26 Insanely Creative High School Graduation Party Ideas

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This post is all about high school graduation party ideas.

high school graduation party ideas

Can you believe it's finally time to starting thinking about high school graduation party ideas?!

This has been a long time coming and it is worthy of a BIG celebration.

But, where do you begin? What decorations should you use? What food should you serve? Do you need a photo booth board or not? (We'll answer that for you...you do ;))

It can be so overwhelming thinking about everything that goes into a graduation party. We've rounded up the cutest graduation party ideas so that you can get inspiration for your own graduation party.

This post shows you the best high school graduation party ideas.

High School Graduation Party Ideas:

1. Games with Prizes 
high school graduation party ideas

Test your guests knowledge of the graduate with some fun games! 

These pre-made card questionnaires are available on Amazon and make the perfect game that gets every guest together to celebrate the graduate!  

This is a great high school graduation party idea because you will be surrounded around the people that know you best!

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2. Food that Goes with the Graduation Theme 

"Smart Cookie" or "Grad Cap" cake . .. okay, that one's a little bit of a stretch but you get the idea! 

You won't go wrong with adding some flare to your food!

3. Serve Drinks in a Fun Way

Graduation parties are always a great time to serve your favorite drink recipes to friends and family! 

This is a cute and funny way to make sure everyone knows which drink they should be drinking. 

4. Photo Wall 

Copy This Party:

Photo walls are not only fun things to do while at a graduation party, but they are also a great way for guests and the graduate to remember the party forever. Thus, they're an ESSENTIAL part of any good graduation party!

Photo walls can be done in so many ways. Order a backdrop like the ones above from Amazon or make one with balloons and streamers!

5. Photo Wall with Props! 
creative high school graduation party idas

Copy This Party:

Don't just encourage people to take photos, encourage them to have fun with it as well!

Have some fun props like these from Amazon for your guests to use while taking photos. 

6. Party Favors with Personalized Tag 

Party favors are a great way to thank your guests for coming to celebrate the graduate's big accomplishment and adding a touch of personalization makes it feel even more special.

Save yourself a lot of time by ordering personalized party favor tags like these! 

7. Polaroid Guest Book 

Copy This Party:

Ok HOW fun is this high school graduation party idea? 

Set up a table near the photo booth with a polaroid, plenty of film, a guest book and some pens so that guests can take a super cute super quick pic!

It's a fun way to kick off the party and also create something that will remind the graduate of everyone who came to celebrate them. 

8. Graduation Wishes Cards

Copy This Party:

high school graduation party ideas for girls

The graduate must be sent off with some wishes and wisdom right? 

This high school graduation party idea is a fun way to get your guests involved in the next step of the graduate's life. 

9. Table Centerpieces 
high school graduation party

Centerpieces are a high school graduation party idea that you definitely have to use. But fear not, there are so many ways to do so! 

Twinkle lights, photos, confetti. The options are endless so take this idea and get creative with it! 

10. Design Food as the Graduation Year 

Another very creative high school graduation party idea that is very easy to do is to organize the food in the design of the graduation year, like in the photo above. 

Just cut some cardboard into the shape of the numbers and place cupcakes (or anything really, it's up to you!) on it and boom! a very fun and unique layout that is sure to wow everyone.

11. Memorabilia Display
graduation party

Showcase the graduate's involvement in high school -- whether it be in athletics or clubs -- with a memorabilia station that shows everyone that the graduate did so much more than go to school for four years, because they want that other work appreciated, so they'll appreciate you in return! 

12. Decorate the Wall Space 

Copy This Party:

Tape streamers and balloons to the walls of the party! This will make it look like you put 10x more effort into decorations than you actually did AND people can use it as a backdrop for photos! 

13. Customized Cups 
graduation cups

How CUTE is this high school graduation party idea?! 

Customized cups are a perfect personalized addition to the party that all your guests will be dying over! 

14. S'mores Bar

This idea is so cute and will definitely be remembered by every guest that stops by your graduation party. 

I mean... who doesn't love a s'more?!

dorm room essentials
15. Create and Implement a Theme 

Most of you just read that and thought, "Isn't graduation the theme?" You're definitely not wrong, but you can definitely have themed graduation party like this one above! 

This is a unique high school graduation party idea because it makes choosing decoration a lot easier, and the party is definitely more memorable! 

16. Graduation Hat Toppers 

Sometimes the small details and decorations are what make graduation party decor really stand out. These toppers could be put on anything but add the perfect touch! 

17. Gift / Card Station 

The guests will bring gifts, make sure there is a place at the party to put them! 

18. Address for Thank You's Station 

Save the graduate a lot of time and effort by having the guests write down their mailing addresses for them. 

Hint: setting up envelopes and cute pens for this can also be a super cute decoration. Yay for "two in one" ideas! 

19. Graduation Cap Balloons 

This is such an easy decoration but so cute too! Balloons are definitely a necessity when it comes to graduation parties but this idea takes that to a whole 'nother level! 

20. Graduation Cap Straws 

These graduation straws are super easy to make, and would also make a cute photo prop as well. It's a foolproof graduation party idea, for sure! 

21. Display Every School Photo

It is so fun to see how much people have changed throughout the years... especially high school! 

This is a really fun way to let the guests go down memory lane and see how far the graduate has really come. 

22. Customized Popcorn Bags 
graduation party ideas

If you plan to have popcorn for the guests (or really any food that could be put into bags), get these customized bags for guests to fill! 

23. Graduation Water Bottles 

This is SUCH a fun and creative high school graduation party idea because it's such a small detail but will definitely be a memorable decoration that will also keep guests hydrated lol.

24. Lawn Signs 
grad party ideas

Escort the guests into the party in style with lawn signs as they walk in. 

Making the signs personalized with the graduates names is such an easy way to make your graduation party stand out and make sure people know where to go at the same time! 

25.  Taco Bar

Okay I found this idea and just HAD to share. I mean, how CREATIVE is this? A taco bar? I'm obsessed... like someone give me a graduation party to plan so that I can do this! 

But really, so many people loves Mexican food, but no one is going to think of using it as a high school graduation party idea! Be unique, start a trend, have a taco bar at the graduation party! 

26. Decorative Wall Behind the Food 

Add more decorations to the party by decorating the wall space behind the food stations like in the photo above! 

Doing this adds more fun to the party, and gives the guests something pretty to look at while they wait in line for the food, it's a graduation party idea that won't fail you! 


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This post was all about the best high school graduation party ideas.

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