41 Best Dorm Gifts To Give College Students

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This post is all about dorm gifts.

best dorm gifts

There are so many things you need to get when you move in/live in a dorm room that it can be hard to decide on what is really the most important stuff.

Throughout the years of living in a dorm room, I have really found what is the most essential dorm room products.

So many of the gifts I received were very appreciated, but I never touched them and they just sat collecting dust in my room.

This post is all about dorm gifts.

Dorm Gifts for College Students:

1. Memory Foam Pillow

Beds in college are known for being uncomfortable.

While a mattress pad does help a ton, having a nice memory pillow makes those little hours of sleep you get better.


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2. Twin Sheets with Pocket

Did you know they even sold dorm sheets like this?!

This dorm room gift is perfect for those bunked beds where you need to hold something but just don't have the space up there.

The sides of these sheets hold a pocket where you can store your phone, headphones, and anything else that you want to be close to you.

3. Fuzzy Blanket

Getting a blanket is a great present in itself but especially for a college dorm room gift.

Dorm rooms are either on two ends of the spectrum-- freezing cold or boiling hot. When your room is freezing cold, there is nothing more that you want to do than wrap up in a nice fuzzy blanket.

I always prefer to get my blankets in a queen so I can really wrap myself up in it.

4. Mattress Pad

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5. Clip-On Fan

Repeat from above: dorm rooms are either freezing or miserably hot!

These fans that you can stick onto your dorm bed are the only way you will be able to comfortably survive sleeping in such a hot room.

6. Mesh Shower Caddy

In my dorm essentials list, this is the most sold item.

I highly recommend getting a mesh shower caddy (I've used both plastic and mesh) because the mesh releases the water better.

When I had a plastic shower caddy, I would come back to my dorm and ten minutes later there would be a huge puddle from the water retained in my plastic shower caddy.

7. Makeup Mirror 

This is such a good dorm gift for girls.

Lighting in dorm rooms are terrible and it can make it really hard to put makeup on.

This mirror is the best because you can move it around your room and it makes the makeup applying process way easier.

This is also nice for if the college student has to get up early while the other roommate is sleeping. It gives just the right amount of light that they can get ready but don't disturb the roommate.

8. Customized Towel Wrap

Another high priority item on the dorm packing list!!

My mom has given these out as high school graduation gifts almost every year because everyone RAVES about them. Including me, I might actually be the biggest fan of them all :).

My friends and I use these shower wraps on the daily when we walked from our dorm room to the showers. I even use it when I come home because they are so nice.

These towel wraps are an awesome dorm gift because they can be customized to have the girls initials!

9. Futon

Best. futon. ever!

I  am telling you, this futon is the best you will find without spending an arm and a leg.

The college student receiving this gift will so appreciate how it is (fake) leather instead of clothe!

It makes all those dorm spills so much better.

10. Cute Hangers

These are a fun dorm gift that will add a little flair to a regular college closet.

Plus, these velvet hangers are the best at maximizing space in the basically nonexistent dorm closet.

11. Jewelry Organizer

This jewelry organizer is a great dorm gift for girls because it gives them a mirror AND a way of organizing their jewelry!

It can be really hard to find space to put your jewelry so this is a perfect way to do it.

12. Rain Coat

I forgot my rain jacket freshman year of college, and boy was those few weeks wet!

These rain jackets are by far the most popular on campus and even make a great dorm gift for guys.

13. Coffee Machine

If the future/current college student you are gifting is a coffee lover, they need a Keurig.

Not only do they make killer coffee, they also are perfect for heating up ramen and mac n' cheese (ya know, dorm essentials ;). 

14. Hot Water Heater

If you don't want to spend the amount of money that a Keurig costs, these hot water heaters are amazing for tea and food that requires hot water.

I decided to go this route because I don't like coffee. I am a huge tea drinker though and use this daily!

15. Sound Machine

This is the best thing ever!!

With this on, you don't hear any of the dorm sounds and can sleep or work on homework in piece.

16. Charger Cords

Something us college students ALWAYS need??

More phone chargers. 

Help us out!

17. Picture Frames

Picture frames are a great dorm gift for college students because it brings a little piece of home there.

Add a picture of you two and you've got a cheap dorm gift!

18. Laundry Supplies

Laundry is not fun, but let me promise you. It is not something college students want to spend any money on.

Getting us stocked up on laundry supplies will be so appreciated! 

Also, stay away from the laundry pods. Most college washing machines don't get hot enough to melt the plastic and the plastic ends up getting stuck on clothes and ruining them (been there, done that).

19. Downy Wrinkle Eraser

This stuff is like magic!!

It really does remove wrinkles from clothes.

I purchased this and soon after a ton of girls on my dorm floor did as well because it works so well!

dorm room essentials

20. North Face Backpack

One of the only backpacks I know that can withstand the weight of all the books you carry around as college students!

Also, the most popular backpack by far for college students.

This backpack will be a dorm gift that will last them all four years (or more) of college.

21. Day Designer Planner

It is essential for college students to stay organized or they will start missing homework assignments and test.

This is my favorite planner and the one I have been using. I also love how cute it is!

22. Small Vacuum

The dorm vacuums they offer to you are TERRIBLE.

Most of the time they are 30 year old vacuums that make your room smell worse than actually cleaning anything.

I love (!!!) my small vacuum that I got for my room. I got the cheaper version so it doesn't pick up everything but it does work pretty well.

They Dyson version is a BIG gift... but, it will last years and years (and it's cordless!).

23. Tapestry

Tapestries are a great addition to any dorm room. 

They are super easy to decorate with and easy to hang up

Flags are also a great idea for guys!

24. Alexa

An Alexa is such a great idea for college dorms! 

The Alexa allows you to play music without even having to get up! (because college students are lazy)

Saying "Hey Alexa, play pop music" is a lot easier than the hassle of connecting your phone to a bluetooth speaker

25. Water Bottle

Plastic water bottles cost money which college students don't always want to spend.

These are by far the most popular water bottles seen on campus and keep your water cold for more than 24 hours (true story, I have them!).

26. Tile - Key Finder

College students lose things a lot.

And guess what? If you lose your key to your dorm it can be more than $80 dollars to replace.

27. Laptop

Want to get the college student a gift that they will use every single day throughout their whole college career?

Get them a laptop.

No, it's not cheap. But having a laptop is by far the most important dorm gift you can purchase for them.

Also, most colleges recommend Apple computers. Once again, they are not cheap. But they last SO long.

28. Tool Kit

This is something we definitely don't think about until we NEED it and it's not there!

A toolkit is a practical gift that will help them with decorating or anything else they might need (like a screw for putting batteries in something).

29. AirPods

The most popular college gift right now?


And believe me, college students WANT THESE! From everyone  I know that has them, they say it was the best gift/purchase they have ever received.

30. Large Duffle Bag

This Lululemon bag is the perfect duffle bag for those weekends you go home or go and visit a friend.

31. Travel Mug

College students are constantly on the go and a travel mug is used all the time.

YETI's are a great dorm gift because they will keep the drink hot (or cold) throughout the day.

32. Hammock

If you go to any college campus while the weather is nice you are almost guaranteed to see people in these hammock.

They are very popular and a great gift for college students.

33. Clothes Steamer

There are many moments in college where students will be running down the hallway going room to room to see if anyone has something that can get wrinkles out.

The Downy Wrinkle Releaser is amazing but require some drying time. This steamer works really fast and will get all the wrinkles away.

34. Refrigerator Cart

In a dorm room, you've got to utilize every square inch available to you!

This refrigerator cart gives you storage below to put snacks and other food related items you might need.

Talk about a practical dorm gift!

35. Shower Speaker

How fun is this dorm gift?!

This waterproof speaker allows college students to listen to music while showering.

36. Phone Battery Charger

College students phones are almost always guaranteed to be dead.

Having one of these in your purse can help solve a lot of possible issues if your phone was to die (especially at a party!).

Really, this is a great safety precaution.

37. Rug

To make a dorm room feel cozy you need to have a rug.

This rug is super popular among college students because it is A) really cute and fluffy and B) neutral so it matches with both roommates colors.

For dorms, I recommend getting a 5 ft x 7 ft rug.

38. Lingerie Bag

College students can be pretty reckless when it comes to washing clothes.

These lingerie bags can help keep their delicates from getting ruined.

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39. Bedshelf

These bed shelfs are awesome for giving you a place to put things in your bunk bed.

40. Photo Collage Frame

This cute photo collage holder gives the college student some place to hang pictures from home or with their new college friends.

41. Amazon Prime Student Account

Did you know that you can gift Amazon prime accounts?!

Students might utilize Amazon more than anyone so having their Prime membership paid for for a year is pretty amazing.

You can sign them up for Amazon Prime here.

This post showed 41 best dorm gifts that will actually be used by students.

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