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This post is all about graduation party ideas high school graduates will love.

high school graduation party ideas

Graduation is right around the corner which means it's time to start planning your party! 

Whether you're the one about to graduate from high school or you're the parent of someone who is, party planning and finding ideas can be overwhelming! 

Here are some tips as well as inspiration for your high school graduation party that will definitely help you plan one of the best parties in your class. 

This post is all about graduation party ideas high school graduates will love.

Best Graduation Party Tips For High School Graduates:

1. Don't Serve Too Much Food

Chances are there are lots of graduation parties your guests will be attending this time of year. Most likely, they will have eaten at other parties already if your party is in the afternoon.

You really probably don't need as much food as you think! Don't waste your money and keep it simple. 

2. Serve Snacks And Finger Foods

Having a sit down meal plan is just not practical. This would require lots of seating and people usually walk around to socialize. Stick with easy to grab snacks and food.

3. Pick A Theme

Weather it is sports inspired, or uses your future colleges colors, stick with a theme through out your decoration and food. 

This will make your graduation party much more cohesive and can give you a chance to really show who you are!

4. Combine Parties

Combining graduation parties is not only super fun but also makes it easier to guest to attend more. My best friend and I did a joint graduation party and it was so fun! This also saves money on food and decoration costs.

5. Don't Make Your Party Time Too Long

Take it from me, three hours is enough. Socializing for that long is exhausting and by the end you will be so ready to dive into your graduation gifts and relax!

Best Graduation Party Products For High School Graduates:

6. Mini Chalkboard Labels

I used these at my high school graduation party and they instantly made everything so much more organized and cute! These are especially great if you're going for a more rustic theme.

7. Inflatable Drink Coolers

These are a super cheap and easy way to serve drinks! You won't want guests diving into your fridge anyways so this is a great graduation party idea that's also practical. 

8. Graduation Cap Gift Boxes

I think these are sooo cute. If you do a candy or snack bar, put these graduation cap boxes beside it so your guests can take some goodies home!

9. Scratch Off Party Game

These scratch off cards are a great idea for a high school graduation party game! 

Have a little prize for whoever wins and it adds such a fun touch to your graduation party.

10.Water Bottle Graduation Labels

These are a simple but super cute way to make your water bottles more in theme. They come in tons of different colors so pick one that fits!

Such a great graduation party idea that is a small detail but really shows how much you thought about your decorations.

11. Drink Fountain

How fancy does this look?! If you want to limit the trash from water bottles and cans, this is a super cute way to serve drinks! 

12. Graduation Year Party Balloons

These are essential to every high school graduation party! They make for so great photo ops!

13. Black And Gold Plates and Cups

Black and gold is a super popular color theme for graduation parties. Use matching paper plates and cups! This will make your party look so coordinated and planned. 

14. Who Knows The Graduate Best Game

Here is another super fun graduation party game! Have your guest fill this out and consider giving a prize for whoever is closest. A great way to get your party guests engaged at the party! 

15. Class of 2022 Door Banner

Not only is this banner a super cute decoration, it can help guests find the house the party is at!

dorm room essentials

Best Graduation Party Ideas For High School Graduates:

16. Table Centerpieces

graduation party ideas high school

Table centerpieces are definitely a graduation party must if you plan on having guests sitting or standing at tables! It really adds a nice touch to your decor that will elevate the look of your party. 

There are so many different ways to decorate centerpieces - twinkle lights, photos, confetti - but this is definitely my favorite.  

17. Words of Wisdom Station

I love this graduation party idea because going off to college is scary. Getting good advice from friends and family will be so helpful and fun to read after your party. 

This also gets your guests involved which they'll love! 

Another way to get messages from your friends is by putting out your yearbook and some sharpies for your friends to sign. 

18. Polaroid Guest Book

This is such a great way to remember your high school graduation party! Guests will love being able to take them and now you can look back at everyone who came!

Make sure to get some extra film!

Recreate This Graduation Party:

19. Card Box 

Graduation parties usually come with lots of cards from your guests. You'll need somewhere to put them all so you might as well make it cute! 

There are a ton of great card boxes you can find but you could definitely DIY one like this too! 

Recreate This Graduation Party:

20. Have A Rose Gold Themed Party

Rose gold is a super popular color theme to use at high school graduation parties (and with good reason!) There a tons of cute decor pieces you can use with this theme.

Having one or two colors throughout is a great way to make your party look super put together and cute! 

Recreate This Graduation Party:

21. Graduation Cap Straws

These graduation cap straws are so cute! They are super easy to make or you can buy them if you don't want the hassle of a DIY. 

Recreate This Graduation Party:

22. Display Every Yearbook Photo

Display all your K-12 photos on a board! It will be so fun for guests to see how much you have changed. 

I did this at my high school graduation party and people loved it. It's so cool to see how far you've come from your awkward middle school stages!

Recreate This Graduation Party:

23. Decorate With Your Future School Colors

high school graduation party ideas

A college themed table/decor is always a fun way to decorate. Celebrate all your hard work in high school with your future college decor!

You could also make your school colors the theme of your graduation party and have all the decor the same color. 

Recreate This Graduation Party:

24. Make A Friends Themed Photo Booth

2020 high school graduation party ideas

Love love love this idea! So many people love friends and will instantly get this reference. This is a super fun theme for a high school graduation party! 

Also, what a great photo op! 

25. DIY Curtain Photo Booth

high school graduation party ideas

This is one of my favorite photo booth ideas! Use a rod to hang curtains and pin paper flowers to it. Slap a graduation banner on there and you have a picture perfect background!

Recreate this Graduation Party:

26. Donut Wall

Everyone loves donuts! And this is a great way to display them.

Recreate This Graduation Party:

This post was all about the best graduation party ideas for high school graduates.

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