Foodi

This is probably the 2nd most popular thing people said. It's an air-fryer, instant pot, crockpot, steamer, and more all in one. How that is possible, I am simply not sure but it is pretty darn cool.

24. Rechargeable Lighter

A great white elephant gift!!

Or get this with a candle as a gift for a friend or co-worker. Very practical and cute!

25. Billie Razors

Ever since a million and two influencers promoted Billie Razors, I've wanted to try it. Is it really better than other Razors?! I guess so since this is some of your favorite products of the year.

26. BEIS Workout Bag

Anything BEIS I just automatically assume is the best.

27. L'Oreal Steampod

I've never heard of this one! I think you literally put water into it?? If it was just a little bit cheaper I would buy it to test it out.

28. Power Soft Joggers from Old Navy

These look very comfy and love that they are extremely budget friendly.

29. Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress

This has been on my "want" list all summer!

30. Le Labo Hand Lotion

Can't vouge for the smell of this but the packaging Is ??.

31. Bissel Steam Mop

Every time I talk about mopping my floors on my Insta story, I will get people messaging me saying how I should get this!

32. Cute Packing Cubes

Just ordered these for myself!

33. Grocery Cart

A very, very practical gift for all my apartment girls.

34. Uncommon James Skincare

Love Kristin and her brand! I've heard amazing things about her skincare products.

35. Heated Blanket

I swear by heated blankets in the winter! Mine died last year so I think I am going to be ordering this one.

36. Ninja Dual Air Fryer

Another one for the air-fryer craze!

37. APL Tennis Shoes

The next pair of tennis shoes that I am getting is 100% APL's. Think they're really cute.

38. Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish

I hear people rave about this product weekly!!

39. Grande Cosmetics Lash Serum

Have this and can confirm it works amazingly! Like its crazy how long this can make your lashes.

40. Hypervolt

Ben and I got this last year and use it basically every night. It hurts in such a good way.

41. Buff Bunny Game Changer Tote

I love my work bag but now that I am seeing this I think its genius!! The lunch section at the bottom of the bag?! So smart!!

42. Le Creuset Dutch Oven

Good soup ?. #ikyk

43. UGG Slippers

I think a good pair of slippers is a must on my Christmas list every year. Ugg slippers are the leading slipper for like the last 15 years and I don't think they're going anywhere.

44. Mainstays Motion Sensor Garbage Can

You people are my type of people ;). We love a good ole' practical gift!!

45. Barefoot Dreams Blanket

Barefoot Dreams Blankets are EXPENSIVE but so good!! If you do the blanket skirt, these are the absolute best blankets to do it with.

46. Pavoi Jewelery

Hands-down the best jewelry brand on Amazon.

47. Hatch Alarm Clock

I've heard great things about this!!

That wraps up the best gifts BSL readers received this year. In the next week or so I am going to be doing the blog post on what BSL readers are asking for for gifts this year, so look out for that!!

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