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This post is all about the best Christmas gifts for father in law ideas for this holiday season! If you really want to impress your father in law and get him an amazing gift, I have so many perfect ideas for you.

Good gifts for father in law

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These sorts of gifts can be very tricky to look for even if you know your father-in-law super well. Odds are good that you may not know your father-in-law well, though, or you may not see him very often if you live farther away. He may also say he doesn't need anything (the classic dad response), and he probably won't help you out with any ideas either.

This can make gift shopping trickier, but don't worry, I still have so many ideas for Christmas gifts for father in law for you!

Whether your father-in-law is a huge golfer, loves to hunt, enjoys relaxing and watching movies, or is a super active guy, this gift guide contains tons of gift ideas that your father-in-law will be pleasantly surprised receiving.

This post is all about Christmas gifts for father in law.


1. Hey Dude Shoes

I don't know a single dad who doesn't own these. So if you're FIL doesn't or needs another pair, these are the perfect gift!!

2. Hot Sauce Making Kit

Such a fun activity if your father-in-law loves flavor and spice!

3. Golf Putting Mat

My dad has this and uses it all the time. Perfect for the avid golfer, and a really good gifts for father in law!

4. Popcorn Bowl with Kernel Sifter

unique gifts for father in law

If your father-in-law loves curling up with a bowl of popcorn and watching movies, this kernel sifter bowl is perfect.

5. Whiskey Gift Set

If your FIL enjoys trying new drinks, he needs this whiskey set with glasses, whiskey stones, a decanter, and more!

6. Fun Golf Shirts

Father-in-laws who love to golf can neverrr have enough golf shirts.

7. Wireless Meat Thermometer

Any man who loves to grill needs a wireless meat thermometer. Also perfect for grilling in cooler weather!

8. Apple Pencil

The perfect additional gift for a man who already has an iPad.

9. Adjustable Laptop Desk

christmas gifts for father in law

One of the best unique gifts for father in law. Ensure they can always be comfortable while working from home.

10. Frozen Beer Mugs

This gift is so fun and any dad who drinks beer is sure to be able to use these mugs all the time.

11. Yeti Rambler Travel Mug

A Yeti travel mug is basically the male version of the Stanley lol. I also think this is one of the best Christmas gifts for father in law this year.

12. Milwaukee Tool Packout Tool Bag

Christmas gifts for father in law ideas

The men in my life are obsessed with Milwaukee Tool, so I really don't think you could go wrong with buying this for your father-in-law.

13. Hunting Range Finder

If your father-in-law needs some new hunting gear or gadgets, this range finder would be the perfect gift.


14. Gift Card to His Favorite Store or Restaurant

This is such an easy go-to gift if you really have no idea what to get or are just in a time crunch to get something good. He will definitely love it... you can't not appreciate a gift card!

15. Bottle of His Favorite Alcohol

Christmas gifts for father in law ideas

You can also never go wrong with alcohol! This can be really cheap or more expensive too. Whatever you think is best.

16. Bag of Candy

Amazon has a ton of bulk candy which actually makes a super fun gift!! My dad loves Swedish Fish so I can never go wrong getting him some because he won't ever get it for himself.

17. The Original Craft Beer Club Subscription

Good gifts for father in law

A subscription to a beer or food company is a great idea of Christmas gifts for father who has everything. It is also the gift that keeps giving!

18. Hardcover Book

A good book about something he is interested in is a great Christmas gifts for dad in law.

19. Sports Game Tickets

This is SUCH a fun and thoughtful gift!! Maybe you'll even get an invite if it comes from you 😉


20. Custom Watch Stand

unique christmas gifts for father in law

If your father-in-law is a big watch guy, then he needs a cool way to showcase all the watches. This is so subtly customized as well that it feels very luxurious.

21. Personalized Flask

unique gifts for father in law

These flasks are super cool and make packing alcohol for events very easy.

22. Golf Bag Tag

good gifts for father in law

I know my dad would absolutely die at these, how cool are they?!

23. Personalized YETI Cooler

Christmas gifts for father who has everything

These can coolers are super unique and something that I am sure any dad would use all the time.

24. Hometown Map Glass Set

christmas gifts for father in law who has everything

If you're looking for something special for your FIL, this is the perfect idea for a unique gifts for father-in-law.

25. Golfer's Scratch Off Poster

unique gifts for father-in-law

This one isn't so much personalized, but it is something that your father-in-law can have fun customizing on his own!

26. Whiskey Decanter & Glasses

Christmas gifts for father who has everything

If you're looking for luxury gifts for father-in-law, this whiskey glass and decanter set is the perfect gift idea.

27. Whiskey Scratch Off Poster

Christmas gifts for father to be

I love this gift idea as well! A lot of this is whiskey themed, but I feel like that's pretty on brand for dads lol.


28. Carhartt T-Shirt

A basic t-shirt is such a classic gift that he is sure to love and use often.

29. Magnetic Wristband

The perfect gift if your father-in-law is always running around and building things around the house.

30. Memory Foam Slippers

These slippers get amazing reviews and are such a dad slipper.

31. Ice Cube Molds for Drinks

Fun ice cubes are a great gift for spicing up cocktails.

32. Titleist Golf Balls

Golfers always need more golf balls so you can never go wrong with these for a gift.

33. Apple Watch Band

You can find so many cheap watch bands on Amazon, and I don't think you can ever have enough!

34. Flannel Shirt

Another classic clothing option that I can guarantee your FIL will really appreciate.

35. Deep Tissue Massage Gun

I did not know how cheap these can be! I think this is a super smart Christmas gifts for father in law who loves to exercise.

36. Cribbage Board Game

Dads loveee cribbage. If he doesn't already own a board, get him one as a gift!


37. Funky Socks

Funky socks are so fun for any guy to wear with nicer outfits. I can guarantee that dads will love these!

38. Ice Cream Spoon

christmas gift ideas for father in law

If you have a good relationship with your FIL, this is a super cute and funny idea for Christmas gifts for father to be. Dads love their ice cream!

39. "F*cks to Give" Jar

unique gifts for father in law

This one is so funny! Probably the best funny gift idea for dads.

40. Corona Beer Bottle Opener

A perfect mix of a useful and funny dad gift!

41. "I'm Not Old, I'm Classic" T-Shirt

Graphic t-shirts like this one are also a very smart gift for dads. It's sure to give them a good laugh, but I am also sure that he will wear it all the time.

This post was all about father in law Christmas gifts.

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