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This post is all about the very best high school graduation party ideas for a day that no one will forget!

high school graduation party ideas

With all of the best senior festivities happening and college decisions rolling out, your mind is probably in one hundred different places at a time. You want this summer to be relaxing but you also want to throw the best party ever that you can talk about for years... trust me, I've been there. 

Your high school graduation party is the time to celebrate all you've accomplished over the many years, the ups and the downs. It's also the time for your family members to say the infamous line, "We never thought you'd make it!" 

However you're celebrating your high school graduation, you deserve the best party your town has ever seen and I'm here to help make that happen! 

I've put together a list of high school party decorations, food options, and activities that will take your party to the next level. You don't need to copy every single one to have an amazing party! If you take a little inspo away from this and add your unique twist it will allll work out perfectly.

OH, also, happy graduation!! You did it!!

This post shows you high school graduation party ideas.


1. Welcome Sign

high school graduation party ideas

More likely than not, you're going to have guests calling saying they're lost when trying to get to your party - it always happens. This is why I think having a welcome sign that points in the direction of the party is a game-changer. Seriously, you should have one, it will save you in the end. 

My best friend Sarah and I had our graduation party together and we mostly DIY'd everything. For this, you need to get some 24x36 plywood, painter's tape, and black and white paint (with brushes). I've included links just in case you don't have any of these things but I would highly recommend checking your garage - you'll usually find some random supplies in there.

Recreate this graduation party decor:

2. Childhood or High School Photo Board

These are an absolute must-have at any graduation party. I am sure if you have been to one before you have seen photo boards like these spread around the party.

Using a pallet to create this photo board is pretty easy, and then you can DIY a burlap pennant with your name on it to add a little extra something! It may take a little bit to find good photos and dig through all your childhood or high school memories, but the end product is so cute.

Recreate this graduation party decor:

3. Photo Booth

Photo booths are so cute and a great opportunity to get photos with your best friends and family while you're looking your best for your party.

Recreate this graduation party decor:

4. Acrylic Sign

Recreate this graduation party decor:

graduation party ideas

How beautiful is this graduation party sign?! This is one of my favorite ideas I've seen. It's classy yet decorative. Honestly, some of my best graduation party ideas are from wedding decor but they're always so good! 

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5. Balloon Clusters

I think balloon clusters scattered throughout your party would look absolutely amazing and add to your intended color scheme (if you have one, a lot of people do their college or high school colors).

Recreate this graduation party decor:

6. Balloon Arch

Balloon arches make any party look professionally decorated and they are actually super easy to make. I always get mine on Amazon and have never had any problems putting them together. I highly recommend!

Recreate this graduation party decor:

7. Draping Fairy Lights

Okay, I get this isn't a graduation party but the string lights look so amazing. This would be so easy to recreate and would look soo good at an outdoor grad party!

Recreate this graduation party decor:

8. College Balloons

If you're going off to college after graduation, you should definitely rep your college at your high school graduation party. You worked HARD to get into that school and this is the time to celebrate that!

Recreate this graduation party decor:

9. Personalized Napkins

This is such a unique idea that would definitely make your party stand out from others! I actually recently did this for an engagement party and everybody was SO impressed by them. Such a fantastic way to take your graduation party to the next level!

Recreate this graduation party decor:

10. Polaroid Guest Book

I didn't have this at my graduation party and it's one of my biggest regrets. I think it's so sentimental and something that would be so much fun to look back on through the years.

Recreate this graduation party decor:

11. Big "GRAD" Letters

These lights are so cool and make the absolute perfect decor for any grad party. They may be a little more expensive so this is an idea if you are ready to go all. out. for your grad party.

You can also make these letters into your photo booth spot so it would double up its use!

Recreate this graduation party decor:


12. Pizza Bar

Pizza is not only cost-effective but 9/10 people at your party will love pizza so you're guaranteed to win over the crowd. I'm not saying catering isn't amazing, but simple pizzas are just as good.

Recreate this graduation party food idea:

13. Snacks Station

Snacks will always be a "yes" and I love how these are displayed. Also, respect to whoever thought of adding serving spoons - it is definitely safer for your guests and way cuter!

Recreate this graduation party food idea:

14. Big Graduation Cake

A cute sheet cake with your college's colors or logo is perfect and does NOT look tacky (I promise). As I said before, you should represent the school you worked incredibly hard to get into!

15. Cap & Diploma Cupcakes

If you really want your party to look like a graduation party and not just a regular celebration, then these graduation cupcakes would be perfect. Cute, without being too tacky (however, a little tack never hurt anybody lol).

16. "One Smart Cookie" Cookies

I mean, if the cookie bag said it, can you really disagree?! I think this is such a cute goodie to give away to people as they leave the party!

Recreate this graduation party food idea:

17. S'mores Bar

Yes! Please! If your graduation party is in the summer (which I'm guessing it will be) having a s'mores bar is a genius idea that everyone will love!! It is also perfect if your party is going into the nighttime.

Recreate this graduation party food idea:

18. Hot Dog Bar

Hot dogs are super simple and I put together some links below that will make this little setup look so good! Ditch the silver buckets for black ones and use gold spoons!!

Recreate this graduation party food idea:

19. Charcuterie Cups

I think this is an incredibly fun idea!! And who doesn't love charcuterie? Having a charcuterie board at a graduation party may not work for everyone, but this is the perfect way to incorporate it and allow everyone to have a little bit of everything.

Recreate this graduation party food idea:

20. Drink Station

This drink station looks amazing and is definitely a picture from a wedding but if I'm being honest, I get a lot of my party decor inspiration from weddings - those decorators know what they're doing!!

Recreate this graduation party food idea:

21. Chips & Salsa Bar

Who doesn't love chips and salsa?? Everyone loves a taco bar but this idea is way more unique and even easier than a taco bar (which is pretty easy to begin with).

A fun way to spice up this idea would be to also serve pico de gallo, guacamole, queso, and different kinds of salsas. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Recreate this graduation party food idea:


22. Corn Hole

In my personal experience, all of my high school guy friends would automatically go to the games at every graduation party we had. Having little games here and there is an excellent way to keep people entertained, and if you have little kids at your party, it is also perfect for them.

Corn hole has been highly effective at every graduation party I've been to, which may also be because it's super popular in Wisconsin haha.

23. Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga is actually very entertaining and a great game to pull out at any summer party. You can also have people leave messages on them... another idea I got from weddings haha.

Recreate this graduation party activity:

24. Yard Tic Tac Toe

This is a great game idea if you have littler kids coming to your grad party. You gotta keep them busy somehow!

25. Lantern Send Off

Lantern send offs are one of the best things ever to do at a party (if it's dark out...). A lot of people write wishes on them and then let them fly off into the distance.

This would also be a perfect idea for a grad party towards the end of the summer when all your friends are getting ready to leave for school!

Recreate this graduation party activity:

This post showed you high school graduation party ideas.

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