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Is there a new bride-to-be in your life and you're struggling to find them the PERFECT gift? This post has soo many good ideas that I know she is sure to love.

gifts for bride to be

Christmas time for brides to be can be hard for those getting gifts for them. Everybody is a different type of bride so it is important to consider who the bride is and what will make her the most happy before her big day.

Luckily, there are tons of bridal gifts out there, from homemade gifts to house warming gifts to something old, new, borrowed, or blue. I have found so many good gifts for brides on so many different online stores, and I can guarantee that this list is sure to have *something* that the current bride to be in your life will absolutely adore!

This post is all about gifts for bride to be.


Best Overall:  Kate Spade Keepsake Box

"Bought this gift for a new bride in my life and she absolutely loved it! It is so cute and fits so perfectly in bedroom or bathroom decor."

Best Under $25:  Custom Bridal Hanger

"I literally gasped when I opened the box! The rose gold wire and dark wood and beautiful cursive writing with delicate flowers. I cannot wait to give this to the bride-to-be for Christmas. Top notch!"

Most Popular: Something Blue Gift Box

"This gift box is stunning and perfect for a soon-to-be bride! My bride loves it and is so so excited to use it on her wedding day."

Best Custom Gift: First Dance Record Print

"Great quality, easy to work with and very responsive. I would highly recommend this!"

Most Unique: Mother of the Bride and Groom Booklets

"These booklets came out absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Amazing quality and shipped out super fast! 10/10 recommend! Can’t wait for my groom and I to exchange our vows with these beautiful books we can save and cherish forever!"


gifts for brides

This cookbook is perfect for the bride or the couple that needs to learn how to cook together. It is so cute and has so many recipes that will be so fun for them to make together.

Any bride knows that The Knot is the ultimate place to get wedding advice, ideas, etc. This planner and organizer is the best thing you could get your bride-to-be for her to be as prepared for her big day as she should be.

gifts for bride

This is probably one of the most stunning wine coolers I have ever seen. It is so simple and the initials on it are just so cute!

gifts for brides

If you've never heard of this brand of flowers, they are insane!! They are regular roses but last for a super long time, and I am sure any bride to be would love to have these throughout her wedding planning process.

gifts for bride

An all-white pajama set is a necessity for any bride. There are so many to choose from, from so many different places, but this set from Revolve is the most perfect, plain white set I could find.

If you can't read the top of this box, it says "you & me". How perfect for a new bride to be?? I love it!

Homesick has the BEST candles for so many different occasions and holidays. This one looks so cute and if it smells like a flower bouquet, it definitely will smell amazing.


gifts for brides

A bridal shower calls for allll things "BRIDE"! This purse is adorable and would be so cute to wear on your bachelorette trip, dinner, or whatever is planned for your bachelorette celebration.

Swirly straws are so fun, and this "bride" straw is such a fun gift to throw in with something else for your bride to be.

If your bride to be is having a bachelorette trip or celebration in Texas or Tennessee, this cowgirl hat is a must. have. It is so cute and would take so many bridal outfits to the next level.

gifts for brides

The absolute cutest little stud earrings! These would be so cute to wear for any wedding event leading up to the bride's big day.

gifts for bride to be

We have sweatshirts just like this for the BSL team and we are all obsessed with them. This "bride" one is so cute and I can guarantee your bride to be would wear it all the time!

gifts for brides

This hanger would make the bride's getting ready photos on her wedding day soo adorable. Hanging your wedding dress underneath your new last name is so precious.


gifts for brides

I think this is such a cool gift idea! Such a special way to remember your first dance song, father-daughter dance song, or any other song the bride wants to remember forever from their special day.

gifts for bride to be

This is the coolest gift for anybody who is a big puzzler. It doesn't have to be a wedding photo either, it can be any photo that you think the bride would love to have as a puzzle.

gifts for bride to be

I love jewelry that displays a name or initials, and I think this ring is perfect for a future bride! So simple and matches everything, and isn't something you need to change or replace once they actually get married.

A wedding advent calendar is SO perfect for a new bride to be around the holiday season! Who doesn't love a special edition advent calendar?

gifts for brides

These booklets are the sweetest things for brides to fill out and give to their mothers and mother-in-laws on their wedding day. I know this would for sure make the mothers in my life cry, and would add a very special layer to lots of people's wedding day.

gifts for brides

A little bit random but every bride (and probably most women everywhere) loves brunch! This set from Crate&Barrel is so simple, gorgeous, and perfect for the bride who loves to host her besties for brunch.


gifts for bride

There are so many different kits and gift boxes for brides out there. This one from Anthropologie is the perfect way for a bride to keep their favorite knick-knacks and keepsakes from their big day forever.

gifts for brides

Boxfox has the absolute perfect gift boxes, and this "Something Blue" box is the best gift for any bride to be.

gifts for bride to be

A bridal box subscription is SO fun for a new bride! This is the perfect way to get them excited for their big day, and once you buy it, you don't even have to think about it again.

gifts for bride

This is just one of soo many gift baskets and boxes that you can find on Etsy. I would definitely look here if you want to get a really good gift box but aren't very good at putting something together yourself.

This post was all about gifts for bride-to-be.

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