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Looking for Christmas gifts for college boy that he will actually use? Here are a variety of gifts for every type of college guy.

christmas gift ideas for college boy

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Let's be honest, buying Christmas gifts for college boys is hard.

Every guy is different, and it can be difficult to decide whether to go super sentimental or simple. We all know those guys who would be perfectly content receiving a pair of socks!

Thankfully I've spoken to the experts, the college guys themselves, and I have put together the ultimate, guaranteed to please, gift guide for college-aged boys.

This post is all about Christmas gifts for college boy.


1. Carhartt Beanie

If the college boy you know lives in a cold state, this is basically a uniform piece of clothing for guys in the winter. They would totally appreciate a brand new beanie to sport when the temperature drops!

2. AirPods Case

If he has AirPods, then the chances he has mixed his up with somebody else's are very likely!

Gifting him a simple black case will make his life so much easier, and make his AirPods look a bit cooler.

3. Hockey Puck Bottle Opener

The perfect gift for a college guy: a hockey puck that also allows them to open their beer, what could get better than that?

4. BruMate Drink Insulator

It's not a secret that college boys love their beer. What they don't love is warm beer (however, that doesn't keep them from drinking it lol), which is why this BruMate Insulator is perfect - keeps the beer cool forever!

5. Laptop Case

College consists of aggressively throwing your laptop in and out of your backpack, on tables, couches, etc. I honestly do not even know how it's possible to not get scratches on your laptop if you don't use a case. Everyone needs a case, which makes it the perfect gift!

From clear to black to bright blue cases, there's one for every guy and for real everyone needs a laptop case!

6. Wool Socks

Wool socks are a game-changer and are a necessity for anyone who goes to school in colder climates!

7. Portable Charger

A portable charger is a great gift for the guys that are out and about in classes every day. Phones are bound to run out of batteries, and having a charger is insanely useful, any guy will love it!

8. Thermal Knit Gloves

As I said before, if he goes to school in a colder climate, then having a nice pair of gloves is essential! This specific pair allows you to type on your phone as well.

9. Joggers

Who doesn't love a pair of comfy joggers? They're insanely comfy and perfect for college.

10. Leather Belt

Leather belts are great, from casual days to formal occasions. If they don't have a nice leather belt now, they will need to get one soon for interviews, formals, etc.!


11. Drone

If he's into photography, then a drone would be the perfect gift.

In case you are not into photography, always make sure to look at the reviews. That way, you can make sure you are buying a gift he would use! 

12. Beer Making Kit

If he loves beer, he will love this beer making kit! This is also a great activity he can do with his guy friends too.

13. Calvin Klein Boxers

He probably needs a few new pairs boxers anyways so why not give them as a gift!

14. Apple AirTag

If he loses his wallet all the time, then this is the best gift you can give him. The AirTag fits into a wallet, and you can track the location on the Find My iPhone app.

He may lose his wallet again, but now he will always know how to find it!

15. Carhartt Long Sleeve Shirt

This is a great quality long sleeve shirt! Highly recommend, and this brand is very well known.

16. Fire TV Stick

If he watches TV, then he needs a fire stick; it makes navigating the TV like a phone. These are great because you can access almost every streaming service all in one place! 

17. LED Light Strips

I saw these in multiple guys' dorms/ apartments while I was in college! They are a hit and make the room change colors.

18. Hoodie

Everyone needs a hoodie, especially in college, and this Champion one is great quality. You can never go wrong with a classic hoodie as a gift!

19. Foam Roller

Foam rollers are perfect for the fit college guy; they're all the hype and for a good reason. After a workout, the foam roller helps stretch the muscles and is great for getting out knots.

20. Reeboks

Classic vans are a perfect gift for girls and guys. Vans are extremely comfortable and work with any outfit!


21. SteelSeries Gaming Keyboard

I know almost nothing about gaming😂. However, what I do know is that gamers are insanely into this keyboard. I have no idea what makes it different from a regular keyboard, but if you're a gamer, this is the keyboard you want.

22. UGG Slippers

Once he has a nice pair of slippers he will never go back.

UGG's are such great quality and guys in college need them, nobody's feet deserve to walk on college dorm/ apartment floors😂.

23. Spike Ball

If you can go to a college campus on a sunny day and not see a group of guys playing spike ball, I will pay you a million dollars.

JK, but for real, this game is a hit and super fun to play with friends!

24. Gaming Headset

Another gaming accessory I know nothing about, besides the fact that hardcore games have these headphones!

25. Leather Sneakers

A great pair of leather sneakers are perfect for college occasions he has to go to, whether that be a formal fraternity event or an interview, they are great!

26. Duffle Bag

College is all about being on the go, and for those small trips in between move-in and move-out a nice duffle bag is great!

27. Madden NFL 24

Boys and their video games; if you have ever been to a college guys dorm/ apartment, you've probably seen their "collection" of video game equipment.

If you know he plays video games, then you can't go wrong with this gift!

28. Electric Shaver

If he has a beard, then you can get him a beard grooming kit, but if he shaves, then this shaver would be perfect. I have heard so many great things about it!

29. North Face Backpack

Walking to class and getting hit with an unexpected rainstorm is no fun, for you or your papers. Having a waterproof backpack makes unexpected rainstorms a little more bearable.

North Face is definitely our favorite brand for backpacks - they last for so many years!

30. Cologne

Everyone deserves to smell good. Need I say more?


31. Apple Watch

Apple watches are amazing for a guy who's in college; it tracks everything, and you can easily get notified on who's texting you, the news, the weather without having to pull out your phone.

32. JBL Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

I have the JBL waterproof speaker and can vouch that it's the best. I love that it's waterproof, and the JBL can get loud. I mean LOUD.

Everyone loves music, and I'm assuming he does as well, so it's a great Christmas gift idea!

33. Suitcase with USB Charging Port

College is all about traveling to-and-from somewhere, whether that's home or visiting friends, this carry-on luggage suitcase is amazing.

The charging port is perfect for those long travel days in the airport, car, or bus. Everyone needs a suitcase, so you just can't go wrong!

34. Tempur-Pedic Mattress Topper

A Tempur-Pedic mattress topper is one of my favorite gift ideas; this is a gift everyone will love, yet completely not expect.

A comfy bed without a mattress topper in college is hard to come by, which makes this gift even better!

35. AirPods

Life is just better in college if you can have AirPods; college students are out and about, going from point A to B, and the wires on headphones get caught on everything!

Having wireless headphones makes life easier.

36. Playstation 5 Console

I have never met a guy who would turn down a Playstation!

37. Watch

A classic, high-quality watch is a great investment and a piece he can keep forever! If he isn't an Apple Watch guy he will love this.

38. Winter Jacket

I don't even know how you can go to school in the winter without a parka; every college guy needs one!

39. Weighted Blanket

Prepare him for his life to change once he sleeps with a weighted blanket.

I am pretty sure there have been scientific studies done showing that using a weighted blanket relieves anxiety (don't quote me on that, but it's worth googling)! 

40. Running Shoes

You are supposed to change out your running shoes every year and unless he's on top of his game the chances he actually does this are slim (I am guilty of this as well); which makes this the perfect opportunity to get him a new pair!

This post is all about Christmas gifts for college boy.

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