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I figured with all the questions I have been receiving on where I have bought things for my apartment that I should just make a post with links to the exact products I bought.

To make this easiest, I am going to go room by room. I tried to be super budget conscious so nothing in here is too expensive also :).


by sophia lee kitchen 1
Links to everything in the kitchen...


These were the cheapest bar stools I could find that were cute. I ended up finding them at Target and it was $130 for a set of two. I thought that was pretty dang good.

Black + White Rug: 

Cutting Boards: So after I got this apartment I realized I am a cute cutting board collector. This isn't something I knew about myself before but now if I pass a cute cutting board I can't pass it down. The wood and marble (smaller board) and the gray board are both from HomeGoods. I find HomeGoods by far has the best price on cutting boards (they're expensive!). I got my large circle cutting board from Wayfair but it's no longer in stock. This one from World Market is extremely similar though.

Gold Bowl (similar):

I wanted a bowl that I could throw veggies in and this works perfectly. I got it from HomeGoods but I linked a similar one.

Love, love, love this gold teapot! I'm a tea girl and need my cup daily. Love that this is cute enough to keep out on my stove.

Dish Towels:

I get my dish towels from all over. I've had the best luck at Target, Homegoods, and Amazon. Just got the one above and I think it's soo cute.

Gold + White Serving Utensils:

I get a lot of questions about these white and gold serving utensils and if they stay pure white. I have had these in all types of red sauces and once I put them in a dishwasher, they go back to their normal white. If I hand wash them, they don't so I feel like you need to have a dishwasher to get these.

Cake Stand: Gray-washed cake stand came from HomeGoods.

Vases: Vases came from At Home.

Salt + Pepper Dishes: These also came from At Home!


I got this set from Target and love ittttt. I got it on sale during Black Friday so watch out for that! It comes with two different sizes of plates, bowls, and cups. I personally got two sets of these to keep in my apartment.

Gold Silverware Set:

I have been using these for over six months now and just a couple of them have the gold coming off (in a really small place too). They have gone through the dishwasher hundreds of times and look great. Gold silverware can be hard to find that last through dishwashing and this is definitely one of the sets I recommend. Plus, I just love the shape of it.

White Knife Set: 

My Pots + Pan Set: 

Okay, to be honest, this was a little splurge. I wanted to get nice pots and pans because I knew I would be keeping them for a LONG time. Also, I love to cook so it was something that was important to me. I will say that I love them and highly recommend them!

Baking Sheet Set:

Another thing I splurged on. Found out pretty soon after I bought this that Target has an almost identical set that is also gold. You can find that set here to save you some money.

Casserole Dishes: 

by sophia lee kitchen

These are some of the prettiest casserole dishes I was able to find!! I bought two of them in this size and one of them in more of a square size. These are just really handy to have.


OMG. If there is one thing on this list that I think is life-changing THIS IS IT. If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen me rave about it. Hands-down one of my favorite things in my apartment.

Pre Cut Parchment Paper: 

Another one of my favorite kitchen must-haves.

Cutting Boards: 

Practical Serving Utensils:

It was SO nice to have this set because it literally has every single thing I ever needed. Like so many things I didn't think of from pizza cutter to can openers. It was really nice to be able to move into my apartment and then know that I have almost every single serving utensil I needed.

Gold Mixing Dishes: 


Measuring Cups:

My gold measuring cups are from Target (no longer sold) but they look almost identical to this.


Gold and White Bowls: 

I always get questions about these but they are from H&M home! Love them but they're not microwaveable or dishwasher safe.

Clear Mugs:

Gold Chip Clips:

Gold Strainer:

Wine Bottle Opener:


Slow Cooker:

Let's state the obvious on this slow's EXPENSIVE. I got it for my birthday, probably at 23 years old would not buy it for myself haha. But I do LOVE IT. I make so many slow cooker recipes and this insert can go directly on the stove top/in the stove and then can go right back into the slow cooker. It's awesome.

Before I got this, I used a cheap slow cooker that made the recipes just as good :). Moral of that all, get a slow cooker! By far my most used appliance.

Kitchenaid Mixer:



Heart-shaped Waffle Maker: I bought mine at Target but I can't find the product. The exact one I used is available at Kohls here.


Silverware Organizer:

Under-the-Cabinet Turntable:

Under-the-Cabinet Container:


by sophia lee living room
Here are links to everything in my living room...
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by sophia lee living room

We LOVE this couch. Never ever buy this couch at full-price. It's on sale allll the time. 

Coffee Table:

by sophia lee living room

I am SO sad!! I can't find this coffee table in stock anywhere :(. I'm trying to find ones that look similar!

Console Table:

by sophia lee living room

I could not find a coffee table that I liked that wasn't $1,000+. I found this one at Home Depot and Ben and I stained it a black color and added small gold knobs. It is perfect!! We love it and it looks a lot more expensive than what we did it for.

I used these gold knobs.


Gold Circle Mirror:


White-Washed Baskets:

Picture Lights:

Large Canvas: I DIYed this! You can see my instructions and the products I used in this blog post.

Picture Frames on Wall:

Gold Curtain Rod:

White Curtains:

Baskets Under Bench:


The pillows on my couch came from Woven Nook, Target, and American School of Charm. 🙂 Most of them are sold out but all of them are rotating the cutest new places all the time (especially Woven Nook).

Blanket (similar):

Candlesticks on Coffee Table: I got these gold and wood candlesticks from World Market. I can't find them on the website anymore but I love a lot of the candlestick options World Market has!

Tray on Coffee Table (similar):

Drink Coasters:

Decorative Beads:

Gold Candlesticks on Console Table:

White Lamp:

Wood Box: The wood box on my console table came from HomeGoods!


by sophia lee bedroom
Where I got everything in my bedroom from...

(exact bed sold out but this one from Wayfair is insanely similar)

(I got king size pillows for my queen bed. It's suppose to make the bed look more expensive haha)

(I have two of these in a duvet so it is extra fluffy)

Long Antelope Pillow: My long antelope pillow is from American School of Charm. She custom made it for me but you can also find similar ones on Etsy!

Gold Mirror: I found this at HomeGoods when I was still in high school! It was actually silver and I just spray painted it when I moved into my apartment. I find Walmart and HomeGoods has the cheapest floor length mirrors. 

Lamps on Nightstand: These lamps are from Target. Love them! Can't wait to see them actually styled ;).

Blanket at End of Bed: This blanket came from HomeGoods!


Here's links for where I got everything...

Entryway Table: TBH, I didn't want to spend this much on an entryway table (it was $199) but I eyed this table for months because it was skinny enough that it could fit in my entryway. I ended up one night pulling the trigger and really do love it. 

Entryway Mirror: I wanted to layer a mirror here to make the space look bigger. I went back and forth on what style of mirror but ended up with this one since I liked the curved edges. Plus, it was by far one of the cheapest mirrors I was looking at (only $70 which is great for a mirror this size). 

White Canvas That I Painted: This is the original artwork I painted from Target. You could find this cheaper I'm sure at HomeGoods or even Goodwill. I liked this one because of the size and the frame that was attached.

Entryway Vases: The black vase came from HomeGoods but unfortunately broke so that's a goner (I was heartbroken hahaha I loved it). The striped vase and white vase came from At Home. At Home has the BEST vases these days. 

Similar vases:

Entryway Greenery: Okay, I'm going to preface this with saying I hateee fake looking greenery. Someday when in the future, I am going to splurge on Pottery Barn greenery because it really is the most realistic fake greenery on the market. For now though, I am using this greenery from Hobby Lobby. It doesn't look terrible but definitely doesn't look as good as some Pottery Barn leaves would look :). 

Entryway Fall Leaves: Love these!! 

Entryway Beads: I am obsessed with using beads as decor in my apartment. I think they add such a cute layer. I have had people dm me that the bead situation would be a disaster with kids/cats, but since I have neither I love them.

Entryway Tall Basket (similar): Love this to add extra storage. You could throw shows, umbrellas, etc in here.

Entryway Short BasketSame as above 😉

Entryway Clear Border Frames (wood + white): I just added this with my fall printables and now they're here to stay. Love them!!

Entryway Bowl: This is from At Home. It actually has a cover but I took it off so it's more like a bowl.

Entryway Fall Prints in the frames: You can find all these prints to download for free in this blog post.



by sophia lee guest room
by sophia lee guest room
Where I got everything in my guest room from...

Bed Details:

1. Headboard

So, I actually got the bed above from Walmart on a crazy deal but this bed from Overstock is also a great deal and looks really similar. Basically any bed that you can find both the headboard and the base for under $400 is an insanely good deal.

2. Mattress

This mattress is under $250 and is the BEST. Seriously, it's sooo comfy I am obsessed.

3. Sheet Set

Another favorite sheet set of mine. I've used these sheets in my dorm room, my college apartment, my bed at home, and now on both beds in my apartment. Moral of that all, they're GOOD and you can't beat them since they're under $30. 

3. Sleeping Pillows + Satin Pillow Covers

LOVE these because they zipper on the back! 

A note about my sleeping pillows - to get a more fancy + hotel bed look I use king sleeping pillows on my queen size bed. I got my actual king pillows from Costco.

5. Comforter Insert

To get my beds looking extra fluffy, I use TWO of these duvet inserts on my beds. So basically, I sandwich them together and then put the duvet cover over it.

6. Duvet Cover

7. Blanket at End of Bed

8. Decorative Pillows

Nightstand Details:

1. Nightstand

2. Lamp

3. Frames: The two frames above the nightstand are these square 18x18 inch frames from Michaels. If you want to fill them with the same print, you can download the print for free from here.

4. White + Black Books:  This is a Goodwill hack! Basically I wanted white and black books and after searching them online I quickly realized they are suppperrr expensive. After going to Goodwill, I realized that you could just flip the paper over and it's white!

5. Basket: This was a TJ Maxx find.

My Desk:

1. White-washed + Gold Desk: This isn't pictured above but I also have this desk in here. I loveee it but it looks like it's sold out! World Market has so many other cute + similar desks that I love as well.



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