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Looking for the best places to buy rugs? You're in the right place! Here at the top 8 best places to buy rugs

places to buy rugs

Rugs are one of my favorite things to add to a space because they can completely change the way the whole room looks. I recently tried out a TON of new rugs so you can consider me a semi-expert.

Rugs can be super expensive though and they are something that you can really tell the quality of. I have found some of the best quality and cutest patterned rugs at every price range!!

This post is all about the best places to buy rugs.


1. RugsUSA

I searched through hundreds and hundreds of rugs to find the absolute best rugs that give off that expensive look but are extremely affordable.

I have had 9 different RugsUSA rugs, (thank you RugsUSA for the Youtube collab!) so I've gotten to see them, feel them, and make sure they really look good in person.

2. Amazon is another super inexpensive online rug store that has every style and color you could ever think of. They have pretty high reviews and I hear their rugs are super similar to the RugsUSA! 

(Plus, they have free shipping, free returns, and great customer service.)

3. Urban Outfitters

If you're looking for a trendier rug option, definitely check out the Urban Outfitters rugs. I think they are the perfect type of rugs for dorm rooms and college apartments! 

These are some of their more neutral rugs, but they definitely specialize in fun, bold, trendy rugs.

4. Target

You can always count on Target to have to best stuff. These are from the Magnolia and Studio McGee lines at Target, and you guys know I LOVE everything they make. 

These rugs are the perfect mix of neutral and bold and I would 100% put them in my apartment or future home!

5. Joss & Main

Joss & Main is one of those places I always forget about and then they happen to have exactly what I'm looking for!

These are some really gorgeous, neutral rugs that would look good in any space.

6. Ruggable

You know those instagram ads of girls washing their rugs in the washing machine? That's ruggable, and everyone that has one of these rugs, loves it. 

I will definitely be trying one of these at some point. Plus, if the quality stands up to the hype, it is definitely pretty fairly priced.

7. World Market

I love everything from World Market, so it's no surprise I love their rugs too. They always have the nicest eclectic styles and these are some of my favorites from their big selection of rugs! 

The quality is always good, and the styles are 10/10.

8. Home Goods/TJ Maxx/Marshalls

This is a tricky one because you really have to be constantly on the lookout. These are by far some of my favorite places to shop for home decor but it's inconsistent at every store. 

Always keep a lookout for good rugs! I have found some STEALS at Home Goods!

This post showed you all of the best places to buy rugs. 

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