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Looking for the best tips to elevate your kitchen decor? This post is all about kitchen decorating ideas.

kitchen decorating ideas

As you know, I am completely obsessed with decorating my apartment. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, so I knew I wanted to decorate it, while also making it practical. 

I am going to go step-by-step into how I decorated my kitchen stove area. These are definitely the easiest ways to make this area look super put together, without spending a ton of money. 

This post is all about kitchen decorating ideas.

kitchen decorating ideas
kitchen decorating ideas


1. Add a runner.

kitchen decorating ideas

Get my black and white runner:

kitchen decorating ideas

One of the best ways to really complete your kitchen decor is adding a runner. 

I got this simple black and white one from Target and I think it really compliments the rest of the kitchen and completes all the decor. Highly recommend getting a runner to make your kitchen feel more homey and complete.

2. Style the back of the stove with cute cutting boards.

kitchen decorating ideas

One of my favorite kitchen decorating ideas is adding decor behind the stove. The first thing I added to the stove area was three cutting boards. 

In design, you usually want to have things in threes so I found three cutting boards that I found stacked really well on top of each other. I placed these behind the stove. 

The one thing about putting decor here is you need to be careful when you're cooking. For me, the vent for the stove is covered by the cutting boards so I move them when I use the stove (which isn't super often so it's not too much effort for me).

I found these from HomeGoods for a pretty good price so definitely check there for affordable options because I know cutting boards can be pricey.

3. Add a spoon holder.

kitchen decorating ideas with white cabinets

My gold spoon holder:

kitchen decorating ideas

Next, I added a white platter that holds my gold spoon rest.

I love using this when I'm cooking to put the utensils I'm using. This adds a really great touch while also being practical (which we always love). 

4. Add a (gold) teapot.

kitchen decorating ideas

My exact gold teapot:

I am a tea girl, through and through so not only is adding a teapot really cute decor, it was super practical for me too. I use it almost everyday! 

If you know me, I love my gold. When I found this gold teapot on Amazon I knew I had to get it. I think it adds the perfect touch to this area and love that it holds a purpose too.

5. Add serving utensils in a cute holder.

kitchen decorating ideas

My white and gold serving utensils:

Next, I added my serving utensils into this white container (which is actually a plant pot from Target... don't be afraid to look at other options outside of the normal utensil holders) and put my utensils in there. 

When I was first purchasing things for my apartment, I went a little crazy with the gold. I love these white and gold utensils but once they need to be replaced, I think I'm going to opt for a light wood option.

6. Lastly, add a dish towel to the oven.

kitchen decorating ideas

To complete the kitchen decorating, I added a dish towel to the oven. 

I love changing these dish towels out according to the season. Target dollar section and HomeGoods always have super cute and festive dish towels that I love to get for this! 

And that's it for how I decorated my stove area in my kitchen! Super easy and affordable. 

kitchen decorating ideas

This post is all about kitchen decorating ideas. 

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