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Looking for life-changing small kitchen organization ideas? Here are some genius ideas that will help you optimize the space in your small kitchen!

small kitchen organization ideas

While working with a small space, it is so important to utilize every last inch and make the most of it. The hardest part about having a small kitchen is that there is just so much stuff that belongs in a kitchen. Not only do you have all of the main appliances, but there are also a ton of smaller countertop appliances, decor, and of course, food and dishes.

Another struggle with any kitchen is that they get messy so quickly. The minute you cook one meal, you have a huge pile of dishes to wash and ingredients all over your kitchen. When you have an organized kitchen, it makes keeping it clean and pretty so much easier.

No matter the size of your kitchen, having a good organizational system will make it easier to cook, clean, and style your space. It is even more important to have small kitchen organization. It allows everything to have its place, giving you room for things like decor and empty counter space!

This post is all about small kitchen organization.



1. Get magnetic spice racks that can go on your fridge

I have never heard of these before and I was so excited to find them! They would be perfect if you barely have any cabinet space and want your spices in an accessible spot.

The whole shelf can magnetically attach to the side of your fridge so you don't have to worry about any installation!

2. Put All Food Into Containers And Store Small Appliances In The Pantry

Recreate this small kitchen organization:

If you look in my pantry (or honestly any space in my apartment) you will see that I LOVE bins and containers. Your shelves will look so much cleaner and be so much easier to access if you use labeled bins for your food!

Another thing I love about this pantry that you should definitely copy is the storage of small appliances in the pantry!! If you can keep appliances off of the counter, that is optimal! 

3. Store Your Food In Stackable Plastic Containers To Optimize Storage

Clear plastic bins are the best for storage and also for aesthetics. Things just look so much better all coordinated instead of in random packaging. These containers are awesome because they are stackable and will utilize your small space well!

4. Get Matching Bottles & Labels

kitchen cupboard storage ideas

Recreate this small kitchen organization:

We have all seen the spice bottles that all match in clear bottles with minimalist labels, but has anyone seen these sauce bottles before?? I am shook! I always think that the excessive amount of sauce bottles is the ugliest part of my fridge, so I may just have to copy this. 

5. Store Produce And Groceries In Clear Bins

Put clear plastic bins everywhere. You will be obsessed with these bins because you can see everything that's inside, and they keep everything in its own place. These will work in a pantry, cabinet, on shelves, and even in drawers! 


6. Give Everything Its Own Place In a Drawer

Recreate this small kitchen organization:

The key to organizing in a small space is giving every object its own space. If you do this, you won't lose things, you can put things away easily, and you can keep your kitchen looking clean always

7. Get a Compact Cutlery Organizer For Smaller Drawers

This drawer organizer should be the dictionary example for small kitchen organization. If you have limited drawer space and a full set of flatware, this is the organizer for you!!!

8. Use Drawers For Food Storage 

kitchen organization hacks

Recreate this small kitchen organization:

Why do I always feel like I can't put food in drawers? If you are living in a small kitchen and don't have a pantry, you will definitely need to store food in drawers. The organization system used for these drawers is perfect! 

9. Store Kitchen Utensils In a Clear, Plastic Organizer

Remember when I said clear, plastic containers everywhere? Here we are again! Drawer organization is crucial, especially when living in a small space. Do yourself a favor and grab a couple of these!

10. Store Spices In a Drawer

Recreate this small kitchen organization:

I love love love this idea! It would be so easy to access and read your spice bottles if they were in a drawer like this!! If you want this look with your spice bottles, click here to read How To Create An Insanely Organized Spice Rack On A Budget. It's a pretty simple DIY! 


11. Fit Way More In Cabinets With Upright Dish Storage

I feel like kitchen cabinets fill up so quickly and it's so frustrating when you have really limited cabinet space!! This is so genius, I actually want to order this for myself. Small apartment or not, this is just efficient!

12. Store Large Items Sideways, Not Stacked

small kitchen organization ideas

Recreate this small kitchen organization:

It doesn't make sense to stack pans and cutting boards when you could fit them sideways and store so much more! This setup is so nice and definitely should be copied by everyone! 

13. Use a Cabinet Storage Shelf Rack For Double The Storage

Why settle for one shelf in a cabinet when you can make it two? There is always so much wasted space above plates and bowls in cabinets. Utilize that space and put cups and mugs up there! This is such an easy storage solution.

14. Use Turntables For Everything

Recreate this small kitchen organization:

I have turntables allll over my apartment to organize everything. I am seriously a little bit obsessed with them (and trust me, you will be too). These are perfect for small kitchen organization because you can fit a lot in a small space and still easily access it all. 

15. Use a Can Organizer To Hold More In Less Space

I genuinely need this for my pantry!! These can organizers are so cool and really utilize space well when working with a small kitchen. There are a ton of cans that get shoved to the back of my pantry and never seen again, and this would help prevent that!


16. Make Sure All Counter Top Decor Is Functional

kitchen organization

Recreate this small kitchen organization:

When you have a small space, it's important that everything has a purpose and nothing becomes clutter. The perfect example of this is my utensil crock, which looks super cute and makes great decor, but is also fully functional! Plus, these gold utensils look so expensive (and they're not)!

17. Hang Utensils On Adhesive Wall Hooks

A lot of utensil hangers are really ugly, and most of them need to be screwed into the wall, but not these!! I feel like these are very sleek and if I was in a pinch for storage I would for sure put this in my apartment!

18. Use Functional Items That Are Pretty As Countertop Decor

Recreate this small kitchen organization:

Just like my utensil crock, it's important to only have things out on the counter if they need to be on the counter! Here, these items are all things used daily, but they look really pretty altogether and make cute decor! 

19. Use a Microwave Shelf To Maximize Space In a Small Kitchen

If I had a microwave that lived on my countertop, I would 1000% get one of these shelves and put a cute plant and maybe some cookbooks or spices on the top shelf. This type of shelf is genius for small kitchen organization and space optimization.

This post was all about small kitchen organization.

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