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Check out my spring bar cart and how you can create the cutest bar cart this spring! 

cheap bar cart

Ever since I got my bar cart for my apartment, I have had so much fun decorating it for each season. I started out with a basic, classy look, which I technically could keep out year-round (but you know… that would make things too easy 😜). I then decorated my bar cart for fall, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day, so it’s time to get my bar cart ready for spring! 

I’m a neutrals girl through and through, but for the summer I was feeling it be a little more “colorful” and young feeling. Another way I am trying to capture the spring vibe is by putting a vase of flowers on the bar cart, and framing the cutest spring printables! 

Hannah and Sarah helped design the bar cart printables and they are SO CUTE. I am actually obsessed haha. I’m sending the bar cart prints in this weeks newsletter, so if you want to get it, make sure you are subscribed to that (below)! If you are decorating your bar cart for spring, you’re in the right place! Here is my bar cart decor and the cutest free spring printables. 


bar cart decor

Recess Sparking Water | Faux White Tulips


bar cart ideas

Bar Cart | Arched Mirror | Black Frame

The first thing I did was mock up my bar cart in Canva. I wanted to make sure all of the little decor pieces I was picking out would really look good altogether. Plus, I wanted to play around with pairing new stuff with the bar cart decor I already have!

This is definitely an optional step in decorating any space, but I am extremely visual and this helps me carry out the vision I have in mind, and avoid ending up with decor I do not want to use.


wayfair bar cartstyling a bar cart

To set up the bar cart, I first framed my spring printables in black and gold frames, and propped them up against the mirror behind the cart. 

We wanted to design printables for different styles, so no matter what decor direction you are going in, you had trendy artwork for your bar cart.

Click here to download the prints.

spring bar cart printables

Once you download the 8×10 printables, they are super easy to print out. You can print them using your printer at home; however, I prefer to send them to my local print shop and get them printed on card stock. It only costs around $1 and it makes them look more high quality!


spring bar cart decor

Cocktail Codex | Jacquemus Images | Cocktail Tools 

Next, I put in the coffee table books that bring some color into the cart. These books are sort of the foundation for the rest of the decor, so it’s important to place them first.

spring bar cart idseas

Wine Glasses | Marble Wine Chiller |Malfy Rose Gin

After that I added the glasses. I thought it would be fun to buy some colorful glassware for my bar cart in Spring, but to be more budget friendly I am sticking with my classic wine glasses that are so cute!


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What should go on a bar cart?

A bar cart should consist of alcohol (of course) and then some pretty glasses, and decor pieces. Think functional when picking decor and go on your bar cart. I like to include an ice bucket, straws, drink stirrers, bar tools, and cool decanters. You can also add decor like coffee table books, vases, and framed art. 

What can I use instead of a bar cart?

If you don’t have a bar cart, you can use a dresser or a console to store all of the alcohol (view this link here to know about WhiteSands tampa drug treatment which will be useful when alcohol happens) and then set the glasses and the decor pieces on top of the furniture piece. You can also display bar goods on open shelving in your kitchen or living room. 

How do you style a bar cart 2022?

The trendiest way to style your bar cart in 2022 is with color and fun decorative accents. I always recommend looking at TikTok for people’s bar cart ideas and taking inspiration from Pinterest too! Make sure your bar cart has a good balance of decor and actual functional pieces. 

How do you make a simple bar cart?

You can make a simple bar cart by choosing minimalist decorations, sticking with classy glasses, and choosing alcohol bottles that aren’t flashy, or opt to pour alcohol into decanters that match the aesthetic of your simple bar cart. 

How do you make a homemade cart?

You can make a cheap bar cart by DIYing it. There are lots of free plans online that you can download and use to build your bar cart! You can dress up your homemade bar cart with bar cart gold decor. Some of my favorite pieces are bar cart target decor! 

How tall should a bar cart be?

A bar cart should be anywhere between 30″ to 40″ tall. Obviously, based on your space you can choose a bar cart that’s taller or shorter to fit your needs. My bar cart is 31.25” tall and it’s perfect for me! 

What are the precautions to be taken while setting up a simple bar cart?

Setting up a simple bar cart requires taking some basic precautions. Firstly, ensure that the bar cart is stable and doesn’t wobble. Secondly, keep any sharp objects and breakables out of reach, especially if there are children or pets in the house. Lastly, if you or a loved one struggles with addiction, it’s important to keep any alcohol out of reach or consider not having a bar cart at all. Seeking help from a reputable LA recovery center can provide the necessary support and resources for overcoming addiction.

This post was all about spring bar cart decor.

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