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This post is all about graduation party checklist.

graduation party checklist

Party planning has just begun and this graduation party checklist will make sure you don't forget a thing.

Planning a graduation party can be very overwhelming.

What food are you going to serve? How many guests? Do we need music? Tent? Invitations?!

So many things need to come together before the big day and your head can quickly start spinning just thinking about it all.

This graduation party checklist will help keep you organized so you can throw the best grad party of the year.

Graduation Party Checklist

3 Months Before The Party:

This is where the big chunk of the party planning starts. You need to start thinking about the date that works best for the party and then follow that up with booking anywhere that requires it (besides food).

  • Choose date. 
    • Think about having it a weekend before or after the actual graduation ceremony. The weekend of the graduation ceremony can be difficult for many guests because of having their own family up for the celebration.
  • Choose time of graduation party.
  • Choose location.
    • Decide if you are having the party at your home. If you decide to have it another location, book it! A lot of people will be booking locations in the next month and you want to be able to schedule your top pick.
  • Decide on budget.
  • How many guests do you want to invite?
  • Order Tents/Chairs/Tables
  • Decide on party colors.

6 Weeks Before The Party: 

It's time to start planning all the fun parts! This is the time to order your invitations and finalize your guest list. 

  • Put-together Guest List
    • I recommend inviting friends and family even if they live far away. You might still get a gift out of it!
  • Order invitations.
    • For my graduation party, we decided to send invitations out to adults and their families. We then set up a large Facebook event and invited all of our friends from our high school (it saved a lot of money on invitations!).
  • Begin gathering pictures of the graduate for the party.
  • Put Together Food/Catering List (READ: 22 Delicious Graduation Party Food Ideas Your Guests Will Love)
  • Order Catering
  • Search Pinterest for Decor Ideas (READ: 52 Best Graduation Party Ideas Guaranteed To Impress)
  • Decide On Music
    • DJ, Spotify, Band, etc.
  • Purchase Decorations and Supplies
  • Order Signs/Banners

3-4 Weeks Before The Party: 

dorm room essentials
  • Send out invitations.
  • Make Facebook Event. 
    • Make the event description catchy and personal to you! Here's what we said for my friend and my graduation party: "come join us to celebrate the graduation of Sopharah (sophie and sarah). while we're basically only having this so sophie can put it on the blog, i promise there will still be lots of good food and fun (if we can afford it... blog decorations are taking over the budget) but seriously come and celebrate with us! :)" 
  • Order Cake/Desserts
  • Begin Purchasing Food 
    • If you see a sale on sodas, plates, etc., buy it!
  • Buy Party Outfit
  • Begin DIY Projects for Party
  • Continue Ordering Decor
  • Order flowers from local florist.

Week of Party:

  • Get your nails done.
    • Enjoy the time with your mom/daughter! This is a special time for both of you before the grad takes off for college.
  • Make sure all cameras are charged!
  • Clean House
  • Finish all DIY projects.
  • Purchase any last minute supplies.
  • Confirm rental equipment/catering.
  • Order balloons.

Day of Party:

  • Pick up cake and dessert.
  • Pick up food.
  • Finish making food.
  • Pickup balloons.
  • Get ice/coolers ready. 
  • Set-up party decor.
  • Play music/photo slideshows.
  • Enjoy the party!

This post gave you a graduation party checklist.

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