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This post is all about the best rugs.

best rug

Every room needs a rug, whether it's a 2 x 4 or a 16 x 20, yet sometimes finding a rug can be the hardest part of decorating your space! Nevertheless, rugs have the opportunity to take your room to the next level.

So, if you're having trouble finding a rug for your living room, bedroom, or hallway, you're at the right place. Get ready to be inspired and find the perfect rug!

This post shows you the best rugs.


Who doesn't love Amazon?

With the fastest delivery, you really can't go wrong getting your rug here; and if you don't like it, the returning process is always simple and easy.

Amazon has so many options for rugs so it's definitely somewhere to check out first! 

1. Bria Shag Rug

Shag rugs are very in, and for good reasons.

The texture of the rug brings so much character to the room; you just can't go wrong.

2. Traditional Gray Rug

A classic traditional rug will last you a lifetime and looks great in almost any space.

3. Chunky Loop Jute Rug

I have a chunky loop jute rug in my apartment, and I love it! Personally, I chose to layer the rug.

However, if you are looking for a cozy rug, I would opt for a different option! 

4. Ivory Tribal Diamond Medallion Area Rug

The bold tribal ivory pattern takes this one to the next level. Statement rugs are great for small spaces.

5. Moroccan Blythe Area Rug

Subtle, detailed patterns make this Moroccan rug a statement piece while not being too overwhelming.

6. Chevron Jute Rug

You cannot go wrong with a chevron jute rug!

A neutral, two-toned rug will add depth to your space and take it to the next level.


If you are moving into an apartment, dorm, etc. the chances you are making a pit stop, or shopping online, at Ikea are very high.

Ikea is also a store most people know and trust, which makes buying from there even better.

7. Köpenhamn Rug

apartment rug ideas

This rug is gorgeous and perfect if you have a light-toned couch! The texture gives character to the rug, and you cannot go wrong with tassels.

8. Höjet Rug

ikea rugs

Simple, straight lines will add structure to any space.

9. Torsted Cowhide


My living room has a cowhide (not a real cow, fake) on top of my jute rug, and I love it. Do not be afraid of layering rugs - more-times-than-not they look great.


Before moving into my apartment, I had heard so much about Rugs USA, which was why it was one of the first places I looked when I finally moved in and started decorating.

The quality and prices are fantastic, and there are unlimited options.

10. Off White Tribal Moroccan Tassel Area Rug

rugs usa

The tribal rug adds so much character to the living room; this is an example of how a rug can truly bring together a space.

11. Gray Ring Around The Rosette Area Rug

rugs usa 2020

You can't go wrong with a gray rug; classic, simple and works with almost any piece of furniture.

12. Off White Jute Braided Saturn Border Area Rug

cheap rugs

As I said before, structure can add so much to a space.

If you go to Rugs USA's website, you will see this rug comes in a multitude of shapes; the circle version looks great as well!

13. Black Seagrass with Border Area Rug

college rug ideas

The lines of this seagrass rug are perfect for a classic, modern room.


Safavieh rugs are so under-the-radar; this secret rug-haven has so many great options I was very happy when I found the site.

The online store is organized into categories including style, pattern, color, material, shape, etc. which make the browsing process extremely easy.

14. Carmella Shag

dorm rugs

If you are looking for a cute, comfy rug, this is it!

I love that the diamonds in the rug add character while staying neutral and not taking over the space!

15. Expression Rug

rug ideas for living room

Animal print rugs are a current favorite of mine; they add so much depth and character to a space!

16. Cosmopolitan Rug

college dorm ideas

The cosmopolitan rug is classic, traditional, and perfect for any living room.

The multitude of colors in the rug allows you to have fun with your decor.


West Elm is one of my favorite furniture and decor companies. Whenever I venture into the city, I always try to find a West Elm.

Their rugs are no exception either, each one is beautiful, and you really can't go wrong!

17. Graduated Dot Rug

best rugs ideas 2020

I cannot get enough of this rug. I think I'm in love.

18. Safi Rug

home rugs

Simple, yet holds so much texture and character!

19. Painted Mixed Stripes Rug

rug deals

The colors are what first attracted me to this rug, but the lines are what's holding my attention now!

20. Foil Diamonds Distressed Rug

best rugs 2021

You want your space to tell a story, and choosing the right rug is very important.

The fading in this distressed rug adds depth and character.


best rugs

21. Off White Macchiato Faux Cowhide Area Rug

I layered two rugs in my living room, both from Rugs USA. I love how they compliment each other and the space around them! 

22. Off White Chunky Loop Area Rug

This is the second rug I have in my living room. Rugs USA has so many different options for rugs and they are all super affordable! 

This post showed you the best rugs.

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