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This post is all about college bags for girls.

college bags for ladies

Finding the perfect college bags for girls can often times be hard.

You want something that is cute but is also really practical and can withstand holding all your heavy books (and all the other things us girls hold in our backpacks).

When I was a freshman at คาสิโนออนไลน์ สล็อต, I researched all different types of college bags that were cute but also had the best reviews to last me from freshman year to senior year. 

It was during this quest for the ideal college bag that I stumbled upon a hidden gem – a contract sewing manufacturer based in Rochester, NY. Their commitment to quality and craftsmanship was evident in the meticulous design of the bags they offered. Not only did these bags cater to the aesthetic preferences of us girls, but they also excelled in practicality and durability, easily accommodating the weight of textbooks and the myriad of items we tend to carry.

Thanks to this, my college years were marked by both style and functionality, proving that the perfect college bag can indeed be found.

This post shows you the best college bags for girls. 

College Bags For Girls:

1. Lululemon Everywhere Backpack

Lululemon is all the rage for athletic wear but did you know they also have backpacks?

This backpack is used by a lot of college students (including one of my close friends!) because it is big enough to fit all of your books and is really cute.

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2. Black North Face Backpack

By far the MOST POPULAR backpack college students have. 

This is the backpack I personally bought for college and I could not be happier. I choose the black because I am constantly throwing my backpack around and it gets dirttyyy (I had a white North face in high school…loved it but it did get super dirty).

The main reason this is my favorite college bags for girls is because it has enough room to fit ALL of your books. Believe me, you will be stuffing that thing to the brim.

3. Blush North Face College Backpack

stylish college bags

Another North Face backpack! They really are the best.

This one is a more girly option and I am so obsessed with this pink. 

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4. Laptop Backpack

4. Fjallraven-Kanken Backpack

These are SO popular right now.

It’s definitely the trendy “it” bag. Go onto any big campus and you will see girls (and boys) everywhere wearing this college bag.

ALSO! It comes in over 20 colors. You can find the other colors here.

5.Herschel Backpack in Ash Rose

Um, where was this backpack when I was searching college bags for girls?!

I love Herschel backpacks and actually have one as my “overnight” bag.

One thing to make sure of with this backpack is that your laptop will fit. It is smaller than North Face bags.

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6. Teal Backpack with USB Charging Port

This backpack is for all you teal lovers out there.

It also comes with an awesome feature…USB charging port! I can almost guarantee you that your phone will almost always be dead and having this charger right there will be a lifesaver.

7. White Backpack

Doesn’t this white backpack give you cool girl vibes?

This backpack is bound to get really dirty but I actually really like that about it (almost like new white vans…everyone wants them kinda dirty!).

8. Rucksack Style Backpack

The rucksack style of this backpack makes this a much more interesting option!

People will definitely be complimenting you on this backpack.

(and it’s less than $25!)

9. Faux Leather Backpack

Give me all the faux leather…

How trendy is this?! Leather is all the rage and putting this on with leggings and a big shirt will instantly up your outfit.

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10. Teal High Sierra Backpack

Want a bag you know you can trust and can wear for years? This is your bag. 

People love High Sierra backpacks because they are a fraction of the price of North Face’s but still have the same reliability. 

11. North Face Recon Backpack

Okay, one of the cutest North Face bags I have seen.

That rose gold detail is amazing.

12. Teal and Gray North Face Backpack

Getting the hint yet? HIGHLY recommend going with a North Face backpack (and with the amount of people that you can see wearing it at school you will instantly know how much other people love it too).

Love teal and gray together? Me too!

This backpack gives you the functionality 

13. Black Herschel Backpack

You cannot go wrong with a classic all black backpack.

The gold and leather details on this bag make it.

14. Women’s Borealis Luxe Backpack

cute college backpack

This college bags for girls is the perfect mix of purple and gray.

It makes the usual North Face backpack more interesting than usual.

15. Grey North Face Backpack

college bag for womens

If I didn’t end up going with the black North Face, this is what I would have choose!

I love the gray backpack and how it just looks classic.

One of the top college bags for girls!

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16. Peach Hershel Backpack

college bags for girls 2019

This is a super trendy college backpack and can only be found on Urban Outfitters website. 

I love the pop of color this backpack has!

You can find this backpack here.

17. Black JanSport City Backpack

This is a classic college bag for girls and has been popular for years now. 

It’s also very inexpensive!

18. Hunter Boots Rubberized Leather Jacket


Hunter boots came out with a backpack that will last just as long as their rain boots do (which is basically forever for those of you who don’t own a pair).

19. Black Pattern North Face Recon Backpack

This school bag makes the black classic version much more interesting!

I love the pattern and would 100% buy this for myself (I honestly wish I had known this bag existed when I bought my backpack).

20. Lululemon Lilac Backpack

Isn’t this such a beautiful color?! 

This college bag for girls is made by Lulu which has great return policies if something on it breaks (which hopefully doesn’t happen but if it does, at least you know it is almost guaranteed that they will help you out!)

21. Coral Peaches JanSport Backpack

Another backpack with a pop of color!

I have always been a neutral gal and don’t usually go for bright colors but more and more I see celebrities wearing bright colors and I am starting to come around…;).

22. Striped Backpack

How can you not like stripes?

This is such an affordable backpack and can be purchased for less than $25.

This post showed 22 college bags for girls.

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