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This post is all about the best college apps.

best college apps

I think we can all agree that anything that has to do with our phone makes us a little more engaged. I LOVE feeling organized and prepared with all different college apps I've found.

There is everything from organization helpers, food delivery, grade calculator...all the BEST college apps you could ever know about!

This post is all about the best college apps.

Best College Apps:

1. Lyft
apps for college students

You know about Uber, but do you know about Lyft? This is a rideshare app just like Uber. 

But it’s the ideal app for college students because it tends to be a lot cheaper than Uber! You can get a special By Sophia Lee discount code for Lyft by clicking here.

2. DoorDash
apps for college students

Food delivery services are all the rage now, especially for college students! Who doesn’t want their favorite meal in town delivered right to their door so that they can continue watching whatever it is they have on Netflix. 

So have you heard of DoorDash? It’s the perfect app for college students who want to use a food delivery service just like the one I described. And BONUS: it gives you your first month free of all delivery fees. How awesome is that? 

Here's a free $7 code you can use on your first DoorDash order.

3. Grade Control
apps for college students

Grade control is a great app for college students to use because it helps you keep track of where you grades are in all your classes at any point in the semester!

We all have that one professor that for the life of them will not update their grades. With Grade Control, we don’t have to worry about those professors anymore, Grades are in our Control now! 

4. BlackBoard
apps for college students

This is SUCH a common word on many college campuses. But did you know that the website where everything for all your classes is is also in app form? Well, now ya do!

Blackboard’s app is another life saving app for college students because it allows you to access all your class materials from your phone. It’s perfect for doing work on the go! We love productivity! 

5. Sleep Cycle
apps for college students

 I am OBSESSED with this app! Seriously, I use it all the time!

Sleep Cycle is an app that matches your sleep cycle with the time that you want to wake up and then sounds an alarm accordingly. In doing so, it prevents you from waking up super groggy so that you are ready to start your day immediately. How cool is that?

6. Quizlet
apps for college students

We all know about Quizlet, but a lot less students know about Quizlet's app. TBH, I use it more than the actual website.

 It’s the perfect app for college students because it too allows you to study on the go. We love apps for college students that also increase our productivity. They’re life saving! 

7. BenchPrep
apps for college students

So many of us college students are preparing to take other big tests such as the MCAT, LSAT, or GRE. If you’re in this boat, then this is the perfect app for you!

BenchPrep is a great FREE app for college students that helps you study for these super important tests. It’s another great on the go study option so that you can study for your future from anywhere! 

8. EasyBib
apps for college students

We all have to write something at some point in our college careers. And those writings also have to have citations. Citations are not fun to do (neither is writing but different story for a different post), but EasyBib is here to make this job less difficult!

EasyBib makes the citation for you, as long as you can give it the info. This is the perfect app for college students who have really strict professors who will look for any way to take off points! 

9. Self Control
apps for college students

This is an app for college students to use on their laptop. It’s called SelfControl, and it’s my best friend when I have to get down and GRIND! 

SelfControl blocks certain websites that you tell it too for a time that you set. For that amount of time, you cannot go on those, like there is nothing you can do to unblock them except wait for the time to go out. It’s the perfect way to make sure that you focus on your work, and not online shopping! 

10. Sworkit 
apps for college students

We all want to maintain a healthy lifestyle in college, don’t we?

Sworkit is a great app for college students to use if that is there goal. It’s cheap and has a ton of workout options, so you’re sure to find something that matches your lifestyle and preferences! 

11. Mint
apps for college students

Money can be such an evil word in college, mainly because we never feel like we have enough of it.

Mint is a great app for college students to use so that they can keep their finances under wraps. It tracks all your spending and keeps you up to date on your budget so that you have more control! 

12. Sleep If You Can Alarm
apps for college students

Ever feel like you just cant wake up for love nor money and you’re terrified you’re going to oversleep a test or study session. This app for college students prevents that from ever happening again! 

Sleep If you Can is an alarm app that makes you do something in order for it to turn off. It can be taking a picture of something, or doing a math equation. Either way, when you’re done turning it off, you’ll be awake. Mission accomplished! 

13. myHomework 
apps for college students

Ever feel like you just don’t know what you have to do?

myHomework erases that feeling completely. It allows you to make lists and set due dates so that you always know what’s heading your way. It’s the perfect app for college students to stay organized with! 

14. Mathway 
apps for college students

Most college math classes now have online homework. Mathway is a great app for college students looking for help with said online homework!

It allows you to enter the problem and it will provide you with a solution, and sometime even a step by step way to solve it. Is it cheating? Kind of. But does it save time? Yes! Is that all that matters to college students. Yes! 

This post was all about life-saving apps for college students.

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