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Wanting to find Christmas gifts for dad to make his Christmas feel extra special? Here are all the best things to be your dad for Christmas this year.

best gifts for dad

One key to being the favorite child is finding the perfect Christmas gifts for dads. 

Let's be real...that's easier said than done. Dads are slightly easier than moms when it comes to gifts but still pull the "I don't need anything" card. Like, no just tell me what you want!!

We have found the best Christmas gifts for dads and believe me, this is one of the best gift roundups we have EVER had. I want to get my dad like six of these things!

This post is all about the best Christmas gifts for dad.


1. Leather Wallet 

We all know that there is a running joke between dad’s that “their kids only love them for their wallet”. This Christmas, feed into that joke with this gift! 

A new leather wallet is a great Christmas gift for dad because it is thoughtful and one that he will use often and remember you by.

2. Amazon Echo 

Amazon Echoes are lifesavers, they help you do everything - they turn off your lights, they play your music, etc... wouldn’t your dad love all of this too? DUH! 

Give your dad the gift of basically a personal assistant with an Amazon Echo this Christmas. There are so many to choose from that you are sure to get him a gift he will love.

3. Watch

In today’s time, smart watches are all the rage. But they often times look out of place with a suit and tie. That’s why I recommend getting dad a nice watch for Christmas. Like, an actual watch that he can wear to work and look very professional in. 

A watch as a Christmas gift for dad is the perfect way to get him something useful that also says “hey, I’m not entirely turned off of old ways!”

4. Apple Pencil

An Apple Pencil is the perfect gift for dads who have an iPad but do not yet have an Apple Pencil.

They make using your iPad soo much easier and honestly more fun too. I feel like this is also something that dads wouldn't buy for themselves so buying them one for Christmas would be perfect!

5. Kindle

Honestly, this Christmas gift idea for dad makes me a little sad, because it means that physical books and libraries are truly a thing of the past. And I debated putting this in here because I don’t want to accept that but to stay current I’m adding it. 

Kindles are great, don’t get me wrong. I now prefer to read on my iPad or Kindle. But for parents it might be more difficult. Ease them into it with a basic kindle, and I promise within time it will be their new best friend!

6. Espresso Machine

I have my dad to thank for my obsession with all things coffee. If your dad loves coffee, then this is a great Christmas gift idea for him! 

An espresso machine basically gives him a Starbucks in his home. So not only are you saving him time, you’re saving him money too.

7. A Record Player 

I LOVE that record players are coming back and are pretty trendy now! And parents are enjoying it too. 

A lot of parents — dads especially — have their old record collections somewhere in the house. Give them a chance to break them out with this awesome Christmas gift idea just for dad!

8. FireTV

FireTV is just like adding a new and improved second TV to the one that you already have. 

FireTV’s have Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, etc. AND the newest ones have Alexa built into the remote so he won’t even have to push buttons. How awesome is that?

9. Noise Cancelling Headphones 

Noise cancelling headphones are apparently magic because you can only hear your music if you’re playing it, with literally no other background noise. This is a perfect Christmas gift for dad because it gives him the “peace and quiet” that he always begs for. Or, if he travels a lot these are perfect too.

Though they are expensive, they are not the most expensive headphones out there right now and they get amazing reviews so what could be better?

10. Leather Phone Case 

This is the dad version of phone cases, I’m convinced. 

Did you know that most dads believe that they don’t need a case on their phones? It’s true, phone cases are typically thought of as a “more feminine item.” But a leather phone case? Oh that completely changes the game because it’s totally male. So if you're constantly worried about your dad breaking his phone, I definitely suggest this Christmas gift for him.

11. Wireless Charger 

I got one of these for Christmas last year, and I cannot say enough good things about it. You just set your phone and watch on it and it charges them! How cool is that?

It is only available on iPhone SE and up, but if your dad has one of those, I think this is a great Christmas gift for him!

12. Apple Watch

Apple Watches are good for so many things and I know tons of dads and older guys who love theirs. Tracking workouts is probably what they would love the most, but Apple Watches can do so many super cool things that dads are sure to love.

My whole family has one and we LOVE them! Definitely recommend this for a more expensive gift idea. (Life hack though... go to Costco around the holidays and they always have new technology for super cheap!!)

13. Ember Mug 

This is a genius product, so if you want to shop for me, feel free to get me this... But order two, one for me and one for your dad! 

Ember Mugs are coffee mugs that stay heated so that your coffee never gets cold! You set their temperature and they keep whatever beverage is inside at that temperature. So if your dad hates cold coffee, save his life with an Ember mug for Christmas!

14. ...or a regular mug!

This is a great Christmas gift for dad if you’re trying to gift shop on a budget. Amazon has a ton of regular mugs, and so many of them are made for different things! Definitely look into this gift idea if money is tight this holiday season.

15. AirTags

Does your dad always lose his keys? Then get him an AirTag set for Christmas. AirTags work like Find My iPhone and are such a lifesaver if you are prone to losing your keys, wallet, etc. You can get so creative with these (people even put them in their luggage when they are traveling!) so that you always know where your stuff is.

I don't know about your dad, but my dad thinks these are so cool and a tech gift that is perfect for Christmas.

16. Multi-Tool

Oh this is a total dad gift. A multi tool just has — you guessed it — multiple tools in one!

We all know that dads like to be the handy one in the group. And they should be, they’re dads! So keep them feeling like they’re still the most handy person around with a multi tool as a Christmas gift.

17. Tool Set 

This Christmas gift is a great idea for dads. Most dads probably already have a conglomeration of tools but these are probably ones he's had for years. Any dad will appreciate a new, matching tool set like this one with everything he needs!

18. Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses

If your dad loves a good high ball or just some whiskey in the evening after work, this is the gift for him.

Get him a set of glasses for his bar cart or bookshelf in his office. Then, he’ll think of you every time he pours a glass and be super thankful that his favorite child added such a classic piece to his favorite part of the day!

19. Braun Grooming Kit 

Did you know that some dads use the most basic kind of shaving products? A lot of them say that it's because they “don't see the need to get anything more expensive.”

Well we, their children, do. And if you see that need then this is the perfect Christmas gift for dad. A precision grooming kit has fresh and brand new products that will give him a clean and fresh shave or haircut every time and drastically reduce their chances of cutting themselves while shaving.

20. Custom Whiskey Decanter 

This is another great Christmas gift idea for the dad that loves a drink after work. He’s not in college anymore, so the liquor bottles as decor probably isn’t as enticing to him as it is to you.

But with this custom whiskey decanter, he’ll be much more likely to showcase his favorite whiskey in his office or in the kitchen. And in doing so he’ll be showcasing a gift from YOU so that you have actual evidence you're the best gift giver.. We love mutually beneficial gifts, don't we?

21. Duffel Bag 

This is perfect for the dad that travels a lot or goes to the gym a lot.

A lot of dads don’t think to carry their things in a duffle bag. But once they have one, they'll realize it makes life so much easier. So if your dads a frequent flyer or gym rat, this is the perfect Christmas gift for him. 

22. Cologne 

A go-to Christmas gift idea for dads is always to just get him another one of his favorites or a product he uses daily. Cologne is a great product like this. So if your dad has one he wears everyday, get him another bottle so that he can stay stocked!

23. Blue Light Glasses 

Most dad’s jobs involve looking at a computer for at least some part of the day. If that’s your dad, I highly suggest thinking about getting him blue light glasses as his Christmas gift! 

Ever notice how when you stare at a computer screen your eyes get tired and start to hurt? Or maybe you develop a headache? Well, whatever happens, blue light glasses keep that from happening! They block the things that make your eyes hurt. And the best part is that even if you don’t have to have glasses, there are blue light glasses that are available as non-prescription as well! 

Bottom line: blue light glasses are a great Christmas present for the dad that looks at a phone or computer for too much of the day.

24. Sonos Speaker

Sonos speakers are SO cool because you can get a whole system of them to put in different rooms of your house or even on your patio, and then you can connect them together and play music from all of them at the same time!

My dad got these for his house and is obsessed with them, and I have to say that they are pretty cool. Hosting parties is so fun with this speaker system, but using them on a day-to-day basis is so easy and fun too.

25. Travel Toiletries Bag 

Again, another great idea for the dad that travels a lot. Also pro tip: if you can get him one that is leather, they last forever! They’re more expensive, but totally worth the money.

26. Bathrobe 

This is for the dad that really needs to pamper himself because he works way too hard! A nice fuzzy bathrobe guarantees that he starts his day in a relaxing way, and wouldn’t it be awesome if he had you to thank for that?

27. Hey Dudes

These shoes are SO popular with dads and pretty much every guy I know owns a pair and raves about them. I don't know what's so special about them but if your dad already loves them or if he has never heard of them, I would totally get him a pair for Christmas.

28. Electric Toothbrush 

Ok, I’m not just talking about the basic ones that we’ve been using forever. I’m talking about one of the super nice ones with the water pick floss thing.

It’s a great Christmas gift for the practical dad who only likes gifts that he will actually use in his every day life... and I guarantee he will use this every day (or at least we can hope!)

29. Pegboard Tool Organizer

My dad has gotten really into tools in recent years because he works at a tool company, but he has never had anything to organize or show off his tools. If this sounds like your dad or if he has been in need of a new tool organizer, this would be a great gift for him!

Dads love to show off all the cool things they have which would make this a great gift that they may not have money to get for themselves.

30. Magnetic Tool Wrist Band 

This is another genius gift for that handy dad. My friend bought this for her dad on his birthday and she says he absolutely loves it.

Basically, this wrist band has metal in it so screws and nails can stick to it. So while he’s hanging things up or putting something together, he doesn’t have to worry about losing the nails and screws that he needs, because they’re right on his wrist!

31. Bulk of His Favorite Candy 

Did you know that Amazon has 5 lb bags of several different kinds of candy? If your dad has a sweet tooth, I totally suggest checking this Christmas gift idea out. AND it isn’t super expensive. So it's another great option if you’re ballin’ on a budget this holiday season! 

32. Socks

For whatever reason, socks are a necessity and dads often don’t think about buying them when they need them! So if you’re really struggling and don’t know what else to get him, get him socks! 

These Bombas socks are apparently amazing and every dad that I've met loves them.

33. Golf Shirts

Is it just me or is golf becoming a super popular sport among every single guy recently? I swear everyone I know is golfing, and if that includes your dad, that means he could probably use some new golf shirts!

I think I will be getting my dad some new golf shirts this Christmas because with as much golf as he plays, he'll definitely need them.

34. Beer Bottle Caddy 

This is for the dad who loves to tailgate! This beer caddy holds 6 beers and keeps them the perfect temperature. What dad wouldn’t love getting this as a gift for Christmas?

35. Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

This is honestly a really cool invention! Any dad who loves to grill needs to add this meat thermometer to his collection of grilling accessories.

A great Christmas gift idea for dad is a smart meat thermometer. This will make their grilling so much easier and so much more fun!

36. Portable Charger 

This Christmas gift idea is for the dad that is always on the go. Portable chargers can be super bulky and most of them run out of battery so fast, but these are very little compared to most others and keep charge for a long time.

They're so easy to plug into your phone and keep in your pocket when you're not using it, and will pretty much save any dads life if they are always traveling and making phone calls.

37. Neck Fan

Neck fans are perfect for the dad who lives in a hot state and spends a lot of his time outside. If your dad loves to golf in the heat, he would absolutely love this neck fan. It's such a practical way to cool down but definitely not something your dad would think about.

38. A Bottle of His Favorite Alcohol 

Ok, maybe your dad isn’t the biggest beer fan (that’s probably unlikely but you know what I mean) and he prefers some kind of hard liquor instead. Perfectly fine! Like I’ve said before a great Christmas gift idea for dad is getting him another of something that he already knows and loves.

Alcohol totally applies to this category! So grab a nice bottle of his favorite whiskey or bourbon for him this Christmas, you know he’ll definitely enjoy it.

39. Running Glasses

If you have some extra cash to spend on your loved ones this holiday season, I highly suggest running glasses as Dad’s Christmas gift. 

Amazon actually has a ton of nice running sunglasses available, so you can order them for him and return them for free if they don’t work or if dad needs a different style!

40. Grilling Box Set  

This is for grill master dad. This grilling box set provides your dad with top notch tools for the grill AND a place to keep them. 

41. Funny Socks 

This is the perfect gag Christmas gift idea for the jokester dad. Every dad loves to fall asleep on the couch, so this would be a really funny gift to get for your dad.

If for some reason your dad never sleeps on the couch while watching television, there are so many funny socks on Amazon and other websites.

42. Car Mount 

My dad actually first showed this to me and I don't remember the last time I saw him so excited about something.

A car mount attaches to the dashboard and keeps your phone upward and visible to you by being clipped in. It’s another great Christmas gift idea for dad, especially a dad that is always on the go or loves his car!

43. YETI Cooler

These Yeti coolers are honestly so expensive for a cooler, but it's also a great gift your dad will love. They are such high quality and will last them forever!

44. Electric Shaver

An electric shaver is perfect for any guy with facial hair or doesn't! It's rechargeable and comes with a storage pouch which is perfect for the dad who travels.

45. Gift Cards

If your dad is just the pickiest person in the world and you really think that nothing you get him will make him happy, you’re wrong. Why? Because a gift card will make him happy! 

Amazon has its own gift cards online, but it also has a ton of gift cards to restaurants and other places as well. So if you’re gonna go with a gift card, look on Amazon first!

This post is all about the best Christmas gifts for dad.

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