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This post is all about rustic dorm decor. 

rustic dorm decor

One of the most popular ways to decorate is using a rustic theme. This pretty much means light colors and LOTS of rustic wood decor.

Personally, this is one of my favorite ways to decorate because it's simple and the finished look is always so clean and beautiful. Here are all the products you will need to make your dorm room a Pinterest perfect rustic dorm room.

This post is all about rustic dorm decor.

Best Rustic Dorm Decor:

1. Wood Headboard

rustic dorm decor

A wooden headboard is a staple to any rustic dorm room! Having a headboard really pulls your bedding together and will make your dorm feel more homey.

I have been searching stores for wooden dorm headboards but didn't find too many and the ones I did find were pretty over priced. My suggestion would be to go to Home Depot or Lowes, buy some wooden planks and DIY your headboard. This will honestlY be better than buying one anyways because you can choose the exact color of the wood and make it to fit your aesthetic.

If you don't have the skills to DIY a headboard (not sure if I could do it honestly) you can also use wood wallpaper behind your bed. This will give your bed the headboard look but for way cheaper!

2. Go With A Neutral Rug

One of the key parts of designing a rustic dorm room is to stay neutral. I would suggest going for a light and neutral rug to give the room a clean look to it.

I highly suggest a rug for your dorm! Most dorm floors are an ugly cold tile and having a rug will make it way more comfortable and homey.

3. Sheepskin Accent Rug

An accent sheepskin rug is one of my design obsessions right now. This will add texture to the room which is a huge part of giving your room that rustic look. 

It's also super soft and cozy and who doesn't love that in a room?!

4. White/Cream Bedding

Again, stick with neutral white and beige for your bedding and have more fun with your accent pillows and rustic dorm decor. 

Having a white or cream bed will also allow you to pick any pillows you want without it clashing with the bedding.

5. Cute Throw Blankets

Blankets are definitely a necessity for your dorm room. There are tons of cute options on Amazon and Home Goods. Shop around and find a few you like!

Blankets are one part of rustic dorm decor you can have more fun with and start to add a little color in if you like.

6. Have Fun With Pillows

rustic dorm decor

Pillows pillows pillows! I know my favorite part about decorating is picking out all my cute accent pillows. Again, pillows are part of your design where you can have more fun and incorporate a little bit of color. Pillows with texture such as ruffles or tassels always look super cute.

When you are designing your rustic dorm room I would stick to 2-3 accent pillows. Any more and your small dorm bed can look too crowded. But have fun with picking out your pillows!

7. Rustic Letter Board

I'm sure you have seen velvet letter boards in a ton of dorm inspo pictures but this one is a perfect addition to a rustic themed dorm! 

BTW- I would not put these on your door because take it from me... people will change the words and steal your letters.

8. Simple Lighting

You don't need to go to crazy with your lighting. I personally love this lamp because it has a little tray at the base you can put small items instead of placing them on your nightstand where they can fall off.

9. Use Plants

rustic dorm decor

This is probably my favorite tip when it comes to designing a room. Because a rustic theme uses mostly neutral colors, using plants will bring a little bit of life and color into your room. Definitely try this... I promise it changes the room completely.

10. Rustic Letters

This is a super cute and simple decor piece. You and your roommate could also get matching ones and put them above your bed!

dorm room essentials

11. Rustic Storage

Wood accents are everything and storage is always much needed in a dorm room, so why not combine both? This is one of my favorite rustic organizational pieces that will be sure to be put to good use.

12. Picture Frames

Take advantage of all your wall space! It's so easy for a dorm room to look bland because of the ugly (usually cinderblock) walls. Hanging cute rustic frames and other wall decor will make your rustic dorm room so much cuter.

Have fun with this and make a cute little photo wall with all different sized frames.

13. Wood Mirror With Storage

An over the door mirror is definitely a dorm room essential. I didn't buy one my first year and was constantly using my roommate's side to look in her mirror.

Plus, this one doubles as jewelry storage and if you have as much jewelry as I do, you are going to need some extra space to hang all your necklaces. 

14. Wood Jewelry Organizer

If you are looking for a smaller way to store jewelry, this rustic wall hanging jewelry organizer would be perfect! It would honestly be super cute just as decor to hang pictures and your keys on. However you use it, the wood is a perfect accent to add to your rustic dorm decor.

15. Neutral Poof

Most of the time, dorm beds are kind of high so it never hurts to have a little decorative poof to step on. Plus, there is usually not much room for extra seating so this is a perfect little seating area when your friends come over. 

16. Rustic Baskets

One of my weird obsessions is cute baskets. They always make the room feel 10X more organized but also pull the room together so much!

I would wait to buy baskets until you know exactly how much room you will have for them but I can promise you that you will need them at some point.

This post was all about the best rustic dorm decor.

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