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This post is all about freshman college gifts.

college freshman gifts

Buying gifts for college students is always a little tricky if you aren't a college student yourself. Wether you are looking for dorm gifts for college freshman, or cool gifts they will use on a daily basis in college, you want to make sure it is something they will actually use and love.

Being a college student myself I can tell you first hand what college freshman gifts to get this year if you want them to love it. I compiled a complete list of everything from dorm gifts for guys to the most popular clothes for college girls. 

This post is all about freshman college gifts.


Best Overall:  Ugg Slippers

"I'm so obsessed with these Ugg slippers. I tell everyone I know to get them, they're that good!"

Best Overall for Guys:  Neutral Dart Board

"I bought this for my boyfriend to hang in his dorm room and I have never seen him so excited about a gift."

Best Under $25:  Eyeshadow Palette

"I can't believe this pallet is so affordable. It comes with the best neutral colors and I feel so pretty and natural when wearing it."

Most Popular: JBL Speaker

"This speaker is actually unreal. The sound quality is amazing and it gets so loud! I've been using it for a few years now and am still obsessed."

Best Dorm Gift: Custom Towel Wrap

"This towel wrap was amazing to have in the dorms! I never had to worry about accidentally flashing someone on the way back from the shower and look how cute it is!"

Best For Everyday Use: Apple Watch

"I use my Apple Watch every single day. I can track my steps, check my messages, and even answer calls right from my watch."


1. Custom Towel Wrap

One of the best gifts you can get for as a dorm gift for freshman is this personalized towel wrap. The biggest struggle ever is trying to keep your towel up while also carrying all your stuff to and from the dorm showers.

Not only will this towel wrap be a super helpful gift, it is also personalized which makes it even more special.

2. UGG Slippers

Ugg slippers are my ride or dies. I literally bring them everywhere with me. Especially for the dorms, these are so great to keep your feet warm and off those nasty floors! 

3. Yeti Coffee Mug

Making your own coffee can save you so much time and money. This Yeti coffee mug is also amazing to keep your coffee piping hot while you walk to class. Also love this neutral color! 

4. Dorm Sweet Dorm Keychain

Coming from a girl that lost her dorm keys two weeks into school, I can assure this will be an appreciated gift. It's not only super cute, but it's bright and will make her keys stand out from others so it will make it easier to keep track of her keys. This is a small and simple gift but its still a great one!

5. Roku

Cable in the dorm rooms is pretty rare and honestly unnecessary. Having a streaming service stick that connects to your TV allows you to access all your favorite shows without paying a ton of money for cable. 

I have the Roku and love it! I can watch Netflix, HBO, Hulu, YouTube and more all in one place.  

6. Weekender Bag

College students are going to be traveling a lot more than they are used to. From going home for the holidays, or on a trip for spring break, they are going to want a small bag that they can fit everything in for their trips. 

These are the perfect size for short trips and it's so cute! 

7. Vanity Mirror

After years of doing my makeup with a light up mirror I could never go back to using my bathroom mirror. If she doesn't have this already now is the perfect time to buy it as a gift for her! Usually freshman dorms have pretty terrible lighting so this will definitely come in handy this year.

8. Jewelry Organizer

The worst thing ever is getting your necklaces all tangled together. This would be a great college freshman gift that is not only super practical, but it is really cute as well. It even has little drawers to store smaller earrings and rings.


9. Trendy Sports Apparel

gifts for college guys

You can't go wrong with sports apparel, and a baseball cap is perfect for the college guy that rolls out of bed and basically has to run to class. By far the trendiest sports apparel brand I have been able to find is '47 Brand so definitely check them out!. 

They have all different types of teams too like NFL, MBA, NBA, NHL, college teams, and more. It's a really cool brand.

10. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

A good bluetooth speaker is a must have in college. Wether he is planning to have friends over, go to the pool, or just listen to music in his room, he is going to want a good speaker. This is connects right to your phone plus it is waterproof so he can take it to the pool or in the bathroom while he showers.

11. LED Sign

I actually did not even think about getting a LED sign as a gift for a college freshman guy but when my guy friend suggested it I thought it was such a good idea. These LED signs always look super cool in dorm rooms and apartments and will switch up his dorm decor from his usual flags and tapestries.

This Budweiser sign is a popular one I have seen a bunch of different guys have in their rooms.

12. Neutral Dart Board

Guys can be pretty hard to shop for so I took it upon myself to ask my college guy friends what they would want to receive as a gift as a freshman in college. Not surprisingly, a flask was one of the top answers they gave me. So, if you are looking to buy a gift a college guy will actually use, here you go.

13. Three In One Charger

This three in one charger is a great gift all around but especially great when living in a dorm. This will allow him to charge all of his things at once without have to mess with a bunch of messy extension cords. 

This was another gift that was highly suggested by guys which I was kind of surprised about but they really seem to like it!

14. Yeti Cooler

Okay, so a Yeti cooler is a pretty big gift to give. But, it is one he is going to be so stoked to receive. Guys use coolers literally all the time when having friends over or going to the pool. If you don't want to splurge on a cooler this nice there are a lot of others on Amazon or even at target you can get for under $50.


15. Ugg Slippers

Ugg slippers are the most popular, and most comfortable slippers out there. These specific ones are the most popular style. Every girls should have at least one pair of these if not more. She will for sure be so excited to receive this as a freshman college gift.

16. Fuzzy Throw Blanket

No girl can say no to a fuzzy blanket. I mean, I have tons of them and still want more. Plus, fuzzy blankets are just as great as decor as they are for snuggling up watching Netflix on a night in. This blanket is particular is so warm and soft!

17. A Surprise Weekend Trip

Something I know any girl would love is a planned weekend trip for her and friends. Did you know you could actually gift a trip?! One of my favorite things about going to college was realizing how much freedom I had that allowed me to travel. The only thing keeping me back was money.

This is a perfect gift if you want to give an experience rather than a product, and a lot of times those are the best gifts!

18. Perfume Set

Girls love their perfumes but they can get pricey. I love gift sets for more expensive items because you can try out a range of products without having to pay full price. 

This allows the college girl in your life to explore a variety of scents and then if she loves one, she can purchase the full size! 


19. MadHappy Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt and leggings is the classic college outfit. Help her step up her sweatshirt game with a trendy one. MadHappy is one of the trendiest sweatshirt brands right now. Their message is amazing and the quality is unbeatable.

Obsessed with this one, I want it for myself! 

20. Pajama Set

I don't know how matching pajama sets make you feel so much more put together, but they do. A cozy pajama set is perfect for any girl that loves to feel put together, even when they're going to bed. 

These are super super soft too! For the girls that run a little cooler, opt-in for a longer sleeve version to keep her warm.

21. Gold Earrings

Gold earring are a staple for any trendy girl. They go with pretty much any outfit and allow you to dress anything up super easily! This pair from Amazon is a steal! They are the perfect size and won't tarnish after a multiple wears.

22. Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces are all the craze in the jewelry world right now and no girl can have enough! There are tons of layered necklace options on Amazon, Target, or really any store that sells jewelry. I promise she will be putting this gift to good use!

23. Matching Sweatpants And Top Set

freshmen college gifts

This sweatpants and top set is amazing. So comfortable and cozy but also a great affordable gift! Matching sets like this one are really popular right now not only for lounging around but also going to class or studying in. Highly recommend for these for any trendy girl!

24. APL Running Shoes

APL is the go-to sneaker for girls in college. They hold up really well and give amazing support. I even wear mine walking to and from class or while I am running errands.


25. Custom Makeup Bag

Because you are looking for gifts for college students, buying travel items is such a great idea. Because they will be traveling back and forth from home or to other colleges to visit friends, giving them a travel toiletry kit is the perfect gift. I received one of these right before my freshman year and still use it all the time.

26. Travel Jewelry Holder

Any girl can relate to this, but the most frustrating thing is traveling and opening up to see all of your jewelry in one large knot. 

An item that most girls don't own is a travel jewelry holder. But it's definitely one of those things that we don't know we need until we actually have it. This one is amazing and pretty inexpensive. Trust me, this will be an amazing gift that she will use religiously.

27. Makeup Brush Set

Makeup brushes get dirty so fast which can end up causing acne or just making your makeup routine harder. Buying a college student a fresh set of makeup brushes is a great idea! This will either allow her to toss out her old ones, or keep those ones at home while bringing this new set to school.

This 24 piece set of makeup brushes is under $10 dollars on Amazon which is such a steal.

28. Butterfly Clips

These large butterfly clips are super trendy right now. They are so cute but also practical for those bad hair days or when you just need to get your hair out of your face.

29. Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay is one of the most popular makeup brands right now, especially for eyeshadow. And the best part is that their makeup doesn't cost an arm and a leg. This palette comes with amazing neutrals and it is only $25.  I promise she will love this gift if she is into makeup!

30. Olapex Gift Set

gifts for college students