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owner's suite

Welcome to the Owner's Suite reveal 🤩. I am SO excited to share this space with you from beginning to end- it's been a journey. What once was a mustard yellow room has been transformed into a little paradise in the house for Mr. and Mrs. Buyer.

Overall, the renovations on the second floor went fairly seamlessly. We closed off an entire hallway for this space, which was daunting, but it looks fantastic.

Now, let's start from the beginning...


The original owner's bedroom was painted in a bright mustard yellow color, which I immediately knew I wanted to change 😂. 

owners bedroom

Despite the mustard yellow paint color, I adored the nook and closet space in the room, but it was oddly not duplicated on the other side. Therefore, I decided to add the nook and closet space to the other side of the room.

owners bedroom


One of my favorite features are the coves on either side of the room. Originally, only one side had the cove, so I asked them to copy and paste it on the other side and they did such a good job that it now looks like it has always been there.


I am in love with the drapery we had installed by Budget Blinds. It's absolutely stunning and they were a dream to work with. I cannot recommend them more!

I'm going to be honest about the owner's bedroom, when I initially picked out the drapery sample for this room, I revisited it three months later and thought, "What was I thinking? Why did I choose that color to go with the wall color?" But now, I'm thinking, "Sophie, I don't know what you were on or why you chose this, but thank you, brain!" The color actually looks great and has elevated the space significantly.

I'm in love with the nightstands. They're like the perfect earrings, just complete the look. 


The bathroom was quite tricky for me because it's small and there was no way to change its size. So, I had to figure out how to make it look great while using the available space effectively. Here's what we came up with...



The vanity is custom-made, and we positioned it to fit between the pipes! The beautiful marble on it and the baseboard is simply drool-worthy. 


All of the tile we used throughout the house is from Bedrosians. They are the absolute best and it was a pleasure to partner with them on this project!

We used Bedrosian tile throughout the bathroom, and we even used marble around the shower.

I had to convince the glass people to use the brackets I wanted, as people in Wisconsin don't like to do things differently 🫣.


owners suite


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