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Looking for kitchen styling ideas to transform your space? Here are the cutest decor ideas for every style of Kitchen.

kitchen styling ideas

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The kitchen is really the most important room in the home, so having one that is styled nicely is essential! It's important when decorating a kitchen that you utilize your space well and try to use functional decor pieces. Whether you are looking for countertop decor or shelving styles, these kitchen styling ideas are guaranteed to give you the most gorgeous kitchen!

I know when I was moving into my apartment I was having such a hard time coming up with ideas for styling my kitchen because I hated the finishes (especially the cabinet color). I thought all of the cute ideas I had saved on Pinterest wouldn't work in my apartment kitchen, but I learned to work with what I had and I am so happy with how it turned out in the end. To see my completed kitchen tour, click here.

The moral of the story: it doesn't matter what your kitchen looks like, you can style it with cute decor and make the most of it! Here are all of the best kitchen styling ideas you are going to be obsessed with!! 

This post is all about kitchen styling ideas.


1. Create a tray with utensils, towels, and dishes

Recreate this kitchen styling idea:

Love this look with the basket, cute towel, and utensil crock! I have created a similar thing in my kitchen on a marble board before and it was super cute!! This is one of the best kitchen styling ideas because it is so simple, but makes your home look super put-together.

2. Stick to an all white color scheme with natural wood

Recreate this kitchen styling idea:

Have you seen any kitchens without open shelving recently? I am obsessed. If you don't have open shelving in your kitchen, you can still take inspo. from this picture and incorporate the white and neutral color scheme into your kitchen decor!

3. Stack charcuterie boards and add plants and olive oil 

Recreate this kitchen styling idea:

This is the perfect little styling idea for a kitchen. Layer some cute cheese boards that you have and throw a small potted plant and a bottle of olive oil in front of it. So simple, but it looks so thought out and well-styled!!

4. Style open shelving with books, candles, and functional kitchen items

Recreate this kitchen styling idea:

Omg, beyond obsessed with the styling of these open shelves!! If you style your shelving like this, you will love that most of the items up there are functional and can be used in your kitchen. Always use cookbooks as decor if you have them!

What makes these shelves look so good is the mix of the earthy neutral tones with the pops of black. Seriously obsessed with this kitchen styling idea.

5. Tie in cabinet colors with plants and other shelf decor

Recreate this kitchen styling idea:

Have you also been seeing this green cabinet color everywhere?? I think it is absolutely stunning, and I love when they tie in plants in the kitchen decor to match the cabinet color! Whether you have green cabinets or not, having plants in your kitchen is a must. They bring in some vibrance and life!!

6. Use a pretty bowl for produce and decorative flair

Recreate this kitchen styling idea:

Remember how I said functional decor is always best? If you can find a pretty bowl that you want to display and use it to hold countertop fruits and vegetables, that's a win! I have this Target x Studio McGee bowl that I loveee on my countertop where I store onions and other produce! 

7. Keep a cookbook on display as a decorative piece

Recreate this kitchen styling idea:

I just recently got a cute cookbook stand and I am obsessed!! Cookbooks can be so pretty, so make sure to utilize them for decor. Having a cookbook stand is also super useful when you are making a recipe and you need to refer back to your book a ton! I definitely recommend getting one! 

8. Get a mini table for your kitchen

Recreate this kitchen styling idea:

If you're living in a small space, especially a small kitchen, you probably don't have a dining room. Being able to squeeze a little table into your kitchen is so nice because it gives you a place to sit and eat and you don't have to sit on the couch with your dinner! I would also love to have a table because it gives you another place to decorate! 

9. Hang matching kitchen utensils that double as decor

Recreate this kitchen styling idea:

This kitchen is stunning!! The shelving is gorgeous, the tile is amazing, but what stood out to me most are the cute kitchen utensils hanging. If you want to take inspiration from this photo, learn to not be afraid of bold color, mix textures, and always add earthy elements! 

10. Keep it neutral and use functional pieces as decor

Recreate this kitchen styling idea:

Styling open shelving has to be one of the nicest ways to decorate, they just always look SO good. Even if you don't have open shelving, this picture is one of my favorite kitchen styling ideas because of the countertop decor and color scheme too!

Also, if you are remodeling your kitchen, or designing a kitchen currently, this subway tile looks so good in this pattern. The vertical look is so different and unique, and I think we need to make this a new trend.

11. Store spices in clear bottles so they look nice on open shelving

Recreate this kitchen styling idea:

So obsessed with this spice display. Hannah, one of our BSL content writers, did this to all of her spices and it looks so good! Click here to read how to re-bottle your spices! This kitchen is such a great source of inspiration because it is almost fully functional items. There are hardly any decorative pieces, which is impressive because it still looks so good! 

12. Get pretty hand soap and dish soap containers

Recreate this kitchen styling idea:

This is such a small change that makes such a big difference!! These amber glass bottles are so pretty and make your countertop decor look cohesive and coordinated! You can get these bottles off of Amazon, and it will look like you got something from a trendy boutique!

13. Hang art and have visible cookbook storage

Recreate this kitchen styling idea:

Currently trying to figure out how they hung this art on the backsplash because I am obsessed! This is such a classy, expensive-looking kitchen and I loveee that look.

One kitchen styling idea you can take from this photo and incorporate into any kitchen is to always display cookbooks as decor! They have an awesome little nook for them, but you could stack them, or prop one up on a cookbook stand.

14. Store baking supplies in matching labeled jars 

Recreate this kitchen styling idea:

This kitchen is so cute!! If you have open shelving, this is such a cool way to style them, but if you do not have shelving (like me) you could still get a few jars like this and use them as countertop decor with flour and sugar in them. You could also make a really gorgeous, organized pantry with this style of jar organization! 


15. Stoneware Glazed Dinner Plates

kitchen wall decor ideas

I wanted to include a couple of essential kitchen styling decor pieces you can buy to make your kitchen look immediately better. As you may have noticed in every open shelving style, there is a stack of pretty, neutral plates. 

Not only can you actually use these plates to eat off of, but they look so pretty on a shelf! The best part is, they are from Target, so they look a lot more expensive than they are!!

16. White marble countertop utensil holder

In my kitchen, I really don't have a ton of decor (because I'm not working with a huge space), and I don't want it to look cluttered. One thing that I will always have on my counter is a cute utensil holder with pretty kitchen utensils! It is fully functional, but also looks put-together and decorative.

I actually have a planter as a utensil holder on my counter, but it works perfectly! This marble utensil crock from Amazon is so pretty and would look good in your kitchen!

17. Rubberwood Pedestal Serving Bowl

kitchen ideas 2020

Remember when I said a bowl for produce on your counter is one of the best kitchen styling ideas? Here is a super cute pedestal bowl that would look so cute on your countertop with some apples in it. It's only $25 and it is the perfect natural texture that would add some warmth to your space! Another amazing Target find, make sure to grab it before it sells out.

18. Grey Striped Cotton Turkish Hand Towels

I have just recently been super obsessed with cute kitchen towels! There are so many cute ones out there and they really make your kitchen look complete. If you are looking for one of the easiest kitchen styling ideas, it's this one. Just hang a pretty towel on your oven door and immediately your kitchen looks well decorated. 

This post was all about the best kitchen styling ideas.

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