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This post is all about my favorite apartment essentials I absolutely love and cannot recommend more!

apartment essentials

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I’ve been in my first apartment for three years now, and I have so many first apartment essentials that I swear by!

You know when you’ve been using them for three years that they’re good 😝. 

As someone who loves to try out new products whether it be kitchen cleaning spray or clothings hangers, I have been able to find some really really good products and ones I would never spend my money on again (aka rechargeable lights from Amazon). 

These are my tried and true favorites that make my life easier and I seriously could not recommend them more! 

If you try them out please let me know if you love them just as much as me! I’m always responding to IG dm’s, you can find me @bysophialee on sociasl!

This post is all about apartment essentials.

@bysophialee i would get these apartment essentials over and over again. obsessed with them all!! #apartment #apartmentdecor #apartmentessentials #firstapartment #DoritosDareToBeBurned ♬ original sound – bysophialee

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First up, I hateeeee pulling parchment paper. I can never get the perfect size. So, I got these precut parchment papers from Amazon, and I will never go back.

They’re a bit high maintenance and I’m aware cutting parchment paper is very much so a first-world problem, but they save me so much time and effort. Love them!

Meat Thermometer

Next on the list is this meat thermometer! I am always paranoid that I’m potentially eating uncooked meat which is where this bad boy comes in; the thermometer cooks it to absolute perfection.

Also, because it’s capturing them temperature it will make sure you are able to take the chicken out while it’s still juicy! I would always overcook my chicken, out of fear, and it would get so dry.

Meat thermometers are game-changers!


Feeling safe in my apartment is TOP priority for me which is why I got this doorstopper.

It’s a simple way to make sure no one can get in at night! I sleep sooo much better knowing it’s on my door. Would recommend this to everyone.

Serving Utensils Set

This one was a bit of a splurge, but it was worth every penny. I got a serving utensils set that came with literally everything I could have ever needed: ice cream scooper, pizza cutter, slotted spoons, regular spoons – you name it, it had it. 

It made moving so much easier and to this day I’ve never run out of things that I needed. 

Curtain Rods

These curtain rods are an AMAZING way to decorate your apartment on a budget.

They look just like Crate & Barrels and West Elms, but they’re a fraction of the price.


I swear by turntables and use them all over my apartment. They’re perfect for organizing your pantry, bathroom, beauty products, etc.. I’m obsessed with them!


One of my go-to items are these bins from The Container Store. They are the best! I have them everywhere in my apartment. They come in multiple sizes and can carry everything.


Last but not least, my boyfriend and I split the cost of this couch when we moved in, and it is by far one of our best purchases.

It’s from Ashley’s. It’s still so comfortable and has held up super well over the past two years.

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This post was all about apartment essentials.

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