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Are you looking for a boho themed dorm room? This post shows you exactly how to create a boho dorm that is so well-decorated, it could go viral on Pinterest.

boho dorm decor

A super popular way of decorating right now is the "boho" look. To design a boho dorm room, anything macrame and bright will fit right in! 

There is tons to choose from these days when it comes to boho decor. Amazon, Home Goods, At Home, and almost anywhere will have a lot of things you need to transform your bland dorm into a boho room you will love! 

Here are some of the cutest boho dorms I have found and some suggestions on how to make your own perfect boho dorm room. 

This post is all about how to decorate a boho dorm room.

Best Boho Dorm Rooms And Decor:

1. Neon Lights

boho dorm room

Recreate This Boho Dorm Room:

If you are going for the more fun and girly boho look, use neon lights! You can buy all kinds of different neon signs on Amazon. Plus this will add some lighting to your room you can use if you don't constantly want harsh lighting. Definitely some great mood lighting if I have ever seen it 😉

2. Neutral Boho Dorm Room

Recreate This Boho Dorm Room:

So there are pretty much two ways to decorate a bohemian dorm. You can go the more colorful route or stay earth-toned neutral. This choice totally depends on what YOU like so have fun with it.

If you are going the more earth toned neutral route, black, white, grey, and neutral decor is going to be your best friend. Using a burnt orange color in your pillows and blankets can help bring a pop of color without making it too harsh!

I also would totally recommend a shared side table if your beds are set up like this. It brings the room together but also will allow for some extra storage if you get one with shelves.

3. Use Color 

If you do want to go the colorful decorating route, using multicolored blankets, pillows, rugs, and wall decor is the way to go.

Of course when designing your boho dorm room you can't forget macrame! This is pretty much a boho staple and there are tons of different macrame pillows, wall hangings, and other decor items available. 

4. Hang Tapestries For Wall Decor

cute dorm decor

Recreate This Boho Dorm Room:

Wall tapestries are a college dorm room go-to but you can't deny the fact that they are super cute and look A LOT better than a cinderblock dorm wall.

I would recommend putting them behind your bed to serve as a "headboard". This will frame the bed and bring your room together. 

5. Make A Photo Wall 

Recreate This Boho Dorm Room:

If you're looking for a cheap and easy way to fill up wall space in your boho dorm room, pictures are the way to go.

You can use photos with friends OR my personal favorite thing to do is make a mood board on Pinterest and print the photos out. This will allow you to make a totally custom photo collage and it's super fun and easy!

6. Cover Dorm Furniture With Marble Vinyl

Recreate This Boho Dorm Room:

Okay so pretty much every dorm has the WORST colored furniture. I'm not sure who picks out the wood colors for dorm furniture but they need to go immediately... lol.

Anyways, I know when I moved into my dorm I pretty much hated my room because no matter what I did, I felt like it clashed with the furniture. A popular and super cute way to avoid this is to use peel and stick vinyl on the wood.

You can get this vinyl in different patterns and colors all over Amazon and it's pretty cheap too. If you are going for the boho dorm look I would recommend a light marble vinyl.

dorm room essentials

7. Use Vinyl Records At Wall Decor

boho dorm decor

Recreate This Boho Dorm Room:

How fun is this?! This room is kind of a retro/boho mix but I am living for it.

Hang some plastic records on your wall for cheap and easy wall decor. If you are a little more crafty you could even DIY your records and paint little plants or sayings on them!

8. Decorate With Hanging Plants/Greenery

boho dorm decor

Recreate This Boho Dorm Room:

This is probably my favorite tip when it comes to designing a room. Using plants will bring a little bit of life and color into your room. Hanging ivy around the room is a super popular was to add color into your neutral boho design. Definitely try this... I promise it changes the room completely. 

9. Incorporate Orange

dorm decor for walls

Recreate This Boho Dorm Room:

When I think of boho I usually thing of neutral colors with some warm tones. Orange is a great color to use to brighten up the space.

Add pops of orange in a pillow or wall hanging and I promise it will immediately give you that outdoorsy boho look. And don't forget the macrame hanging and pillows of course (;

10. Use Lots Of Pictures And Fun Items To Decorate

Recreate This Boho Dorm Room:

A big part of giving your dorm room the bohemian look is making your decor look very natural and fun. Using lots of pictures, little items and momentos will help you achieve this look.

Plus, this personalizes your room. You can even hang hats up that will not only serve as storage but also decor. 

11. Patterns Are Your Best Friend

Recreate This Boho Dorm Room:

Okay if you're looking for the ultimate boho dorm room, this is it! A huge part of designing a perfect boho dorm is using lots of colors and patterns to create texture in the room.

I would recommend searching around home stores for some unique and colorful items to use in your dorm. This will not only make the room more "you" but it will guarantee your room is unlike anyone else's!

12. Star Projector

Recreate This Boho Dorm Room:

Okay I know this isn't technically a dorm room but this cool star projector can be used literally anywhere so you get the jist. One of my friends has one is her room and the first time I saw it I was literally amazed. 

When you're living in a dorm room 24/7 it can be hard to get much time outside, so why not bring it in?! A star projector will give your room a super relaxing vibe and who doesn't love star gazing from their room?! 

This post was all about how to decorate a boho dorm room.

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