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If you are looking for the trendiest kitchen counter decor, you're in the right place! Here are 17 kitchen counter decor ideas you will be obsessed with!

kitchen counter decor

Oh, kitchen counter decor, why do you have to be so tricky sometimes? I often struggle with kitchen counter decor because it's a space that is extremely high traffic, very visible, and you never want it to look cluttered.

What I have come to find is that the best kitchen counter decor involves just a couple of simple, decorative objects. On my kitchen counter in my apartment, I have a utensil holder, a cookbook, a decorative tray, candles, charcuterie boards, and more. What I am going to do for you is link the best kitchen counter decor pieces that everyone should have in their kitchen! 

This post is all about kitchen counter decor.



I recently got a cookbook stand for my apartment kitchen counter decor and it makes such a great decorative accent!! I am obsessed with having my favorite cookbook out on the counter so I can access it easily, and because it looks so pretty! You should definitely be using your cookbooks as kitchen counter decor, so here are a few of my faves.

1. Half Baked Harvest Super Simple

This is the cookbook I currently have on my counter and I am seriously obsessed with it. All of the recipes are very simple, pretty healthy, and taste amazing!!! I would definitely recommend anything from Half Baked Harvest.

"The photos. The recipes. The drool-worthy stories explaining why and how this. I am now putting this in front of all the others. THANK YOU!!!!!!"

2. Dessert Person

If you know, you know! Claire Saffitz is such an icon, and her recipes are phenomenal! The book itself is decor-worthy and filled with some gorgeous sweets!

"I trust each and every single dessert recipe of Claire Saffitz. I’m an experienced home baker. As long I read the instructions carefully, I’m usually successful in all my bakes."

3. The Home Cook: Recipes to Know by Heart

I don't know much about this cookbook except for the fact that it has a really pretty cover and great reviews!! I would totally use this in my kitchen as countertop decor!

"They are the classics that we all know and love, with a slight skew to the Italian American end of the spectrum. There are both humble and special dishes throughout the book, but nothing overly difficult."


If you look at pretty much any kitchen that is styled with trendy decor, you will see that there are a couple of charcuterie boards layered, leaning up against the wall (pretty much without fail). I have them in my kitchen behind the stove and I think it looks so cute. You can totally recreate this look yourself, and I linked 3 perfect charcuterie boards below to do so!

4. Chloe and Cotton Acacia Wood Cheese Board

So obsessed with the look of this charcuterie board, I can not believe it is from Amazon! The wood color is a little darker than something I would normally pick out, but something about this board is just too good!

"REALLY happy with this board! The color is beautiful, it looks exactly like it does in the photo. It is very large, sturdy and easy to hold. Would be a great size for charcuterie."

5. Large Round White Marble and Wood Cutting Board

If you want something that's a little more light and bright, this marble charcuterie board is the perfect option for you! It has a subtle wood accent in the stripes and a classic shape that will look so good in your space!

kitchen counter decor ideas

"I have wanted this ever since I saw it at someone else's home, propped behind their range. It is HEAVY, large and won't easily stow away so make sure you can have it on display!"

6. Picnic Mini Cheese Board

How freaking cute are these mini cheese boards? With a small kitchen, this would be the perfect piece of kitchen counter decor. I love the black color for a bold look and the unique shape!!


Utensil holders are the perfect piece of functional kitchen counter decor. I love when I'm cooking and I can just reach over and grab a spoon. My utensil holder is actually a pot for a plant, but it works perfectly to hold pretty spoons and whisks too! 

kitchen organization

7. Marble Kitchen Utensil Holder

This is an awesome option from Amazon! If you. want a simple, classic look, you can't go wrong with marble!

"This is a beautiful, thick marble utensil holder that can be frozen and used as a wine chiller as well. I’m very happy with the marble. It’s very beautiful."

8. Ena White Ceramic Utensil Holder

Seriously, I am obsessed with this utensil holder. If I did not have the one I have now, I would totally buy this! The super subtle texture and unique shape make it look so high-end!

modern kitchen counter decor

"I saw this and had to have it. The texture on the outside makes it different than just a simple white/ cream and I got so excited when it arrived. Great quality"

9. Shaillee Matte Black Utensil Holder

You know I love a good pop of black. If you're looking for that little black accent and don't know how to incorporate it into your kitchen, this utensil holder is perfect for you! It is sleek, simple, and pretty big!

kitchen counter decor accessories

"Absolutely beautiful and classic. It’s also large and fits a lot of utensils!"


Using a tray on your kitchen counter is the perfect way to make a grouping of decor that all go together. I love putting trays on tables with a plant, a candle, and maybe some coasters, or some other decorative object. Here are three super cute trays that you could fill with all of the decorative goods!

10. Wooden Ottoman Serving Tray

Such a great Amazon find! This tray reminds me a lot of the one in the pin above! I always love a tray with handles because they are super easy to pick up and move around as needed!

"This tray is made of high quality wood covered in a matte coating and brass handles! It is sturdy, lightweight and holds a lot."

11. Wood Hand Carved Tray

Obsessed with this tray! This would be super cute near your stove with some seasonings and maybe a candle in it! The texture and bulk of this tray are what make it look so expensive!

kitchen counter decor pinterest

"simple, modern hand carved tray is the perfect accent for any space"

12. Black Decorative Tray With Rattan

This is the cutest H&M Home find!! I have been obsessed with the combination of rattan and black recently and this is just the perfect combination! I would put this on my kitchen island with a vase and a candle in it! 

contemporary kitchen counter decor

"This chic tray will add a coastal feel to a coffee table, just fill with scented candles and trinkets." -Good Housekeeping


This may seem pretty simple, but there really is a huge difference between a pretty candle and a not-so-pretty candle. It's all about what you style them with, and how cute the container is. I have candles all over my apartment, and am kind of obsessed with them, but here are two great decorative candle options! 

13. Capri Blue Volcano Matte Jar Candle

Some of my all-time favorite candles are Capri Blue candles! They always come in such pretty jars and they smell heavenly! I actually have one of these candles as my kitchen counter decor right now!

candles kitchen counter decor

"You can’t go wrong with Capri blue."

14. Wood Lidded Ribbed Glass 3-Wick Masala Rose Candle

I have seen these candles every time I go to Target and I am obsessed over and over again! I think I just need to bite the bullet and buy one! They are so cute. The container is enough to sell me on it! 

kitchen counter decor 2021

"It's gorgeous on my mantle AND the smell is phenomenal! A warm, yet springy, fresh smell to it. This is my third time purchasing it and thinking about ordering a ton more in the event they discontinue."


You can't go wrong with a classic vase of flowers or greenery. You need to have some sort of plant in every space because it brings some life into the room! You could clip some branches and stick them in a vase, or buy fake greenery to fill one!

15. Full Moon Clay Vase by Leanne Ford

So obsessed with this vase! It's so substantial, and really a decor piece on its own without anything in it! I would put some very simple branches in here for kitchen counter decor!

modern kitchen counter decor ideas

"This vase has a timeless design, but is a very classic and modern vase that will go with many decor styles!"

16. Set of 3 Matte Black Ceramic Bud Vases

If you're looking for something a little smaller, these black bud vases from Afloral are everything! You could scatter them around in different areas of your kitchen to tie in one decor style!

boho kitchen counter decor

"Simply use a combination of artificial and dried stems to create your unique designs."

17. Dina Fluted Glass Vase

This look is SO trendy right now and I am obsessed! The fluted glass looks so chic, and would look gorgeous with a full bouquet or just a couple of branches!

minimalist kitchen counter decor

"Beautiful, modern, minimal. This is a winner. Works well with both a large bouquet of flowers as well as a single branch of orchid."

This post was all about kitchen counter decor.

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