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Whether you've been set up by friends or on a Bumble date, here are 36 genius first date ideas for a date they will never forget.

first date ideas

Thinking of first date ideas that will be memorable while not being awkward can be extremely hard.

Of course there is the classic first date of going out to dinner but there are so many better ideas you could do.

I mean who knows...this could be your future husband/wife you are taking out on a date ;).

This post is all about first date ideas.


1. Drive In Movie

I love drive in movies!

Drive Ins allow for more privacy than a typical movie theater so you can still have light chats in your car while watching the movie. Movies are on the top 5 first date ideas list!

2. Visit A Farmers Market

Okay, this idea is the perfect first date idea for a college student because lets be honest college students tend to not have extra cash to spend on a date. Not only is this cost efficient but it also is perfect for any possible awkward silence. This gives socially nervous daters a lot of different things to discuss. You can discuss flowers, fruit, and food preferences as you wander and shop together.

3. Go Bowling 

Bowling can be a goofy way to break the ice! 

The music is usually super loud so it can help any first date for new couple who needs to get comfortable around each other.

4. Go To A Concert

Concerts are SO FUN!

I love this first date idea for a new couple because if the other person agrees to go to see a certain artist than you already have that in common. If you want something fun and memorable but do not want to have to worry about it being silent or awkward than this is perfect for you!

5. Go To An Arcade

My boyfriend and I love this idea and still use this idea on a  lot of our date nights. Arcades are so much fun and allows for room to get to know each other in an open setting. This is a fun idea that can make such a perfect first date ideas for teenagers.

6. Go Get Ice Cream

This is the best low key first date idea because it is super easy and can be a shorter date if it doesn't go well. The good news is you can easily add a walk on to this date so it can be more personal with room to talk more if you feel comfortable.

7. Go See A Sunset Or Sunrise 

Sunsets and sunrises are perfect because 1. They are free and 2. They do not last super long so if you are nervous or feel after so long it will get awkward then no fear!

I still to this day LOVE going on cute dates to see sunsets or sunrises, It is so adorable!

8. Go To Dinner 

When it comes to first date ideas for adults this is the number one idea that most new couples turn to.

This is a more low key date idea that is perfect to get to know one another in a public atmosphere without pressure.

 9. Drink Wine And Paint 

Let's be real, if you are 21+ then this is a perfect winter first date idea. It can always be fun to get creative and maybe poke fun at the other persons art skills (in a playful manor).

10. Mini Golf

When it comes to fun first date ideas I love going Mini golfing because it is a super fun date idea that gets both people to spend time together without having to worry about awkwardness. 

I have been on numerous first dates and this is a go to first date for me!

11. Checkout A Museum 

Find a museum with cheap admission and learn something! You can also just wander around, museums are great places to talk because there's so much to comment on if you're conversation starts to dwindle.

12. Go To A Zoo

For college students this is a perfect first date option because it can be inexpensive. Animals are so adorable and can spark conversation between the two of you. Not only is the zoo a great idea but if the date is going well you can extend it and grab  a bite to eat at the zoo as well.

13. Go Shopping

You can NEVER go wrong with shopping! You can easily ask the other person to tag along and see what him or her like while spending time together.

I love this idea because its a social setting so if you met on tinder, bumble. etc than this is a great way to stay safe but met up!

14. Host A Game Night

Game nights with your date and your other friends is a perfect ice breaker! 

When it comes to introducing someone new into my life I love having my friends opinions because they know me so well. Having a game night with your friends and your date is the best first date idea.

15. Go To A Pumpkin Patch

It's autumn, it's romantic and a perfect date option that can cost little to no money!

16. Take A Workout Class

This idea is a new favorite especially for teens or college students. This is the best first date idea if you both love health or fitness. How can this possibly get awkward? 

You are around others, focused on your workout but still doing it together as well as makes for good conversation after the class.

17. Street Fairs

Street fairs are perfect for a first date, because…

  1. You have food
  2. You have drinks
  3. You have music
  4. You are surrounded by people( perfect for a first date if you never met)

18. Go To A Sporting Event

No matter if you hate sporting events or if you love them, they are perfect for a first date. Guys tend to love sports so this can score you extra points ladies!

Also, If you do not know much about sports this is the perfect way to engage in convo because you can have your date explain what is going on.

19. Facetime Date

Okay, If you are an avid By Sophia Lee reader than you would know long distance relationships are much more common than you might think, and this is a PERFECT first date idea for any new couple who isn't able to catch a flight, or drive 5+ hours to you that day.

I love this because this can break any awkward tension you might have when you do meet up!

20. Trampoline Park

Surprisingly this is on the top 5 first dates list, but for a good reason. Trampoline parks are so much fun and really do not leave room for much awkwardness. The good news is This is reddit approved and typically places like this tend to have deals during the week so it can be cost efficient.

21. Go For Hot Chocolate 

In the winter time it is definitely harder to just go out and enjoy the day due to weather, but grabbing hot chocolate or coffee is a great winter first date idea.

22. Do An Escape Room

Escape rooms are the new dinner and a movie in the first date world!

Escape rooms are done in groups which helps any potential lack of conversation as well as actively trying to escape the room ( LOL).

23. Cook Together

Let's be honest, food brings everyone together!

I think cooking together for a night time first date is perfect. My boyfriend and I LOVE cooking together because we spend time together as well as work together and get to chat.

24. Take A Road Trip

This first date idea is more so for a couple who has known each other but this is there first official new couple date. Maybe you can invite some friends or just play some music and take a trip somewhere you guys have never been!

25. Go On A Picnic

Picnics can be super romantic for a first date without being over the top.

I love how special this first date idea for a new couple is because it is a good chance to get to know the other person, while enjoying sandwiches or yummy food. This is a twist on regular lunch plans.

26. Go To A Trivia Night

This is an Easy way to start small talk! See who knows more random, unnecessary facts while having fun and bringing out your competitive side.

27. Try A Beer Garden

If you are 21+ than try a beer garden!

This is such a fun place to go on any first date because there is typically music, and great people around.

28. Volunteer Somewhere

Volunteering is free and such a cute first date idea that you will never forget!

This is a great way to help others in an open setting so it won't get awkward. Why not help others while helping yourself captivate your dates heart.

29. Star Gaze With Snacks

Drive to your local grocery store and pick up some snacks and then head home and lay under the stars and talk about your life.

Not only is this date idea super cheap but it is personal without being too intimate.

30. Go Thrifting 

Okay, thrifting is fun for anyone!

You can find some really amazing things at thrift stores and it is also just fun to look around and chat.

31. Go On A Groupon date 

Groupon has just about everything for AMAZING prices!

There are so many date options on there including spa visits, shows, sports events, etc. I feel like It would be a cute and different first date idea to choose a date off of Groupon. This will be a unique idea and also something that could bring on a lot of conversation afterwards.

32. Drive To The Highest Point In Your City

If you are going out at night this is super adorable! 

Drive up to the highest point in your city and sit on the hood of your car and enjoy the night. 

It would be cute if you guys pick up your favorite take out and bring it to the date.

33. Start A Netflix Show

Start a new Netflix show and order food for your first date!

If you want to keep it casual and low key this is perfect. It can also be perfect to plan your next date because you guys will want to finish that show together!

PS- This is the perfect way to score a second date!

34. Have A BBQ

If you are the type of person to get super nervous on a first date then having a BBQ with your date and friends is perfect for a first date  as a new couple.

It can be less intimidating if you are surrounded by people you feel comfortable around.

35. Take A Yoga Class

Okay, Yoga classes are so much fun!

I always drag my boyfriend to yoga classes and he actually has come to love them. It is such a cool first date idea because it gets you active, you try something new together, and are in a calm environment. If you are nervous yoga is such a great anxiety killer!

36. Go To The Beach

If you live where it is warm, or it is summer time then This is such a  great date idea for a new couple because The beach is such a calming place to be. The beach is so calming and beautiful.

Not only can you enjoy each others company but there is food, games, and shops to keep the date on a good pace and not get stale!

This post showed you 36 best first date ideas.

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