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This post is all about microwave meals.

microwave meals

Looking for some really fast and delicious microwave meals?

Sometimes a girl just has to get things done QUICK and doesn't have time to put together an elaborate meal - que microwave meals.

These are the tried and true 25 best microwave meals.

Best Microwave Meals:

1. Cheesy Eggs

One of my favorite microwave meals and something I made every morning while I lived in college dorms...microwave eggs!

It literally saved me my freshman year and I can’t recommend it enough. 

You can get this recipe here.

2. Microwave Risotto
microwave meals

Can you believe that this is made in the microwave?!

This looks like something you could get at a restaurant let alone in the microwave! SO wish I knew about this when I was in college. 

You can find this recipe here.

3. Microwave French Toast
college microwave meals

How delicious does this french toast look?! If you're a college student, this would be a great way to make a special breakfast for you and your roommate.

4. Meatloaf 

I’m in SHOCK that you can do this, but this actually works. It is possible to make meatloaf in the microwave. I think that this is great idea if you ever start to miss home or your mom’s cooking! 

You can find this recipe here.

5. Mashed Potatoes 

No, I’m not talking about the instant mashed potatoes you can buy in the store. This recipe uses actual potatoes to create this comforting side dish, and yes all in the microwave. 

Use this great microwave meal hack in the dorm room as your main meal or try it with another recipe idea in here as a side dish! 

You can find this recipe here.

6. Sweet Potato Chips 

I know that this post is all about the best microwave MEALS but I thought I should at least include one snack idea because like, sometimes we don’t want to eat a full meal, we just need to be satisfied with a little something.

Enter this incredible recipe for sweet potato chips. It’s super easy and a mostly healthy snack that you can take anywhere in your busy lifestyle!

You can find this recipe here.

7. Mac And Cheese

This is another one of the best microwave meals that I made all the time in my dorm room freshman year. Because like . . . who doesn’t LOVE mac and cheese? 

It is such an easy and quick microwave meal for college students, you totally have to try it!

You can find this recipe here.

8. Stuffed Sweet Potato 

I have been on a sweet potato kick lately, but the downfall is the that they take so long to cook in an oven... so I'm REALLY glad I found this recipe!

There is a way to make an awesome microwave meal out of sweet potatoes, and make it into a main meal by stuffing it with things like chicken or cheese and veggies. Sounds awesome, right?

You can find the recipe here.

9. Microwave Fried Rice

Fast fried rice?! We're in.

You can find this recipe here.

10. Ratatouille 
easy microwave meals

Nope, you’re still on a post about the best microwave meals. We’re not talking childhood movies, although I will say that I thought the rat’s name was Ratatouille but I’m digressing so let’s get BACK ON TRACK!

If you love veggies, then this is the microwave meal for you to try! It’s really simple and easy so it’s totally doable on a college budget and lifestyle!

You can find this recipe here.

11. Salmon 

I didn’t think this was possible, but apparently it is. You can make salmon in the microwave! 

This is a great microwave recipe for college students to try when they really want to be as healthy as possible. Salmon has so many great health benefits and tastes delicious, so I’m so glad its possible for those in the dorms to be able to eat it too!

You can find this recipe here.

12. Chicken Pot Pie
healthy microwave meals

I’m about to try this recipe myself TBH because I am CRAVING some comfort food. And Chicken Pot Pie is the ultimate comfort food. 

Comfort meets ease with this microwave recipe, try it here:

You can find this recipe here.

13. Lasagna 

We all have the one family member or friend that makes an INCREDIBLE Lasagna. But now it is your turn to be the one who can make the EASIEST Lasagna that still tastes delicious.

You can find this recipe here.

14. Pizza in a Mug 

Pizza is SUCH A college late night craving, am I right? But pizza is also like super expensive, especially if you get it delivered! 

This Pizza in a Mug recipe satisfies those late night cravings, and keeps your bank account in the green. That sounds like the best microwave recipe for sure!

You can find this recipe here.

dorm room essentials
15. Fettuccine Alfredo 

Pasta, the comfort food of . . . like ever right? Well now, that comfort food is one the best microwave meals a college student can make! 

You can find this recipe here.

16. Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon rolls are so nice to wake up to in the morning. But often you just buy the canned ones and bake them. But in a dorm you don’t have an oven 🙁 so you never get a cinnamon roll . . . or do you?

YOU DO!! With this awesome microwave meal idea for college students. It tastes great and smells wonderful, what more could someone ask for to start their day?

You can find this recipe here.

17. Mexican Nachos

I am a sucker for nachos and the fact that you can make these in the microwave is so nice!!

You can find this recipe here.

18. Omelette in a Mug 

This is another great way to make eggs in the morning, but in the microwave and in a mug! With this many awesome breakfast ideas that you can make in a microwave, there’s no reason for you to not be able to fuel up for the day all while in your dorm. But also like, who says you can’t have breakfast for dinner? 

You can find this recipe here.

19. Fancy Ramen 

We have Kylie Jenner to thank for this recipe idea, but unlike her we’re doing it all in the microwave. 

Ramen seems to be the staple of all college students, but it can get SO boring! Try these 5 fun ways to spice up your ramen next time you make it!

You can find this recipe here.

20. Quesadilla 

We love a good trip to the closest mexican restaurant for some chips and salsa. But that can get expensive too when you’re on a college budget. This quesadilla from a microwave is a great alternative microwave meal for the college student on the go or that can’t super afford to go out to eat. And it tastes delicious! 

You can find this recipe here.

21. Parmesan Crusted Green Beans 

This is the best microwave meal to make as a side dish, or if you just want some veggies! 

You can find this recipe here.

22. Chicken Broccoli Rice

How yummy does this look?!

You can find this recipe here.

23. Oatmeal 

This is my last breakfast microwave meal suggestion I promise,  but like I couldn’t not include oatmeal you know? 

You can find this recipe here.

24. Quinoa Bowl 

Did you know what you can make quinoa in the microwave? Well now ya do! 

Just add your favorite beans and veggies after making some and boom! you have a healthy microwaveable meal perfect for college students!

You can find this recipe here.

25. Rice and Beans 

This is such a simple and easy recipe to make in the microwave. It’s perfect for college students in the dorm or on the go. And it's delicious! 

You can find this recipe here.

This post was all about the best microwave meals.

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