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Looking to step up your kitchen dining experience? These cute silverware sets are the perfect addition to any kitchen.

cute silverware

There's truly nothing better than a home-cooked meal. Whether you’re enjoying a new lunch recipe on your own or serving up dinner for six, the only thing that can make that home-cooked recipe better is some cute silverware to eat it with! I mean, who wouldn't want their dining table to look just as good as the food on it?

No matter how often you cook, any home or apartment owner is guaranteed to love a matching set of silverware. From matte black to sleek gold, these cute silverware sets are guaranteed to make serving up dinner even more enjoyable.

This post is all about cute silverware sets.



Going a more traditional silverware route? Hey, it is called “silver” ware after all and we've got the very best ones in every style! One (if not all) of these 8 silverware sets is guaranteed to catch your eye.

Silverware with slim handles are a huge trend this year and we’re totally here for it! But, if you like the more traditional look, a sleek set like this one from Crate & Barrel is the perfect option for you. Love unique pieces? You will love these fun and trendy utensils from CB2.


If you’ve been following along with me for even a week you know I’m a gold fanatic. So of course, I know all about the cutest gold silverware options. These 8 are some of my absolute favorites.

Again, the thin handles and wider tops are trending this year so I had to be sure I included some of the top-rated sets in that style. If you like the idea of gold silverware but want to tone it down a bit, this lighter gold set from Crate & Barrel is a stunning but subtle option to add to your kitchen dining table.


Black silverware is insanely popular this year and for good reason. These sets are the perfect addition to any sleek, modern kitchen.

From matte to super shiny, there are hundreds of cute, black silverware options to choose from. I’m personally obsessed with this matte black set from Target- and it’s super affordable!


You have probably seen dual-toned silverware all over the home decor magazines and on Pinterest. Well, now it's time to create a magazine-worthy dining table of your own!

For the fans of bright and bold contrast, this black and gold silverware combination is the perfect option. But don’t worry, even the neutral lovers can get in on the fun of dual-toned silverware with this silver and white set from Crate & Barrel.

This post was all about cute silverware sets.

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