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This post is all about gifts for boyfriends birthday.

gifts for boyfriends birthday

Finding a gift your boyfriend doesn’t already own and will be obsessed with is no easy feat. 

Whether he’s amazing or so-so at getting you gifts, you want to be able to show him just how much you love him by finding him something he will use everyday.

Whether your guy is into technology or the outdoors, this post covers all types of birthday gifts different men will love.

This post shows you 33 genius gifts for boyfriends birthday.


Gifts for Boyfriends Birthday: 

1. Tool Kit

When it comes to gifts for a boyfriends birthday this is something you can never go wrong with! 

Men love their tools and it’s nice to have a set that they can rely on when something goes wrong. Plus, they’ll love showing off to you how much they can fix ;).

2. Tile – Key Finder

If your boyfriend is known for losing things, a Tile will become his new best friend.

I purchased one of these for my own boyfriend and he loved it, so if you are looking for gifts for boyfriends birthday on Amazon then this is the best idea!

A Tile can easily be put on a key chain and tracks where it is through an app. 

3. Nice Watch

A watch is the perfect gift for any boyfriend.

I asked my boyfriend the most “popular” brand for watches right now and he said definitely MVMT…they do have an amazing selection (and can be primed in a day from Amazon…major win for all of us last-minute ladies ?).

Fun fact: Watches are on the top 5 list gift ideas for men!


4. At home Massage

I think any boy would love a massage as a gift for his birthday and this massage kit will help give him the best massage of his life.

At home massages are so cute and personal, and also cost friendly.

 I love this idea of an at home birthday gift because you can easily make this so special with dinner at home and a nice massage after.

5. AirPods

We all know that AirPods are the “it” thing right now and if your boyfriend doesn’t already own them, chances are he wants a pair.

Seriously, Air pods are a MUST and everyone needs them! 

This is a perfect gift for your boyfriends especially now that you can prime them on Amazon!

6. Car accessories 

If your boyfriend treats his car like his baby, then this is the gift for him.

Most guys love their car, and if you’re boyfriend is that guy then car accessories are the best birthday gift idea hands down!

You can find any car accessories for any type of car on Amazon, which makes it the perfect gift for a boyfriends birthday.


7. Fishing Pole

This is the perfect unique gift for a boyfriends birthday!

If you have a more outdoors man as a boyfriend or maybe they want to take up a new hobby, then this gift idea will definitely be something your boyfriend LOVES!

8. Sports Apparel 

We all know guys LOVE sports, regardless to what type they usually all love sports!

My boyfriend is a fan of football so I know any type of football apparel is a win.

If you are looking for Amazon gifts for boyfriends birthday then any type of sports apparel will be great! 

PS – go pack go ?.

9. Air Fryer

Let’s be real, one of the hardest parts of cooking is knowing how to cook something or maybe having a lack of cooking ideas.

My boyfriend has wanted one of these for the longest time because it is a great way to make healthier items. 

An Air Fryer is a really cool gadget that your boyfriend would love.


10. Chain Necklace 

SO many guys wear chain necklaces, it is the accessory of choice for men!

A nice gold or silver chain is perfect for any guys birthday gift.  Not only will it be gorgeous but it also hold meaning and can remind him of you!

Plus, this is a REALLY good price for a chain necklace.

11. Nice Wallet

If you want to get your boyfriend a gift that they will truly love, then get them a nice card holder.

Boys tend to not have their money or cards organized, I know my boyfriends pocket always has lose money and cards and it bothers me (?) so this is such a  great useful gift idea!

12. Grooming kit

This is the ultimate birthday gift for a boyfriend and is an essential for EVERY guy!

It’s also nice because we all  tend to not like to spend money on basic essentials, so this is great.

All guys grow facial hair so this is something any guy could use! Plus, almost guaranteed that they will use this leather travel bag for years and years to come.

13. YETI beer koozie

You can NEVER go wrong with anything YETI for guys!

If you’re boyfriend is a beer drinker or just loves keeping his drinks cold then this is a great gift idea that maybe you wouldn’t think about.

I love this gift idea for a boyfriends birthday.

14. Brief case

Brief cases are such great birthday gift ideas for men.

I really love how professional this brief case looks and doesn’t look frumpy like some of the other options.

15. Bottle Opener

Another gift for all those beer lover boyfriends ?.

I love this idea because it is so simple but SO useful. It is a perfect gift that any guy can hang on his wall.


16. Concert tickets

When it comes to gifts for a boyfriends birthday concert tickets are perfect!

This idea is such a genius gift idea because it is something your boyfriend will LOVE and something you guys can do together!

This ticket holder box is a great little secondary gift to get him so he can showcase and remember all the phone concerts he has gone too.

17. Phone Battery Charger

Why do guys NEVER charge their phone at night?!

My girlfriends and I talk about this a lot so I know its not just my boyfriend who is always talking about how his phone is almost about to die ?.

This slim portable charger is the perfect gift that they can just throw into his pocket when he is out at the bars, work, gym, etc.

18. Car Organizer 

I LOVE this gift idea for a boyfriends birthday since it will help keep him organized!

I bought this for my own boyfriends birthday and not be dramatic but it was LIFE-CHANGING for him. He now has everything super organized and LOVES IT!


19. Apple Watch

Apple watches are also another “it” item. 

For real though, Apple watches are such a popular gift right now that they basically apply as a great gift option for anyone celebrating any event.

PS! This is what I got my own boyfriend for his birthday.

20. Docking station 

Okay, I love this gift idea!

Docking stations are SO beyond helpful and I actually highly recommend them to anyone. This makes it so easy to charge your air pods, phone, and apple watch at once.

21. Our adventure book

Can you really go wrong with giving a super personal DIY birthday gift for your boyfriend?

This is so adorable and will mean SO much to a boyfriend. You can customizes this and add all of your memories together into this book.

PS! This is a great long distance gift for boyfriends birthday. 


22. Monogrammed Toiletry Bag

Are these not the best looking toiletry bags you have ever seen?! 

Such a great birthday gifts for boyfriend that looks like you spent a ton of time thinking of and doesn’t break the bank.

23. Video Game Chair

If your boyfriend is obsessed with playing 카지노사이트 video games, this gift is for you!

These video game chairs are so unique and such a different birthday gift that any gaming lover will be super grateful for (and surprised that you thought of it!).

24. Carry-On Suitcase

Having a nice travel bag is one of those things that you don’t usually want to spend money on but will be used ALL the time.

This carry-on bag is a great masculine option for your boyfriend.


25. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This is such a great kitchen gadget to get for your boyfriend his birthday…especially if he is a breakfast sandwich lover!

26. Grilling Set

This is such a great gift idea for any boyfriends who love grilling!

PS – It looks really expensive but surprisingly isn’t!!

27.  Coupon Book

How funny is this gift ?.

This may be a dream gift for that special man in your life.


28. Toilet Seat Golf

I always try to add a funny gift when I get something for my boyfriend and this toilet seat was such a hit.

It’s also less than $15 so really cheap!!

29. Workout Sneakers

I really feel like men secretly love shoes more than women…and maybe they aren’t even secretive about it!

This pair of Adidas tennis shoes is really popular among men.

30. Back Massager

If you don’t want to always give your boyfriend a hand massage this is such a fun gift for him that he can use whenever he wants.

It’s also a great thing that he can put on his car seat!


31. Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Dots are a great and cheap way to listen to music. Plus, Alexa can help your boyfriend quickly order food and find other information.

32. Dinner and a movie 

This has to be one of my favorite “gift” ideas because who does not want dinner and a movie?

One of my own boyfriends favorite gifts from me is a good birthday dinner and to see a movie.

This is a great gift for a boyfriends birthday that can let you both spend time together.

33. Funny book and Gift Card

If you want to give a really cute gift and make it extremely easy on yourself, this funny book will be such a cute gift to give.

You can also add a gift card to your boyfriends favorite place to shop so they can pick out some stuff they love!


This post showed 33 best gifts for boyfriends birthday.

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