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This post is all about graduation gifts for girls.

graduation gifts for girls

As graduates prepare for the crazy, new chapter in their lives, they are definitely getting excited but it also comes the stress of everything they may need to prepare.

There are a ton of new responsibilities that every graduate will need new things for, whether that's something practical for their post-grad life, or something they probably can't afford with their current budget. Good thing graduation usually comes with gift giving! 

All of these graduation gifts will make their college or post-college lives significantly better or easier. Whether it's a practical gift or something that will remind them of home, there are ton of great graduation gift ideas for girls.

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This post is all about the best 2020 graduation gifts for girls.

Best High School Graduation Gifts For Girls:

1. Waterproof speaker

Music can make any shower better. This waterproof speaker is super portable and can easily be brought back and forth from community showers! 

2. HydroFlask for those cold water lovers 

Every single 2020 graduate would love this gift! HydroFlasks keep things cold for SO long and are super helpful when walking back and forth from classes. They have tons of colors to choose from so you can pick one that fits your graduate! 

Add a straw lid and cleaner from Amazon.

3. Phone Wallet

It is so easy to lose cards, money, and IDs. These phone wallets are super in right now and make keeping track of your things when going out so much easier.

After graduating high school and going off to college, I was not used to keeping track of all my cards when going out and ended up losing my debit card wayyy too many times. This will save your graduate. 

4. Slippers to keep their feet clean in those nasty dorms 

I got these as a graduation gift and have lived in them ever since. Especially freshmen year when you really have no idea what could be on the floor you're walking around in. 

5. A mirror that will make getting ready fun

Get this vanity mirror for less than $25.

Dorm rooms have awful lighting. This vanity mirror is perfect for any graduation gift that I guarantee they will use on the daily. 

6. A sturdy backpack 

If you want to give a gift your soon-to-be college student will most definitely use, get them a backpack. The North Face backpack is super popular and has tons of space to store books and supplies.

dorm room essentials

7. An Amazon Student Prime Membership 

Amazon Prime is a lifesaver in college so any high school graduate would be so excited to get a membership! 

From renting books for school or watching shows on Prime Video, this would be such a useful graduation gift. 

As for graduation gifts for girls, this is one thing you absolutely can not go wrong on getting them.

Click here to learn how to gift an Amazon Prime Membership.

8. Airpods Pro

If you're looking for a hot 2020 graduation gift, this is it. Airpods make listening to music while walking to class or working so much easier since they don't have wires. I promise anyone would be so thankful to receive these as a gift!

9. A Polaroid camera and film

Gift this Polaroid and film gift set from Amazon.

Polaroids are a perfect way to capture pictures in college and be able to hang them up right away on your wall. If your graduate doesn't own one of these, it would be a great grad gift! 

If they already have the camera, an easy and affordable gift would be getting more film: 

10. Portable charger

In college, you are constantly on the go and it's always the worst when you need your phone and it's dead. 

A portable charger is a great graduation gift for any phone addict (let's be honest this is most of us). I guarantee this will be used so much! 

You could also gift them this trendy phone case that has a charger built in:

11. Games to play with their new friends 

Some of my favorite times in college have been playing funny card games with my friends. These are some of my favorites that are a little more Rated R and definitely geared towards high school graduates. 

So fun to play with new friends or neighbors on your floor! 

12. iPad Pro

If your graduate loves to take super neat notes and have everything all in one place, an iPad Pro is a great graduation gift. 

It's a great alternative to a laptop for graduates that prefer to take notes rather than typing on a computer.

Gift an Apple Pencil that helps take written notes.

13. Weighted blanket

Weighted blankets help a ton with anxiety and help you sleep so much better. It's like being wrapped in a constant hug! 

This is a great graduation gift for anyone that is a little nervous about being away from home and might need some extra comfort. 

14. Giftcards!

You honestly can't go wrong with gift cards for graduation gifts. Graduates need a ton of new things before they move off to college and this gives them the freedom to buy whatever they want. 

15. Custom necklace that will remind her of home 

2020 graduation gift ideas

I love this necklace as a graduation gift! It's a subtle way to remind any graduate of home but still a cute necklace that they can easily layer. 

16. Mini Keurig coffee maker

Coffee is a student's best friend. This mini coffee maker is perfect as a graduation gift for your college student to keep in their dorm. They will praise you for it later! 

Get some Starbucks K-Cups to go along with.

Best College Graduation Gifts For Girls:

17. Something to remember their college days

As I'm about to graduate college, I'm starting to get nostalgic. I will definitely be getting things like these to remind me of the best 4 years of college. 

These are great momentos that any college graduate would bring to their next chapter in life. 

18. Wine Tumblers

Adulting means a lot more wine. I feel like wine is just something you automatically like when you graduate college. Or at least it seems that way lol.

Gift wine tumblers so your graduate can take their wine anywhere they please and not worry about spilling! 

19. A carry-on suitcase

Any college graduate is probably going to travel after graduation at some point. Whether it be around the world or back home for holidays, they will definitely need sturdy luggage. 

20. Kitchen appliances they will definitely need

Graduating from college means finally having to live on your own and cook for yourself. There are so many great appliances that any graduate would love but these are some of my must-haves!

For more appliances all graduates would love: 

21. Fun recipe books they'll actually use 

Going off of the cooking theme, these recipe books are so fun! Adulting means not only cooking for yourself but also may include hosting people at your apartment. 

These cookbooks are perfect for any graduate that loves to host dinner parties or people over for drinks! 

22. Alexa Echo

graduation gifts

From adjusting the music, telling you the weather or dimming your lights, Alexa can do so much. Any graduate would be so excited to have one in their new place (I know I would!)

23. A work bag for all of the essentials

college graduation gifts

Graduating means getting an adult job (most likely 9-5 ugh). That calls for a work bag that can hold all of their essentials that will last them throughout the day. 

There are a ton of options but these are some of my favorite that I am asking for: 

24. A business card holder 

graduation gifts for her

It's always a good idea to have your business card on you wherever you go (there's always a place for networking ;)). So a great and useful graduation gift would be a cute custom business card holder! 

25. ClassPass month access 

Check out ClassPass and their memberships.

If your graduate loves to stay active, ClassPass is a really great way to try out different workout classes in their new city to find what they love the most. 

It has a huge variety of workout studios from yoga, to HITT, to boxing. If they want to try a few different things out before committing to one place or really love to mix it up, this is a great graduation gift idea. 

26. A fuzzy throw blanket

These blankets are unbelievably soft. This would be great for any graduate moving out on their own! You really can't have enough fuzzy blankets especially when moving out on your own. 

Every single time this graduate comes home from work she will snuggle up in this blanket making it one of the best graduation gifts for girls.

27. Pans set for all their cooking dreams 

Any graduate that plans to cook even a little bit would be so grateful to get pans (this is what being an adult is. Getting excited about pans lol) But pans are expensive.

The worst is cooking with crappy pans and you end up ruining food because of it. Save your graduate from this and get them a set of pans! 

28. Apple Watch 

Apple Watches are a great graduation gift. From tracking fitness and health, to always staying on top of your messages and emails, there are so many uses that a graduate could use in their post-grad life. 

If you want to add a little more personal touch, get a Apple Watch band to make it look cuter: 

29. Tool Kit

This graduation gift may not be the most exciting but trust me, they will use it. 

You never want something to break or go wrong and have no tools to fix it. Prepare your graduate to be on their own with a tool kit. 

30.  A professional watch

Shop this Daniel Wellington watch on Amazon. 

A watch elevates any outfit and instantly makes it more sophisticated and put together. 

A professional watch is a perfect graduation gift for any fashionista or anyone entering a professional job. This one is such high quality but not overly pricey! 

31. An insulated coffee mug for their 8am coffee

Save your graduate from having cold coffee by the time they get to work. 

These insulated coffee mugs keep coffee piping hot for hours. It's truly amazing haha. This is a great graduation gift that is inexpensive but will definitely be used! 

32. An Amazon Prime Membership

Gift an Amazon Prime Membership, $119

What young adult wouldn't love an Amazon Prime Membership? I use it allll the time and no that once I graduate I'll use it even more. Such a great graduation gift idea! 

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