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This post is all about dorm room packages.

dorm room packages

When shopping for your dorm room it can be really hard to find everything you want from one website or store. I always hated ordering from separate stores only to buy one thing that I needed.

If your'e looking for an easy and quick way to buy stuff for your dorm, these dorm room packages are perfect for you! These also make super fun graduation gifts for students heading off to college.

This post is all about dorm room packages.


1. Urban Habitat Brooklyn 7-Piece Comforter Set

dorm room bedding

Buying sheets, a comforter, pillows, blankets and all that dorm bedding individually can be expensive and a lot of work! I always hated ordering things from different websites for my dorm because I had to pay for shipping for each one.

This dorm room bundle from Bed Bath and Beyond is honestly a steal for all that you get and will eliminate having to pay a ton of shipping fees from different stores. Plus, this bundle comes in all different styles of bedding so you have tons of options to choose from!

2. Dorm Room Bedding Package For Guys

dorm room packages for guys

This is similar to the dorm room bedding package for girls but I wanted to include it in here so all the boy mamas will know they can buy a dorm bedding package too! 

Honestly, most guys couldn't care less what their bedding looks like so this is a super easy way to buy his bedding all at once.

3. Dorm Room In A Trunk

dorm bedding

I absolutely love this idea! Not only is this a super easy way to buy your bedding, I love that it comes with a trunk too. I always wished I had bought a trunk for my dorm room because they are perfect for extra seating and storage.

Plus, Dorm.Co offers student discounts so you can always get money off! ?

4. Dorm Room Storage Package

If there is one thing you need in your dorm room, it's storage. This dorm room storage package will keep all your things organized and it's a great price! This bundle is perfect for all your dorm room storage needs plus it comes with a few extra things like a shower caddy.

I added up what I spent on storage baskets, hampers, etc. and it was way more than this package so you're definitely getting a steal.

5. Tezza Collage Kit

college freshman starter kit

If you haven't heard of Tezza's collage kits, allow me to fill you in. These collage kits are taking over everyone's dorm rooms and for good reason. They look absolutely amazing and can take any drab, cement wall and turn it into a dream space. 

Tezza's kits are a bit on the pricey-side, but that's not to worry. You can print out your own pictures and use her kits as inspiration or you can purchase a collage kit off of Etsy! If there's a will, there's a way.

6. Dorm Room First Aid Package

A First Aid kit is definitely a necessity to keep in your dorm. Buying individual packages of bandaids, full tubes of ointments, etc. will go to waste. This first aid package is perfect because it has literally everything you need without having to spend tons of money on full sized products.

7. Dorm Room Laundry Package

I know I know... no college student is excited about having to do their own laundry all the time. But, the truth is, you have to now and will need the supplies to do it! Luckily you don't need too many supplies to do your laundry in college but this package is a perfect starter pack for first time laundry doers. ?

dorm room essentials

8. School Supplies Package

Personally, I didn't need too many school supplies in college since I did pretty much everything on my laptop. It really depends on if you like to take hand written notes or type them on your computer (which really depends on the person!). If you plan to hand write them, you'll definitely need a few more notebooks than other students. 

Either way, you will need some and this school supplies package right here is pretty much all you need. Only thing I would maybe add is a few highlighters, stapler, and scissors.

9. On-The-Go Essentials Package For Girls

Totally wish I had this on-the-go essentials package at school. I would definitely keep one of these kits in your purse or backpack for emergency situations!

10. Dorm Room Survival Kit

dorm room essentials package

This package includes 30 things you should definitely have as an incoming freshman that you may not have thought about. This includes everything from a filtrated water bottle to school supplies.

Coming from a college student myself, I would have loved to receive this as a graduation gift. It is a little pricey but you can take out certain things in the package you don't want that will lower the price!

11. Dorm Room Snack Package

Every good college student has their dorm stocked with snacks for those nights they just don't feel like walking to the dining hall. Honestly I would probably go through this so quick lol but I love the idea of having all different kind of snacks.

This would also make a great graduation gift or care package to send your college student while they're at school.

This post was all about the best dorm room packages.

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