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This post is all about college apartment essentials.

college apartment essentials

There really isn't quite a better feeling than knowing that you never have to live in college dorms anymore.

Of course it's fun in the beginning, but after awhile you're ready to move on and move into your first college apartment.

There's a lot of new stuff you need and it can get overwhelming. Plus, it can get expensive!

These are the top college apartment essentials you need when moving into your first apartment (some might surprise you!).

College Apartment Essentials: 

1. Bedding

I know that you already have your comforter picked out for your apartment bedroom. Don't lie, you've had it picked out for months! 

But don't forget the sheets! Bed sheets are such a college apartment essential and its super easy to forget because we often are so focused on what's going on top of our bed.

2. Cleaning Supplies 

The best thing to come home to is a clean apartment. So this college apartment essential is a must have! 

My best suggestion for cleaning supplies is to get a bunch and just keep them all together in one cabinet or space. And then break them out and put them to good use at least every two weeks! 

I personally like getting a plastic basket that I keep all my cleaning supplies in so then whenever I clean, I can just bring the basket around with me.

3. Laundry Smell Good Pellets 

Is this their actual name? No. Do I know their actual name? Again, no. But do you understand what college apartment essential I am talking about? Frick yes you do! 

These little pellets make your clean clothes smell like HEAVEN! And they're the perfect apartment essential because they not only make your clothes smell great, but that in turn makes your drawers and bedroom and basically entire apartment smell great. Win win for all, so get the dang pellets! 

4. Candles 

The best thing about being in an apartment is that CANDLES ARE ALLOWED! 

So go crazy ahhh, go stupid ahh buy all the candles in the world! No really, they're the essential I can't live without so I highly doubt you can either. Treat yourself and keep your apartment smelling heavenly with candles!  

5. Pillows 

Pillows are a must for any college apartment! 

You can put them on a couch or on your bed. In a chair, too! Because they can go so many places, they're a college apartment essential for sure. 

And pro tip: get pillow covers that match the season and just switch them from season to season to keep your apartment up with the times! Pillow covers are SO cheap on Amazon.

6. Silverware Set

Let's be real, silverware is just not something you want to spend your money on. This gold set (um, love) comes with 20 pieces for less than $30!!

That is unheard!

7. Charging Stand 

I am a total clean-freak and am obsessed when everything has a place to go.

THIS is such a great item to have regardless of where you live, but I discovered it while living in my apartment so I'm labeling it a college apartment essential. 

A charging station is super perfect for the on-the-go college student. They let you keep all of your technology charged and in one place. It's a solid duo that I don't think that you can beat! 

8. Desk Lamp 

Many college apartments come furnished with a desk in your bedroom. But what that desk does not come with is proper lighting. 

Which you SO need for all those late nights studying! A desk lamp makes things much easier to see. Plus, you don't have to squint so you don't get eye wrinkles down the road ;). 

So bottom line: get a desk lamp so that you don't get wrinkles.

9. Mirror 

Mirrors are another college apartment essential that I think everyone needs because it literally does so much for a college apartment. 

It makes rooms look bigger, it makes sure you don't have anything in your teeth, it makes sure you can check yourself before you wreck yourself and head out the door. You get it, a mirror can be a girl's best friend. And don't you want your best friend in your apartment?

10. Blankets 

This is the comfiest college apartment essential on the list. 

Blankets can be decor when they aren't being used. Like I have them everywhere in my apartment. So grab a few, they're cheap on amazon and will SO come in handy! 

11. Dinnerware Set  

Do I really need to discuss why this is a college apartment essential? No, ok good. Get one and let's move on! 

12. Brita Water Filter 

This is a college apartment essential that a lot of people don't think of because like . . . a sink has water. 

But you need one. It makes the water taste so much better and you can always feel better about yourself when you drink from it because you know you're putting something great in your body! 

13. Command Hooks 

If you are hanging anything up in your apartment, you need command hooks. 

Because here's the cool thing, command hooks are not only hooks, but strips as well! So you can literally hang anything up.

And even better, command hooks come off clean so when you're switching it up or sadly moving out, you won't take paint off the walls! 

14. Shoe Rack 

I think that this is the college apartment essential that has saved my life the most!

A shoe rack just keeps it all organized and saves space so that you don't have to keep your shoe boxes. And they're cheap, so you should definitely look into getting one! 

15. Reusable Grocery Bags 

Let's be real...we need to save the environment, we've done a very bad job of taking care of it. This college apartment essential is one that allows a college student to help do his/her part for the earth! 

Reusable grocery bags save plastic, and honestly they hold more and don't break and just make grocery shopping a lot easier. Being in an apartment means that you'll be hitting up the grocery store a lot more, so make what you have to do earth-friendly with reusable grocery bags! 

16. Amazon Echo 

Confession: Alexa is my best friend, and I have 0 shame in admitting it.  

She does so much for me, and she can do so much for you! So let her be not only an apartment essential, but your personal assistant and best friend too! 

17. Shower Curtain 

this is another college apartment essential that I doubt I have to tell you more about it. Just make sure you have a shower curtain! 

18. and Liner! 

A lot of people do not realize that when you have a shower with a shower curtain, you need a shower liner as well. 

Liners make sure your bathroom floor stays dry, and they're super cheap. 

19. Keurig 

The biggest essential to any college student is coffee. Thus, a major college apartment essential is something that can make coffee.

That's where the Keurig comes in. Because it makes coffee. And it's fairly cheap for everything it offers. And i've had mine for like 5 years and it still works perfectly. So I 12/10 recommend it! 

20. Coffee Mugs 

So if coffee is an essential, and something to make the coffee is an essential, then something to brew the coffee in is an essential, right? 

So, don't forget coffee mugs! This set from Amazon is my favorite and what I personally use everyday :).

21. K-Cups Holder 

Alright, last thing for coffee I PROMISE! But if you get a Keurig, you're gonna be buying K-Cups. This college apartment essential holds those K-Cups in an organized fashion so that you can feel like a true barista! 

22. Hangers 

Umm, isn't life so much better without your clothes half hanging off their hangers?? 

I swear by velvet hangers and could never go back to the cheap plastic hangers I used before! Plus, these are cutteee.

23. Extra Bins  

Storage is often something that college apartments LACK. 

That's why I view bins as one of the most important college apartment essentials, because storage is needed and bins provide storage. It's basic math. 

I love throwing my blankets in here. It makes the room look instantly cleaner than having blankets just lying out and it actually looks cute.

24. Bath Towels 

You need these whenever you have a bathroom. Apartments have bathrooms so you're going to need bath towels!

Treat yourself and get nice ones because cheap ones fall apart easily.  

25. Vacuum  

Another college apartment essential that TBH I didn't even think of until my roommate mentioned it, and now I can't imagine NOT having one! 

Seriously, if you have an apartment, you have to have a vacuum. I don't care if you have all wooden flooring, get a vacuum. And then, thank me later when you realize how much this vacuum is saving your life. 

26. Coasters

Fun fact: when I was little my mother yelled at me every day for not putting stuff on a coaster because it was "ruining her nice and expensive furniture". 

I use to get so annoyed with her, but TBH she was RIGHT (ugh, don't you hate that)! Coasters save furniture, so if you wanna save your furniture, get coasters. 

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27. Area Rug 

Ok, I don't know about you but my college apartments have had the worst flooring possible. Especially, in the common living areas.

That's where this college apartment essential can save the day. An area rug not only makes your area cuter (get why they call it an area rug now? ha you're welcome!!) but they make it a lot comfier and less nasty. Such a win, please go for it! 

28. Extension Cords 

This is one of the smartest college apartment essentials out there and TBH I am SO PROUD of myself for remembering it! 

Extension cords, because most apartments SUCK at placing outlets and leave you scrambling to design an apartment where everything can be plugged in. 

29. SmartTV 

Is this a college apartment essential that is an expensive essential? Yes, but hear me out! 

A SmartTV is a solid investment for your college apartment. They last forever and are easy to move to wherever you head next, and they have everything you watch TV on nowadays already built into it. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO . . . all on there! It's a purchase, but its one that you will NOT regret! 

This post showed 29 college apartment essentials you can't forget.

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