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Looking for all the graduation party supplies to buy this year? Here are are the essential graduation party supplies to buy for your 2022 graduation party.

graduation party supplies

When planning your high school graduation party, there is a ton of stuff you need to have on your checklist to host a fun and successful party. I had so much fun planning my graduation party and it turned out really successful so now I am ready to help you plan the perfect graduation party as well!

I have put together a list of all the graduation party supplies you could possibly need including invitations, food supplies, graduation party decor, and more! 

This post is all about graduation party supplies.


1. Graduation Party Invitations From Amazon

The first thing you need to kick off your graduation party is graduation party invites to send all your guests. There are plenty of different sites to buy graduation party invites but if you are just looking for basic graduation party invitations, Amazon has a ton of great options to choose from.

2. Graduation Party Invites From Etsy

If you want more personal or fancy looking graduation party invites, Etsy has hundreds of really cute options that they will personalize for you.

But, when you look for invitations on Etsy, make sure to check to see if you are actually buying paper invites or just the design that you are supposed to print yourself.

3. Graduation Party Invites From Shutterfly

graduation party supplies

These graduation party invitations from Shutterfly are so cute and can easily be personalized and shipped right to you. I used Shutterfly for my graduation party invitations and loved how they turned out.

Friends and family will love getting a graduation card in the mail with a cute picture of the graduate on it!


4. Personalized "Congrats" Banner

graduation party supplies

Every good graduation party needs some cute graduation banners to decorate with! This graduation banner from Etsy can be personalized with any name which will make it really special for the graduate. These gold ones are perfect if you are looking to incorporate gold as an accent party into the theme of your graduation party.

5. 2022 Balloons

2022 balloons not only look super cute as graduation party decor, they are always a hit for the graduate, friends, and family to take pictures in front of. There are tons of different colored 2022 balloons but I would definitely suggest buying a couple to decorate your party with.

6. Balloon Arch

Balloon arches are basically like decorating with balloons but fancier. These look stunning as entry way decor or even in front of a backdrop to take photos in front of. 

They look really expensive but can be bought and put together for really cheap! These make your graduation party look a lot more put together and guests will really be wowed by it!

7. Graduation Themed Straws

Cute graduation straws are one of our favorite graduation party supplies we think really pulls the whole party together. They look so cute in drinks and even for pictures of guests at your graduation party while eating. These black and gold ones are perfect if that is the color scheme you are looking for but there are plenty others to choose from in all different colors as well.

8. Backdrop For Photos

Photo booths are always a hit so some kind of photo back drop should definitely be on your graduation party supplies list. Using a metallic backdrop like this one from Amazon always looks really good in pictures and it is so cheap! Add some balloons and photo booth props for a backdrop all your guests will want to take photos in front of!

9. Table Runners

Table runners are great graduation party supplies to add to make your party look more formal and put together. This paper graduation party table runner is really inexpensive but will really pull the table together.

Decorate around it with cute plates, cups, and centerpieces and you have a super cute graduation party themed table for all your guest to sit at. 

10. Card Box

Having a card box at your graduation party is an essential. Your guests will likely be bringing a lot of cards and many times they have money or gift cards in them so they are definitely something you don't want to misplace. This card box will keep all your cards safe and in one place.

You can really use any box for cards but I liked this one since it only has one slit so it guarantees no cards fall out.

11. Table Centerpieces

graduation party supplies

Centerpieces look stunning on tables and are graduation party supplies you should definitely buy if you want to pull your decor together. These personalized gold "congrats" picks are perfect. You can easily place them in a flower bouquet or even with other photos in a vase.


12. Plates, Cups And Utensils

When putting your graduation party supplies list together, you can't forget plates, cups, and utensils! I loved the look of matching my decor with my food supplies. You can really choose any color or size for these so find some that match your graduation party them perfectly!

13. Mini Chalkboard Food Labels

Chalkboard labels will not only let guests know exactly what all the food is, they also make your table look more formal. These are great because you can easily write what each food is on the chalkboard stand but after the party wash them off and use them again for another party.

14. Plastic Tongs

If you are planning to serve food buffet style, which you most likely will, tongs are essential graduation party food supplies. No one wants to be grabbing food with their hands right after another guest! These ones are plastic so you can either wash them or just throw them away after your party. 

14. 3 Tier Stand

These 3 tier stands are perfect for serving food at your graduation party such as sandwiches, fruit, or desserts like cupcakes or cookies. They look really formal and will keep your food organized and looking good for all your guests.

15. Serving Trays

These gold serving trays are adorable and would match a gold themed party perfectly. Even though they are cheap, they still look really nice and will make your food look a lot more presentable. You can easily throw them away after your party too which makes cleaning up so much easier.

16. 2022 Food Toppers

Using graduation toppers on all your food is a super easy way to decorate for your party and incorporate your graduation year into your food. You can use these on cupcakes, sandwiches, fruit, or really any food you will be serving at your graduation party!

17. Graduation Themed Candy Bar 

I had a few of my friends display a candy bar at their graduation party labeled with all these fun graduation themed labels. Everyone loves candy so why not have a full candy bar at your party? This set from Amazon has everything you need to decorate your candy bar.


18. Drink Cooler

Drink coolers are great for serving grab and go drinks like soda or water bottles. This not only keeps your drinks cold, but will save you the effort and money into putting every drink into cups or pitchers. 

Plus, at the end of the party, you can easily dump out the ice and reuse the tub for future parties.

19. Personalized Banner

graduation party supplies

Personalized banners are not only really special for the graduate but will make the graduation party feel much more personalized. These are great to use outside of your house or venue on a garage or hung on the door outside so everyone knows exaclty where to go and whose party it is!

20. Entry Way Balloons

These balloons are just too cute not to share. I never found these when I was looking for graduation party decor for my own party but if I had I totally would have used them. These would make stunning entry way pieces, props for pictures, or even used to line your side walk on the way up to the party. 

21. Graduation Cap Lanterns

graduation party supplies

Graduation cap decor is always a go-to option when decorating for a high school graduation party. These cute pink graduation caps are perfect to hang on balconies, tents, or really anywhere in your house to decorate for your party!

22. Folding Tables

A folding table is a pretty basic graduation party essential for a few reasons. These are the cheapest way to set up a table for guests to sit at or even set food out on. You really don't need a fancy table since you will be decorating with table cloths and other decor so a cheap folding table is really the best option.

23. Canopy Tent

Canopies are essential for outdoor graduation parties especially if you live somewhere hot. I used one of these canopies at my graduation party and set up a table for guest under it. It is also a good idea to buy clip on fans to hang from them to keep guests extra cool.

You can also rent these for a lot cheaper if you know you're never going to use it again. Great way to save money! 


24. Cornhole

Corn hole is a classic outdoor party game that everyone loves. You could use corn hole boards you already have, buy this one off Amazon, or even make a custom corn hole board yourself with your school or college on it to add to the graduation theme!

25. Giant 4 In A Row Game

A giant 4 in a row game set is the perfect graduation party game if you are having an outdoor party. This would be a great game to have that takes up a lot of yard space and will keep guests, especially any kids that come, entertained!

26. How Well Do You Know The Graduate

This graduation party game of "how well do you know the graduate?" would be really fun for both you and your guests! You could have a prize for whoever gets the most right and even keep them after your party to look back and see all of your guests right and wrong answers.

27. Graduation Bingo

How fun is this graduation party bingo?! You could set the cards out at every spot at your table or just keep them in one place for guests to grab and play. Set a time during the party to call out cards and have a prize for the guest who wins the bingo game!